10 Free Holiday Cards from Cardstore

Free Holiday Cards

Cardstore.com is offering 10 free holiday cards with free shipping via code CCN2433 for today only. Being able to choose a custom photo is nice, but I don’t have any children. I didn’t want to use a lame stock image, so I played outside in the snow this morning and asked strangers to take photos of me. My friends are so lucky to be on my holiday mailing list.

[thanks Laela!]

  • Vdragon

    Code worked perfect for me, I have my 10 (quickly designed) X-mas cards on their way! For others information,  you could get completely generic ones made instead of including a photo, or just include your name if you want free holiday cards and don’t have time to upload info.  They have some very cute styles.

  • AngelaSnell

    Worker Great! Hope it comes!

  • AngelaSnell

    Worked just fine, hope they show up!

  • Sarah

    This is the second time I’ve utilized free cards from cardstore.com and I just want to say that I think they’re great. The last time I signed up for a free card I got it 3 days later absolutely free. Cardstore.com is a great company and anyone that’s lucky enough to get this promo offer will be more than happy when they get their cards.

  • Sarah

    I love Cardstore.com and this is the second time iv’e utilized a free card offer from them. The first time I signed up I got the card in 3 days absolutely free. I think cardstore.com is great and anyone lucky enough to have found this offer will be more than happy when they receive their cards. I can’t wait to see how mine turned out :)

  • Bekah

    I have utilized this multiple times when they have offered this. It is great! The cards are amazing quality too.

  • AngelaSnell

    Got my cards today and they are really nice, heavy card stock, I will be ordering more from this company since the also sent a 29 cent per card coupon for reordering!