Freebie Review 27 – Apres Cafe Coffee

Hello my Crazy Freebie Friends!

Welcome to the latest freebie review, which will should call “yummy!” Because that is all I can say about this freebie. Read on my friends.

A few weeks ago I got a little post card in the mail from Après Teas and Coffees. I was like what? I don’t remember signing up for this. I went to my trusty hif freebie list and lo and behold, back on July 20th I did sign up for this taste club. Almost 3 months for a freebie makes it easy to forget. Okay, so the little card says “Your free samples will be on their way soon!” The next day, there was a box sitting on top of my mail box from Après.

So today we are reviewing Part 1, Organic Mexican Chiapas. I am splitting this in two for you because I noticed I tend to write long reviews sometimes. Besides, what I have to say about the coffee will leave you craving the tea!

Inside the house I opened the box to find not one, but TWO samples!! Woo hoo! The first one was a coffee called Organic Mexican Chiapas. The first two things I thought were “eww, organic” and “eww, Mexican, it has to be hot.” But I will try anything once so it was the coffee first. The coffee says it's “medium body with a hint of nuttiness in the flavor”. We're all a little nutty, so why not! Ok, the coffee is brewing and I’m calling my friend Choley over to taste test with me.

The coffee smells amazing as it is brewing. Like hazelnuts roasting. It's done and it's time for tasting. I pour myself a cup of black first to explore the taste. OH MY GOODNESS! This is organic? Where? It tastes like a little piece of heaven. Nutty with a smooth aroma. Bold with almost creamy undertones. After my first cup I go for the second, this time with a little half and half. Delicious! The half and half makes it taste (to me) like a crème Brule. This coffee doesn’t need sugar either. It’s not sweet, it's just so pleasant that your content with your little (or big) cup of happiness. Choley can’t stop going “oh my” which is a good sign. I ask her, well what do you think?

Choley: Can you give me the website so I can order some of this?

Enough said. Right now the tasting club has been filled to the brim with costumers but you can still order coffee and tea. (ed: I've contacted the company to see if they'll be offering any new samples soon. In the mean time, all you have to do is create a free account on their site and they'll mail you a sample as soon as they get them in stock again.) Also if you order anything, you are automatically in the tasting club!

Now the coffee’s range in price from 15 dollars and under for a pound of coffee, but I would buy this. It makes a nice gift also. Enjoy your coffee! And I will meet up with you and I’m sure part 2 you will think of as your cup of tea!

Rating: (1-5) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂