Claim Free Missing Money

How to Find YOUR Missing, Unclaimed Money & Property!

Some Hiffers have already found a few hundred dollars owed to them! Wow! $113 from an old insurance company! Thanks! 😁 I did a search on your “Missing Money” link and found my husband about $58! Nothing for me (rats), but still great for my husband. Thank you!!! – Barbara My friends and I have …

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Seriously, what’s the catch? Do I have to pay you money?

You won’t spend a single dime here on Hey It’s Free!, unless you want to donate me some pocket change! All the information you find here is 100% completely free and will continue to be until this site closes or my left arm is eaten by a giant frog, whichever comes first. As far as …

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Top 25 Best Free Birthday Stuff

Top 25 Best Birthday Freebies Available Each Year!

Our massive, weekly updated list of free stuff on your birthday is quickly approaching hundreds of unique freebies & discounts! With so many freebies available around the country, there’s something for everyone. But I was recently wondering: what are the best birthday freebies? For starters, just in case you don’t know, there are over 300 …

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broken b70 keurig coffee maker

Why I’ll Never Purchase Another Keurig Coffee Maker

Check out my new, heavy duty paper weight! I’ve owned a @Keurig B70 for 4 years. Always used distilled water, descaled, etc. Heating element breaks and they want $140. 😑😑 — Hey, It's Free! (@HeyItsFree) August 19, 2016 Never again with a freaking @Keurig. I’m not wasting hundreds of dollars on a machine with a …

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Free National Park Stickers

Four Free National Park Stickers

In honor of National Park Week, GoalZero is once again giving away four free National Park stickers. Oh man, going outside in parks! Remember that?! I’d love nothing more than to go to all three places shown in these stickers. And that’s coming from a guy terrified of gators and bears and let’s say anything …

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Free Rita's Italian Ice First Day Spring

Free Rita’s Italian Ice 2022

The annual free Rita’s Regular Ice treat returns on Sunday, March 20, 2022 and they’re offering it for an entire week! Celebrate the first day of spring by stopping at your local Rita’s for a free Italian Ice treat during the week of March 20 – March 27. Simply download their mobile app before 3/20 …

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Free Bag Purina Pet Food

Free $5 Off Bag of Purina Pet Food

If you pledge to take the Purina 28-Day challenge, you’ll receive a free coupon good for $5 off a bag of Purina One cat or dog food. This has nothing to do with the freebie, but my sister got a new cat, Marshmallow, and brought her over during the holidays. I’ve always been a dog …

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Free ROCKETO Organic Dog Dental Treats Sample

Free ROCKETO Organic Dog Dental Treat

Here’s a super simple form that promises to send a free ROCKETO Organic dog dental treat. Your furry friend will love our dehydrated-raw organic dental treats so why not give them a taste for free. Look, I’m sure my dog will love this thing, but it has absolutely nothing to do with it being organic. …

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Olympic Village Freebies & Amenities

Top Olympic Freebies – Tokyo 2021 Edition!

Whoa, the Olympics kind of snuck up on me this time around! For anybody new to the games, you might not realize that most Olympics athletes stay in what’s called the Olympic Village. And do you know what they have there? Freebies upon freebies upon glorious freebies. So while you and I have zero access …

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Best Rated Survey Sites Earn Money

The Best Survey Sites for Free Money

In 2005, when HIF was only a figment of my imagination, I was heavily into the “make money online for free” scene. It’s actually what I considered making HIF about until I got into freebies! Most of the offers involved paying a little money and getting little more back via a check in 10-18 weeks. …

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Jason's Deli Birthday Freebie

Jason’s Deli Birthday Freebie

Let’s see if I can avoid totally botching today’s Jason’s Deli birthday freebie like I did yesterdays. I’ve re-re-re-read my birthday email to make sure I get everything correct. Okay, the place is called Jason’s Deli, not Jim’s. Got it. It’s for $5 off any item, not $15. Good to know. Okay, let’s give this …

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Free GoodNites Sleep Underwear

Free Goodnites Underwear for Boys & Girls

Hey look! A new free Goodnites Nighttime Underwear offer for boys is available. As of 2022, the form for girls underwear samples seems to be down. Samples this time around are of sizes L and XL. They also come with a free sizing kit. All you have to do is click through to the site, …

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