Freebie Review 28 – Apres Cafe Tea

Happy Day, you freebie people! Today you’re getting Part 2 to the Après Coffee and Tea review that I posted earlier, this part being the tea.

This just wasn’t any tea though, it was a tea infuser. What is that you ask? What is the difference between that and a regular old Lipton tea bag? Let me explain. A tea bag makes one cup per time unless you make a pot in the coffee maker or on the stove. You don’t normally cover your coffee cup either. With a tea infuser, you steep it covered for about 10 minutes. It also makes about 3 cups of tea at one time. My infuser came in Berry Melange flavor. It’s nothing more then a little triangular mesh tea bag with itty bitty little holes in it. The little holes are meant for the flavor to escape, but not the components that make up the tea. So doing this review on my own, minus the amazing Choley, I went into the kitchen and put some water on for my yummy tea.

The ingredients for the Berry Melange tea include; Hibiscus, grapes, elderberries, black currents and blueberries. All which sound like they are going to make a rocking cup of tea.

As I am waiting for my water to boil, I decide I am going to make hot tea and iced tea. I don’t really like iced tea, but how do you know you won’t like something unless you try it, right? Water boiled, yea! It’s really true what they say about a watched pot never boiling. Anyway, it’s super simple to make the tea. Take your 6 ounces of water or ¾ of a cup and put your infuser in it…Cover it so it “steeps”. Give it about 10 minutes and your ready. Now since I am making both hot and iced teas, I’m splitting what I have. Half into my tea cup and the rest into another cup.

For the hot tea, add hot water to your steeped part, no matter what size your cup. Then add sugar, cream, or whatever else you might like. I didn’t add anything to mine. It smells very fruity but you can’t really pick out the fruit. Tasting it, wow that is some sweet tea, no sugar needed. I am not a fan of sweet tea and if you're not I suggest adding a little more water to yours.

On to making the iced tea. Since I’m just making a cup or so of it, I used one of those plastic water bottles that I know we all seem to have. I added my steeped tea part and filled it with water the rest of the way. It's a few hours later and into a glass it goes. Still fruity but not as sweet as the hot was. Abby even liked it. This is not something I would try again myself. But then you’re not me so why not give it a try!?

They are not taking taste club members anymore unless you buy a tea or coffee. (ed: Again, like before, if you sign up for a free account on their site, they will send you a sample whenever they get more in.) The teas are pretty reasonable in price. All the infusers are 15 dollars for 15 infusers. That’s a dollar a piece, so not bad at all. Other teas range in price from 25 dollars and under. They sell Green teas, Black teas, Flavored and on.

If you’re a tea lover this is the perfect thing for you or a loved one. To me, well this just wasn’t my cup of tea!

Rating (1-5) hot and cold: 🙂 🙂

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