Free Schiff Vitamins Freebies

The first Schiff freebie was found in June 2006, but the next five all came steady across 2011-14. Unfortunately, I haven't found a Schiff freebie since then, so here are my previous comments in the meantime!

Old HIF Jokes

I used to make fun of people who wore these types of things since I associated anybody who wore them with being old. And myself, well I was a young bucking lad who had nary the back problems. Now I'm a 23 year old in the body of a 90 year old, a guy who can't get out of bed without straining 18 ligaments. To put it another way, if I was a baseball player, I'd be Kerry Wood and Mark Prior rolled into one. Thankfully, the good people at Schiff have made products like this free Move Free Advanced that enable old folks like me to get around without harm!

Who wants some free Schiff MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil!? It's … ah … okay, I really don't know what this is. I understand those words individually. Yet when put together in that particular sequence they make about as much sense as “briefcase trivia falafel” does.

This is the fourth time I've posted a free Schiff MegaRed krill oil offer and I still don't know what this stuff is. I can't wait until I'm applying for another job sometime in the next decade.

Guy in Suit: So, what did you do at your previous job?
Goob: Uh. I found links to freebies and then made corny jokes.
Suit: And…
Goob: That's it. I didn't know what I was doing half the time though.
Suit: …
Goob: I'll show myself out.

Sometimes I wish the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come would hurry up and get here so I can see whether or not I get buried in a freak pile of freebies.

When I sat down to write about this free Schiff Move Free Ultra on Facebook, I decided I first needed to investigate what in the heck “total joint health” even meant. And, uh, I'm not really sure how, but about an hour later I was reading about Australia's 2,021 mile anti-rabbit fence.

I'm sure there's a “falling down the rabbit's hole” joke somewhere in there.

Free Sunsilk Shampoo

Free Sunsilk shampoo was a popular offer in 2006-2008. Sadly, I haven't seen any offered in the decade since.

When I was in college, some of my friends and I were what others called “poor.” Most of my friends ended up worrying and stressing out over their situation, but not I. Oh no, I saw it simply as a game that I could beat and thus, I went on a massive spree of slashing costs and saving money to splurge on the the fancy ramen noodles that cost 0.10 instead of those cheap-o ones that were only a nickel a pop. One such cost cutting move I took was shaving my head, which eliminated the need to purchase shampoo! See, that's the kind of thinking that goes on in my brain. And if only I had known that I could have just gotten some free Sunsilk shampoo instead…

While signing up for this free Sunsilk shampoo, I saw the following message.

No worries, we're not out to stalk your friends. We only send what you want us to send and we'll never give away your info. If you ever want out, just let us know we're being annoying and we'll stop.

You know you're in good hands when a website promises they won't send somebody to stalk you! Just do me a favor and don't look down at the bottom of HIF for a similar message.

I'm not sure how many different samples of this free Sunsilk shampoo you'll end up getting, but chances are it'll be a few since this is coming from Walmart. I think most of us would agree that the big W has positioned itself as the top freebie-provider out there. I've yet to not get anything I signed up for on Walmart's website, which is amazing when you think about all the samples I've gotten from them over the years! Now if Walmart could just somehow find a way to offer free samples of a one million dollar bill, that would really help me out.

How does Sunsilk even make a profit? It seems like every time I turn around, they've giving away another batch of free Sunsilk shampoo. Now don't get me wrong, I love freebies, but I'm worries about Sunsilk. Is everything okay with them? Do they even have somebody in charge of overseeing how much money the company has? If not, they should totally hire me. On my first day, I'd get into the computers and change everything so that all Sunsilk shampoo at every store was free. I'd probably go to jail for a while after that, but it'd be totally worth it, as my hair would be silky smooth, clean, and smell great. Wait, on second thought, that might not be the best quality to have while in prison.

free ipod proof

This Free Stuff Works!

When I originally started HIF, I had in mind a much different site from what it is today. You see, I was big in the high tech freebie scene as long as two years ago and on my personal site, I even talked about how you could get free iPods. (Although the info in that post is a little dated since I wrote it two years ago.) I ended up getting my free iPod only a few months after making that post and happily spent the next year or so jamming out and enjoying it to the fullest extent.

And then while I was over in Australia, I stumbled onto a message board that had lists of all the free stuff you could get from these companies and I was astounded. IPods, desktop and laptop computers, digital cameras, flatscreen monitors and televisions, video game systems and games, even designer handbags for the ladies – you name it, you can get it for free. I made a mental note to look into it again when I got back to the states and I did just that. I signed up for a few sites, began getting / buying referrals and started going “green” on a few sites in December. (Going green is slang for getting all your refs, having your account go through the normal review process, and be approved for your freebie prize – but I'm sure y'all know about that since it's over in the HIF FAQ =)

Of course, some people still didn't believe me, despite my accompanying pictures of proof.

Free ipod proof

free ipod proof

free ipod proof

free ipod proof

free ipod proof

free ipod proof

So, I decided to up and make a site talking about how to get free items such as iPods and such. But I soon realized that if that's all my new site had, there wouldn't be much in the way of updating and posting on a daily basis, which is why I decided to go more with the daily non-expensive freebies that I post here every day.

But even yet, I still work on getting free iPods and laptops and flatscreen monitors. And so I'm going to try and mix a little bit of that up into here as well, showing y'all not only how to get free shirts and candy, but iPods as well. What I'm going to do is look at a different site each week and let you know the pros and cons of it. I'll also post news of the freebie world here as well and let you know which companies to stay away from and those that are awesome. And finally, I'll be opening up a message board here so that people can swap/sell/trade referral links and talk about the freebie world, both high tech and low tech. It should be a fun new shift here at Hey, It's Free! and I hope people are interested in it!

Free AAA Fuel Cost Calculator

Free AAA Fuel Cost Calculator

With rising gas costs and summer on the horizon, I thought this might be a helpful if not cool freebie for those of you who are planning on driving this summer. AAA has put together a free fuel cost calculator. After seeing how much it's gonna cost me to go to the beach this summer, I might just stay at home and fill my bathtub with cold water instead!

Coldstone Birthday Freebie

Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free BOGO coupon for a Cold Stone Creation
  • Dessert
Full Birthday Freebies List!
🎂 Don't miss all the free stuff on your birthday available each year!

Register your birthday with Coldstone and you'll get a special offer every time you turn a year older! In college, they had a Coldstone on campus and I think I gained 20 pounds alone from eating there every other day.

It's crazy to think this was the post that started our entire free birthday food list in 2006!

Free Rosary Beads

Free Rosary Beads

Here's yet another free rosary beads offer from Rosary Army!

I'm not religious at all, but I must admit that when I saw the offer for a free Rosary beads, I signed up within 30 seconds. This is a classic freebie that's been around for quite some time!

Note both signup forms have a field for donations, but they're marked optional.

Free Automotive Repair Online Database

This automotive database includes 150 easy-to-read, illustrated auto repair manuals on all auto repair procedures for about 21,000 vehicles; more than 56,000 Technical Service Bulletins; wiring diagrams; and labor time estimates. Text and many images will be available in PDF and GIF format. Every major manufacturer for domestic and imported vehicles is represented including auto repair manuals for most vintage makes starting as far back as 1954. New repair procedures/updates will be added continuously, and Technical Service Bulletins will be added on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Free Crayola Sample

They say the Crayola “Thank You” free sample offer is available to educators only, but when you register at the site, all you have to do is say you are an educator Once you sign up and fill in the info, you can pick three free Crayola crayons, markers, and other samples! The official list is as follows:

Crayola Air-Dry Clay
Crayola Erasable Marker
Crayola Erasable Crayon
Crayola Erasable Colored Pencil
Crayola Washable Marker
Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaints & Paper
Crayola Dry-Erase Marker
Crayola Color Explosion Marker & Paper

Free Worldwide Webcams

EarthCam is a totally free live webcam portal that streams hundreds of cameras from tourist and travel destinations! Unlike other portals with many dead links, the site is managed on a daily basis and EarthCam provides a view on a live webcam world and keeps looking for the best livestream webcams out there to display them on this site.

Someone singing in front of the Kremlin? A base jumper at the Eiffel Tower in Paris? A fight on the dance floor? A murder on the bay theatre? A car race at New York? With some luck (and very good eyes) you even can catch the Queen shopping in London! If you visit the webcam pages at different times you can watch beautiful live pictures of the Eiffel tower by night, a sunrise in Greece or a sunset in Portugal. Recently added were the magnificent webcam of the pyramids in Egypt. The main purpose is to watch Live what's going on in the world, at this moment.

Free Stickers

Free Stickers

Below is a list of companies giving away free stickers for anybody looking for some. The collection and availability are subject to change, but I do my best to keep this list updated.

If you know any free sticker sites I missed, please drop me a line or leave a comment below!

Free Hot Girls Vote Sticker
Fill out the form here to request a free Hot Girls Vote sticker. These were …July 15, 2024
Free I Dissent Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free “I Dissent” sticker. In addition to this freebie, they …July 8, 2024
Free Good Buddy Fridge Magnet
Fill out this form to receive a free Good Buddy fridge magnet or sticker. That …July 5, 2024
Free Zuper Girl Sticker
Fill out this form in order to request a free Zuper Girl sticker. Requesting this …June 25, 2024
Free peta2 Stickers
Here is yet another kids free sticker sheet from Peta2 that comes with 53 stickers! …June 9, 2024
Free PETA Too Hot For Spot Window Decal
Peta Prime is offering free window decals to help remind people not to leave animals …June 3, 2024
Free Idaho Scenic Byway Stickers
Once again I believe for a limited time, you can request five of these free …June 1, 2024
Free Foster Love Stickers
Foster Love is offering a freebie sticker sheet containing 5 free Foster Love stickers. If …May 28, 2024
Free Bear Sticker
Join the Outdoor Empire newsletter and snag yourself a free bear sticker. After filling out …May 22, 2024
Free Your Vote is Your Voice Sticker
MoveOn is giving away free “Your Vote Is Your Voice” stickers while supplies last. Wait, …May 9, 2024
Free Save Earth Save Us Sticker
MoveOn has yet another available offer for a free Save Earth Save Us sticker. They …April 14, 2024
Free Lacroix4Life Sticker
While supplies last, fill out this form to get a free Lacroix4Life sticker. They only …April 1, 2024
Free I'm An Abortion Voter Sticker
MoveOn has returned with a free “I'm an Abortion Voter” sticker. As with all of …March 27, 2024
Free PETA Fight Like a Girl Sticker
If you are a female under the age of 24, then copy and paste the …March 25, 2024
Free Equal Pay Sticker
The DCCC is still giving away a free equal pay sticker. They still have a …March 5, 2024
Free Annie's Stickers
This offer for free Annie's stickers is now back for a limited time! When asked, …February 28, 2024
Free Moose Tracks Nation Sticker
Join their monthly newsletter list and receive a free Moose Tracks Nation sticker. Fingers crossed …February 25, 2024
Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker
Here's one more signup request form that looks to be active where you'll receive a …February 25, 2024
Free Keep America Bountiful Bumper Sticker
American Farmland Trust looks to be still giving away free Keep America Bountiful bumper stickers. …February 25, 2024
Free I Suck at Drawing Sticker
Here's a site offering a free “I Suck at Drawing” sticker. Which is kismet, because …February 23, 2024
Free Pickleball Sticker
PEP Pickleball is offering a free pickleball sticker while supplies last. I've yet to play …February 20, 2024
Free Saucony Stickers
Here's a quick request form available for some free saucony stickers. Do I really need …February 18, 2024
Free Anti-Cavity Club Membership
This Made By Dentists free anti-cavity club membership for kids has some cool stickers, along …February 17, 2024
Free Vegan Starter Kit
PETA is giving away a free vegan starter kit. Ever since half my family went …January 23, 2024
Free Texas Oil Natural Gas Sticker
This free Texas oil & natural gas sticker says “come and take it.” Is that …January 23, 2024
Free No Farms No Food Sticker
The American Farmland Trust is still offering this free No Farms, No Food bumper sticker …January 22, 2024
Free Backcountry Goat Sticker
Signup here to request a free Backcountry Goat sticker. The last time I saw a …January 22, 2024
Free Climate Solutions Work Sticker
MoveOn is back with a new free Climate Solutions Work sticker. As with all MoveOn …January 16, 2024
Free Still Serving Decal
Veterans of Foreign Wars are giving away a free Still Serving decal. This freebie is …January 1, 2024
Free None Until All of Us Are Free sticker
United We Dream Action is offering a None Until All of Us Are Free sticker …December 28, 2023
Free Howies Hockey Sticker
If this free Howies Hockey sticker is a copy of their toothless logo, then I'll …December 5, 2023
Free Chaco Sticker
Here's another form offering a free Chaco sticker. They say you can add this sticker …December 5, 2023
Free Swimmingly Stickers
This signup form for free Swimmingly stickers couldn't be simpler. None of that email or …December 5, 2023
Free LeVar Burton Bookmark Sticker
I love the artwork on this latest freebie from MoveOn. Submit your mailing info on …November 27, 2023
Free peta2 We Are Not Nuggets Poster
Signup here with peta2 to get a free We Are Not Nuggets poster and stickers. …November 13, 2023
Free Earth Can't Wait Sticker
MoveOn is also once again offering this free Earth Can't Wait sticker. They previously gave …November 9, 2023
Free Unions Make Us Stronger Sticker
MoveOn also has this new offer for a free Unions Make Us Stronger sticker. As …November 9, 2023
Free End Gun Violence Sticker
MoveOn is back with another free End Gun Violence sticker. After submitting your mailing address …November 9, 2023
Free Wolverine Stickers
Here's a signup form for some free Wolverine stickers. No, not the Marvel character or …November 8, 2023
Free Yall Means All Sticker
The Southern Poverty Law Center is giving away free Y'all Means All stickers. I love …November 8, 2023
Free Sea Turtles Dig the Dark Sticker
Signup here to get a free “Sea Turtles Dig the Dark” sticker from Santee Cooper …October 18, 2023
10 die cut stickers for only $1 shipped
I'm posting these 10 custom die cut 3″x3″ stickers for $1 shipped from Sticker Mule …October 13, 2023
Free Stop Invasive Fish Decal
Signup here to receive a free Clean Drain Dry Stop Invasive Fish decal. This is …September 29, 2023
Free Tax the Rich Sticker
Indivisible if offering a free Tax the Rich sticker. This is a new design from …September 29, 2023
Free F the Fees Sticker
Good news for all the sticker fans out there. MoveOn is back with a new …September 23, 2023
Free I Love Soil Sticker
The Soil Science Society of America is offering a free “I ❤️ Soil” sticker. This …September 6, 2023
Free It's Better in a Union sticker
The AFL-CIO is giving away a free “It's Better in a Union” sticker in celebration …September 6, 2023
Free Climate Action Now Sticker
MoveOn is back with a new free Climate Action Now sticker. I love stickers, but …August 24, 2023
Free Milwaukee Die-Cut Decal
Fill out this form to get a free Milwaukee Die-Cut decal. Whoa, die-cut?! Nobody better …August 13, 2023
Free Support Your Local Librarians Sticker
MoveOn is offering a free ‘Support Your Local Librarians' sticker. As an aside, I wish …August 8, 2023
Free Convict Trump Sticker
MoveOn is also offering a free “Convict Trump” sticker. Today felt like an appropriate day …June 9, 2023
Free Pride Has a Story Sticker
MoveOn has a new freebie available in the form of this free “Pride Has a …June 7, 2023
Free Rokbox Stickers
Signup here to get some free Rokbox stickers. Who is Rokbok? Why would you want …June 2, 2023
Free Weaver Leather Supply stickers
I have a feeling these free Weaver Leather Supply stickers won't last too long, so …May 30, 2023
Free Bans Off Our Bodies Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free “Bans Off Our Bodies” sticker. Like all other MoveOn …May 18, 2023
Free Join the Charge Stickers
Here are some free “Join the Charge” stickers that seem to be promoting clean energy …April 17, 2023
Free 'Mifepristone Is Lifesaving' Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free “Mifepristone Is Lifesaving” sticker. As with all their other …April 17, 2023
Free Fruit Sticker
For a limited time, sign up here and get a free Fruitstans sticker. Once you …April 17, 2023
Free 2023 Sierra Club Earth Day Sticker
The Sierra Club is continuing their annual tradition of giving away free Earth Day stickers …April 17, 2023
Free Ducks Unlimited Decal
I'm not much of an animal hunter. I have, however, participated in many a human …April 4, 2023
Free Protect Trans Youth Sticker
MoveOn is back with a free “Protect Trans Youth” sticker. As with all their other …April 3, 2023
Free Keds Stickers
Today you can request a free Keds stickers pack. I can't wait to slap one …March 24, 2023
Free GOP Guns Sticker
MoveOn is offering a free GOP: Guns Over People sticker. I almost clarified that you …February 16, 2023
Free We Undeniable Sticker
Here's a quick, easy form giving away a free “We Are Undeniable” sticker. They don't …February 16, 2023
Free Vets Voting by Mail Sticker
VoteVets is offering a free “military voting by mail” sticker to show support for voting …February 13, 2023
Free Save Social Security Sticker
MoveOn is offering a free Save Social Security sticker to those who are interested. As …February 13, 2023
Free Facebook Isnt Your Friend Sticker
Here's a free Facebook isn't your Friend sticker being offered from the Kairos Fellowship. All …February 4, 2023
Free I Read Banned Books Sticker and Bookmark
MoveOn is giving away a free “I Read Banned Books” sticker. This freebie is factually …January 25, 2023
Free Pro Science Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free Pro-Science, Pro-Health, Pro-Vaccine sticker. As with all their other …January 16, 2023
That's Corporate Greed Sticker
MoveOn is offering a free “That's Corporate Greed” sticker after Southwest Airlines left hundreds of …January 12, 2023
Free Save Democracy Sticker
MoveOn is once again offering a free Save Democracy sticker. Just like all other MoveOn …January 9, 2023
Free Equality for All Sticker
MoveOn is really churning out free stickers these days! Their current promo is a free …December 2, 2022
Free Llama Sticker
Cotopaxi is giving away a free llama sticker while supplies last. Your freebie should arrive …November 3, 2022
Free VoteVets Voting Rights Sticker
VoteVets is giving away a free voting rights sticker. As with other free stickers from …October 25, 2022
Free Abortion is Essential Sticker
The Center for Reproductive Rights is giving away a free Abortion is Essential sticker. They'll …October 14, 2022
Free Vote Like Its 1973
MoveOn is offering a free Vote Like It's 1973 sticker. As with all other MoveOn …September 19, 2022
Free Do Good Share Kindness Sticker
Boys & Girls Clubs of America are giving away a free Do Good & Share …August 17, 2022
Free Roe Your Vote
MoveOn has released another free Roe Your Vote sticker. As with all their other freebies, …August 7, 2022
Free Protect Kids Not Guns Sticker
MoveOn has returned with a new free ‘Protect Kids, Not Guns' sticker offer. As with …July 17, 2022
Free PETA Teach Kind Stickers
Here's another signup form still active for some free PETA Teach Kind stickers. This offer …June 27, 2022
Free Plan C Stickers
Given today's terrible SCOTUS ruling, I felt it was appropriate to post this offer for …June 24, 2022
Free Pride Sticker
Human Rights Campaign is now giving away a free Pride sticker to anybody who requests …May 28, 2022
Free National Park Stickers
In honor of National Park Week, GoalZero is once again giving away four free National …April 20, 2022
Free Love Earth Sticker, a climate non-profit, is giving away a free Love Earth sticker. I can't believe …April 6, 2022
Free We Love Mail Carriers Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free ‘We Love Mail Carriers' sticker. I gotta admit – …March 15, 2022
Free Pro-Keds Stickers
It turns out these free Pro-Keds stickers for sneakers are completely different from these free …February 9, 2022
Free Refugees Welcome Sticker
The non-profit International Rescue Committee is giving away free stickers reading Refugees Welcome. Always. I …August 31, 2021
Free Code Red for Humanity Sticker
MoveOn is once again offering a free Code Red for Humanity sticker. This sounds like …August 26, 2021
Free John Lewis Protect Voting Rights Sticker
MoveOn is once again giving away a free John Lewis “protect voting rights” sticker. It's …August 8, 2021
Free Sasquatch Bumper Stickers
Sign up here for two free Sasquatch bumper stickers while supplies last. As of now, …August 5, 2021
Free Bean Emoji Sticker
Bush's Beans is giving away a free bean emoji bumper sticker (don't ask) for a …July 19, 2021
Free Conservation Sticker
Florida Conservation Voters are giving away free I'm a Conservation Voter stickers. They'll ask for …June 28, 2021
Free Pride Stickers
Jukebox Print is giving away free Pride stickers on a limited basis each day. Each …June 7, 2021
Free End the Filibuster Sticker
MoveOn is crushing it with freebies lately. Today they're offering a free End the Filibuster …April 14, 2021
Free I Love Equality Sticker
While supplies last, the DCCC is giving away free I ♥ equality stickers. As with …January 22, 2021
Free Madam Vice President Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free “Madam Vice President” sticker. Once you submit your address …January 20, 2021
Free Climate Can't Wait Sticker
The Sierra Club is back with another free sticker! Today, it's this Climate Can't Wait …October 7, 2020
Free RBG Sticker
MoveOn is giving away a free RBG sticker that you can expect within just a …September 25, 2020
Free Save the Bees Sticker
The Sierra Club is back with another freebie. Today they're offering free Save the Bees …August 11, 2020
Free Political Campaign Stickers
Below you'll find a wide array of free stickers for political candidates and issues. I've …July 7, 2020
Free I'm Voting Blue Sticker
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is giving away free I'm Voting Blue stickers. As with …January 4, 2020
Free Impeached Sticker
MoveOn is sending out free Impeached stickers. Commemorate our President inviting a foreign nation to …December 31, 2019
Free Need to Impeach Sticker
This free Need to Impeach sticker shouldn't surprise any Hiffer who follows me on Twitter …August 7, 2018
Free Henry Rifle Catalog and Sticker
You can tell that I spend more time working my retail job than even hunting …October 5, 2011
Free Stickers
Below is a list of companies giving away free stickers for anybody looking for some. …March 9, 2006

Free Genome Poster

Free Genome Poster

Head on over and fill out a form to receive your very own free Human Genome poster that maps selected traits and disorders mapped to chromosomes.

Unfortunately they've run out of physical copies to mail out. However, they still have many high-res images of the poster, good for printing or looking at on computers.