Goob’s Going Gcamping

Seeing as it's almost Memorial Day weekend and I haven't left my apartment since there was snow on the ground, I'm heading out early to go camping with some old friends. Don't worry though, I've got a few Budget Busters queued to publish and have set it up so that they'll also get pushed to the Facebook page as well.

In the mean time be safe, go have some fun, and I'll see ya Monday or Tuesday barring I'm not abandoned in the woods for telling too many obnoxious puns!

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  1. Camping = hurricane evacuation. or worse you’re house has been destroyed by the hurricane, FEMA has denied you housing, you’re living in a tent/trailer/the one room in the house that is mostly in one piece. We don’t camp any more. We may never camp again. A year of camping is enough, 2 years is WAAAAAAY too much.

  2. Goob! Have a blast and a safe trip. Hike and enjoy nature and all its beauty before its a parking lot! And don’t forget to take a moment to remember those lost in combat — on Monday I look forward to reading your web site next week.:-)

  3. To all the hiffers out there, have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!! Have fun camping Goob! Watch out for the mosquitos.

  4. haha you must live out in Ca, well I’m here way down in Mexico p a r t y i n & chasing 20 somethings on jet skis πŸ™‚

    have a great holiday!

  5. Hey Goob,
    That sounds awesome. Go and have fun with your old buds but, not too much fun now!! Be safe, take care and don’t forget the SPF (atleast 30) and the bug spray (can’t help myself- Motherly instinct!!)


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