Ibotta: Free Money Saving App

Let's talk about Ibotta for a minute, shall we? To me it sounds like one of those pills you'd see a commercial for with people sitting in outdoor bathtubs. “Don't take Ibotta if you're pregnant, have an upset stomach, or handled rabbit fur within the past 5 days. Common side effects include drowsiness, diarrhea, and an unpleasant conversation with your roommate one day.”

But in reality it's a pretty cool app for your Android, iPhone, or other iOS supported device that pays you to shop for groceries. You can think of it as a new form of coupons. After downloading it and registering, you can see a list of products that, if you purchase, will earn you money on the same scale of a coupon.

So take the image below for example. If I purchase Capri Sun, I can earn $1.00. If I purchase Kool-Aid Singles, I can earn another dollar.

Free Ibotta Money

As you can see, it's honestly free money if you're already buying these items. And it's not just food. I have $0.50 for Chap Stick, $1.50 for Tresemme shampoo, $1.25 for Colgate toothpaste, and a bunch more.

So, any Hiffers out there already using Ibotta? What do ya think?!

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  1. Hey…I’m all for saving money and thank pur hostess for her thpightfulness and hard work, but do check the required permissions and privacy policies before you download.
    Why do they need access to all of my contacts, conversations, calls and my constant whereabouts to offer me these rebates? Answer: they dont.
    Too many strings attached. My friends would be really upset if I shared their personal info, calling habits, texts, etc. for marketing research or any oth r reason without their permission…and my friendships are worth far more to me than any cumulative rebate.
    That’s just my situation.
    It amazing we can do this at all, but it’s not a labor-free endeavor. A photo of the receipt offers all store location, tines, and other shopping habit info for thier marketing research already…which is what you’re being “rebated” for.
    Im looking for an app like this that doesn’t require an invasion of personal privacy…that’s an honest rebate for my time and trouble so they can use my shopping info.
    Anyone found one yet?

  2. I started using the Ibotta app a few weeks ago and have received $18 so far to my PayPal account. It’s a pain in the butt when you have a really super long coupon so I suggest maybe ringing up your Ibotta items separately if possible.

  3. I average about $10 a week. it is important to note that coupons can be used as well. Also if you are buying a product it is important to do the little tasks once you click on the product and always use their barcode scanner in the top right corner to make sure that you are buying the correct product.

  4. I am already using Ibotta and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I have already gotten over $30 back and only been using it 6 months. It works out great because I transfer payment to paypal and my daughter buys fingernail polish and uses the paypal $$. Basically it’s free polish since I would already be buying the items offered. I have bought a few I didn’t plan on getting, but it’s all good anyway. I encourage everyone to try the app. WONDERFUL!! I did try SHOPKIK & wasn’t impressed w/it as it had way too many issues. Kept crashing & not getting the payout on the offers. Also, you look like a freak trying to go thur the store finding items just to scan. Took way too much time!

  5. Goob,
    so i looked up this app on my phone and it says you get paid for referals so before i download it i would like to know what info i need to enter for you referring me so you can get some more money since you save us all so much money with your sight please reply back soon so i can start getting money soon

    • Raerazinha, thank you so much for thinking of me! As it turns out, any link here on HIF that reads “heyitsfree.net/refer/BLAHBLAH” is a link I have personally set up. So in this case, it’s my referral link for just this case. So signing up via any of the links above will help me out a tiny bit.

      I really appreciate the offer though! I try and keep my personal referral links to a minimum and only for things I’d personally refer to friends or family.


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