Earn 25¢ per Gallon Cashback on Gas!

Upside is a free cash back mobile app where users earn cash back per gallon on gas purchased. I've covered them on HIF quite a few times over the years. I've found a few codes that new members can stack giving them over $1.50 per gallon cash back if they purchase the maximum allowed!

For a limited time, new Upside members can get 25¢ per gallon cash back on their first purchase of gas at select local stations by using promo code CACTUS25.

Additionally, new users can also stack more promo codes, like CACTUS10, to get 10% back on their first order of $10 or more, with a maximum of $10 cash back.

Here are a bunch of codes I found just now. I was even able to add the Amex code to my pre-existed Upside account!

  • AMEX35
  • CACTUS10
  • CACTUS25
  • GOPUFF35
  • HIP25

The is a great, free discount for anybody who needs to fill up on gas.

How To Redeem Cash Back Gas Rebates with Upside

Once registered with Upside, go to your profile page and enter the promo codes. Next, if you don't want to mess around with uploading receipts, you can link your credit card that you use to pay for the gas.

Now, when ready to actually get the discounted gas, search your area and select the gas station you want to visit. Click the blue “Claim” button for the gas station. Once you arrive to the selected station, click “Check In” and to skip uploading a receipt. If you forget to check in, just be sure you bring the receipt home to upload in the app later.

Your account will then be credited for the proper amount. To withdraw your cash, you only need to have a $1 minimum to send it to PayPal or straight to your bank account.

Upside also partners with select restaurants to offer up to 45% cash back – though most around me were much lower. Still, any amount of free cash back is free money! They also work with certain grocery stores to offer up to 30% cash back. All told, they're partnered with over 25,000 merchants nationwide.

So signup today on your mobile phone, enter promo code CACTUS25, and get up to 25¢ per gallon cash back on your next gas purchase!

Upside Discount Gas

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