Inauguration Day Freebies

Following up on their successful Election Day giveaway, you can get one free Krispy Kreme donut just by stopping in at your local store tomorrow (Tuesday, January 20, 2009). I say they keep up with the pace they've now set and give away free donuts once every two months. I'm pretty sure that was one of Obama's campaign promises or something.

4 comments on “Inauguration Day Freebies”

  1. i never knew that was the reason…the one that was nearby had a drivethrough and was open all night-you could go in your pajamas( i never actually did this but i thought about it)(lots).

  2. They closed down our Krispy Kreme store when Arnold became our govenator…. All of a sudden he banned everything and anything with trans fat in california, so a lot of places like Krispy Kreme got shut down…

  3. They give away a free donut everyday. When the HOT light is on you get a free donut while standing in line. At least they did that when I worked there a couple of years ago. Corporate policy.


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