Free Grocery Coupons to Lower Your Food Bill!

If you're new to the world of printable Internet coupons, then prepare to have your mind blown. I've collected the top sites that offer free grocery coupons to help lower your weekly food bill!

It's worth noting that some of the sites have trouble working if you are running ad blocking software in your browser. You'll want to whitelist the coupon sites in order to print the free coupons.

Most of these sites allow for mobile coupon printing too! They've also ditched the coupon printing software that they used to require in the heydays of extreme couponing.

Free Printable Coupons

Veteran couponers might remember some of the goliaths from back in the late 2000s and 2010s –, Red Plum, and SmartSource just to name a few. They were massive and offered thousands of free printable grocery coupons every week. However, by the 2020s, they all shut down. Now one of the last remaining legitimate holdouts is LOZO. They're still a great source for printables and they often partner directly with companies to link to their coupons page. You can also use the widget below to search for products, brands (like Kraft, Horizon, Gillette, etc), or even terms like organic or vegan.

Many of these coupons are either printable or sent via snail mail.

Free Paperless Coupons

Fetch – After my weekly grocery run, this is always the first app I use to scan my receipt.

Ibotta – Ibotta was one of (the?) first coupon services to offer reverse credit by uploading photos of your grocery receipts! One of my favorite Ibotta features is their free “any brand” coupons, where you save money if you buy literally any brand. This allows you to purchase a product by any brand of your choosing and still save money with the free coupon.

Unlike the browser-based coupon sites above, Ibotta is 100% done via their free app. This allows them to offer a referral system as well, where you earn a free $5 payout for each friend or family member you get to sign up for free!

Swagbucks – Another fantastic digital coupon platform is Swagbucks. They work just like Ibotta above, where you select items you already purchased and then get points by scanning your receipt. One thing I love about them is their cashout options start as low as $3, so you don't have to hit a high minimum in order to get money in your pocket!

Checkout 51 – Checkout 51 is another top grocery coupon app that allows you to redeem each week's new coupons via your grocery receipt.

Grocery Store Coupons

Many grocery stores have their own dedicated coupon pages. Some are still printable, but many of them are digital now. All you have to do is create a free account and link your store rewards card. Then before you go shopping, “clip” the digital coupons you want to use and they'll automatically apply to your bill when you swipe your rewards card during checkout!

  1. Albertsons:
  2. Aldi:
  3. BJ's:
  4. Costco:
  5. Dollar General:
  6. Family Dollar:
  7. Food Lion:
  8. Giant:
  9. Hannaford:
  10. Harris Teeter:
  11. H-E-B:
  12. Hy-Vee:
  13. Key Food:
  14. Kroger:
  15. Lucky:
  16. Martin's:
  17. Meijer:
  18. Piggly Wiggle:
  19. Price Chopper:
  20. Publix:
  21. Rite Aid:
  22. Safeway:
  23. Sam's Club:
  24. Save-A-Lot:
  25. Schnucks:
  26. Shop ‘n Save:
  27. ShopRite:
  28. Stop & Shop:
  29. Walgreens:
  30. Wegmans:
  31. Winn Dixie:
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