Possible Free Bath Bomb Set

This free bath bomb set is one of those “uhhhh, I don't really know if these will actually arrive…” type of freebies. The signup form looks a little spammy, but it's hosted on the company's official website. The company's BBB reviews aren't great either, so I wouldn't actually buy anything from them. But since we're not giving them any payment info, I'm down to roll the dice and see if this freebie ever arrives!

I would definitely recommend using a freebie email and google voice number just in case they try spamming you down the road.

1 thought on “Possible Free Bath Bomb Set”

  1. Well I just think that Move On would not approve of bombing peoples bathtubs because, seriously, it could be dangerous, and they don’t approve of guns, let alone bombs. Or did you say these are made of spam?


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