PETA Kids Freebies

PETA Kids Freebies

PETA Kids had a collection of freebies that I've written about over the years. However, to make things easier, I've consolidated all of their freebies into this post. I'll keep this updated and current as new PETA samples are released.

I first published these free stickers in 2009 and when they arrived, my little sister stuck them all over our family house. A few of them are even still there today! Every time I go home, I'm reminded of how cute animals are. It makes it really hard to eat meat when you're constantly being reminded of where it comes from. I enjoy my ignorance and would appreciate it if I could continue believing in the Meat Fairy, which is where all delicious meat obviously comes from.

Right now, you can request the following freebies:

You may have to copy & paste the links in order to go straight to the signup form.

I wonder what the guide to helping animals will say. My guess is 1) Don't eat meat. 2) Stop dressing your pets in creepy sweaters.

[thanks to Hiffer Jessica for reminding me about these!]

10 comments on “PETA Kids Freebies”

  1. I just got one for my daughter, and boy am I ever sorry that I did!!!! I’m all for the ethical treatment of animals, however I don’t think giving kids these graphic comics is very appropriate…. I’m also pro life, but would never consider handing a 7 year old a cutesy drawing of those procedures…. Come on PETA really?

  2. I have been a vegetarian for 5yrs. PETA is a bit more extreme than most Vegans or Vegetarians, but they have to be in order to be heard.
    They do have information you should ponder, but like anything your going to hand to a child – the parents should look throught it first, as I will do.

    So sad to see so much Hate for an organization that simply stands for change.

  3. I was in a bookstore once and the president of PETA was there doing a speech and a book signing. I went by and actually talked to her, and I’d have to say she was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, nothing like the stories I’ve heard. And all the PETA people were so polite and even let me go ahead of them in line! So although I’ve heard good and bad things about them I’m gonna stick with the good cause I’ve never been treated that well in any public place before!

  4. We have been vegetarian for over 5 years now (all three kids included) and I do not recommend the vegetarian starter kit unless you are seriously considering it. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THE VIDEO “MEET YOUR MEAT” that convinced my husband to make the swithy “cold turkey” (sorry about the punn!). It is brutal.

    Keith- that’s what my husband says about church!

    Kayla- wow, you’re so original.

  5. I signed up for this even though I am mad at PETA for not sending me my “Evil Ronald McDonald” mask….I was looking forward to scaring the little children that came to my door at Halloween…..

  6. How come every time there’s a “liberal” freebie, all the commenters feel the need to attack the organization providing it?
    I think the comments are for HIF, and I don’t think that PETA or any other group comes here to read what anyone thinks, nor do I think they even care.
    I know I don’t. It’s actually embarrassing for me to read the misspelled and mis-punctuated comments declaring things like “your stickers are discusting” [sic], when they’re actually quite cute and benign. And as for anyone who says “I think PETA is a joke,” well that just proves that you have not the slightest idea what the organization does. I make it a point not to attack anyone or anything when I don’t really understand them. PETA is merely trying to make the world a more compassionate place. That’s hardly something to criticize. We could all benefit from a more humane world.
    Now, when all the bashing of my comments commences, it will only prove my point that people should be more compassionate, open-minded, and understanding.
    Thanks for the freebie, HIF.
    My extremely healthy and compassionate vegan children will love them.

  7. PETA,…people eating tasty animals,yum,yum.your stickers are discusting
    like peta is. i should start a program that promotes meat. eat meat,yum,
    yum. maybe on my next meat sandwich i,ll put a little lettuce on it,or maybe
    it,s so good i won,t need the lettuce? God made meat for us to eat.oh by
    the way i love to wear furs.


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