Zicam Cold Remedy Class Action Settlement

If you purchased one of the Zicam products below from February 15, 2011 through June 5, 2018, then you may qualify for the Zicam Cold Remedy Class Action Settlement.

  • RapidMelts Original
  • RapidMelts Ultra
  • Oral Mist
  • Ultra Crystals
  • Liqui-Lozenges
  • Lozenges Ultra
  • Soft Chews
  • Medicated Fruit Drops
  • Chewables (the “Products”)

Depending on how the settlement goes, you may receive a cash refund between $6 and $11 per product purchased. You can also file a claim with up to five products without any receipts needed. If you have proof of purchase, then there's no limit on the number of products you can claim.

I posted three Zicam freebies in that window. If any Hiffers used the accompanying coupons to buy any of the Zicam products listed above, be sure to file a claim!

The deadline to file a claim is October 3, 2018.

This lawsuit was started because Zicam was accused of making false and misleading statements about the effectiveness of certain Zicam products in violation of state and federal law. Zicam denies this claim and a proposed settlement has been reached.

I need to point out I'm not a lawyer 💼. That said, DO NOT LIE ON THESE! You are using your signature under penalty of perjury. That means you don't want to lie! However, if you actually bought some of these items, feel free swearing to it and file a claim to get your rebate check!

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