Free Good Buddy Fridge Magnet

Free Good Buddy Fridge Magnet or Sticker

Fill out this form to receive a free Good Buddy fridge magnet or sticker. That is quite literally the only thing I would use this site for, because it's otherwise a pointless “AI” site.

Folks, this latest AI craze is terribly stupid. It's all just regurgitated garbage that is factually incorrect half the time. Good Buddy offers an AI doctor, AI financial advisor, AI legal advisor, and AI vet – among many other tasks. Don't use these. Don't ever use these. Trust the financial advise from your dogs more than you would from an AI bot.

But a cute magnet for my fridge? Yeah, I'll take it. I might even use the drug store photo prints we frequently see to print out some of my old drawings to proudly display πŸ˜‚

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free Pet Safety Window Decals

This free ASPCA pet safety pack is a classic offer that's still active. I posted this free pet window decal first in 2008 and yet here it is, active as ever. If you don't have a pet rescue window decal up on your house yet, or an Animal Poison Control Center magnet, then I'd definitely sign up for this freebie. It's such an easy, free way to make your dog, cat, or pet safe in the middle of a fire or emergency.

I've put these up in every home I've lived in. My siblings and I even once put the correct information on them instead of creative insult names for each other! Although, now that I think about it, my old pet window cling isn't by the front door anymore. That can only mean it peeled off, fell on the floor, and was most likely eaten by one of my cats.

Looks like I need to request a new pet rescue sticker. Next to it, I'll put a HIF sticker and little drawing of me slumped over my computer and drooling. Because let's be real, if there's an emergency, I'm probably going to need to be rescued as well!

You'll need to confirm your email after requesting these. Once that's out of the way, you can expect your freebie in 8-10 weeks.

Free Moving Box Labels

Free Moving Box Labels

Did you know that Progressive will send you free moving box labels? These are perfect for when you're moving and want to label each box so you know what's inside without the need to tear into the box. I can already envision my next move, where I'll use these to label one box “bedroom,” another “living room,” and then 15 additional boxes that say “kitchen junk drawer, dear God how do I have so many oven mitts and old candles?”

To get yours, signup here.

[thanks to Hiffer Mercedes for sending this in!]

Free Repurpose Compostable Goods

Free Repurpose Compostable Goods at Select Stores

If you have a nearby Ralphs, Fry's, or Kroger, then you can get some free Repurpose compostable tableware or household items, up to $8.99. All you have to do is sign up via Vizer and they'll email you a barcode to scan at checkout.

It took a few tries for the button to work for me. Be sure to click it until you see the message saying “Submission Successful! Your offer is on its way. Happy Shopping! πŸŽ‰”

I've been a huge composter for many years now. It was an eye-opening experience when I realized how much of my weekly trash was just food. Now that I compost, all that organic material stays out of the landfill and doesn't turn into pointless methane.

Free 2024 National Poetry Month Poster

Free 2024 National Poetry Month Poster

Note: this freebie is aimed at teachers, librarians, and students. However, I believe anybody is able to request one as long as they live in the US.

I don't quite “get” the free National Poetry Month poster you see above. Then again I don't get much poetry beyond the roses are red variety and even those are known to throw me for a loop. Sometimes they're pink or white!

That said, I'm excited for this free poetry poster mainly for the alliteration as opposed to being a poetry fan. I'm not even sure I could name a single poet. Robbie Freeze? Amelia Ricketson? I know Edward Ellen Pope is a famous one. Oh yeah, Salt Shizman!

This is an annual freebie offer that ships out in May each year. The 2024 poster was designed by award-winning children’s author and illustrator Jack Wong. The artwork incorporates an excerpted line from the poem “blessing the boats” by beloved poet Lucille Clifton.

Alternative Free Posters

Free Custom Photo Bookmarks

Free Bookmarks by Mail πŸ”–

Everybody talks about the missing sock in the dryer conundrum that plagues us all, but how come we don't hear more about the vanishing bookmarks? I've gotten dozens of bookmarks over the years, however once these free bookmarks below arrive in the mail, my official Bookmark Count will be one. Where the heck do they all go?! Am I the only person who seems to be cursed with this phenomenon? Please tell me I'm not alone.

Most of these are physical bookmarks they'll send via the mail. There are also a few bookmarks you can print from home, if you have some thicker stock paper.

More Free Bookmarks

If you're looking for more themed bookmarks, then check out these bookmarks that are still available to order:

How to Easily Find Free Bookmarks

You can also find limited edition free bookmarks with good Google searches. I use request “free bookmark” -printable and it showed me to a lawn care specialist offering a free bookmark once. Years later, the same search took me to a dentist on the other side of the country offering to send me a bookmark in the mail.

And then there was the free scented bookmark I found. Finally! I can't tell you how many times I've been reading a good book and suddenly thought to myself “I could go for a good sniff of something right now.”

To find more bookmarks, substitute “request” for other words like send, mail, or sign up. Play around with it and let us know what you find!

Free USPS Boxes and Envelopes

Free USPS Boxes, Envelopes, & Shipping Supplies

Ever wondered what you could do with a bunch of boxes? Well wonder no more my friends, because the USPS gives them away – for free! So go get your free USPS shipping supplies and build a fort for your kids…or yourself.

I originally posted this in 2006 (πŸ‘€) and it's still going strong all these years later.

You used to be able to flip these boxes inside out in order to ship things non-priority express, but they've since changed the construction of the boxes to prevent this. There's nothing stopping you from using them around the house, if you wanted, but obviously these should really only be ordered if you want to ship stuff via USPS Priority Express and skip the hassle of packaging your items once arriving at your post office. Getting these boxes sent to your home also allows you to purchase & pay for priority shipping on-line, then you can print out the paid postage and hand it to the mailperson when they drive by, thereby saving you a trip to the post office.

Free IKEA Secure Hardware Kit

Free IKEA Secure Hardware Kit

If you've got a small child at home or the prospect of an intoxicated Goob visiting, you might want to pick up a free IKEA secure hardware kit. They're clearly designed for IKEA chests and drawers, but they're just simple L brackets that should work with most other lightweight furniture as well.

They have two kits to pick from, depending on the size of your furniture, however you can pick both of them if you have a ton of potential weapons furniture.

Free Thermo Fisher Notebook

Free Thermo Fisher Notebook

If you work in science or have the ability to lie, then you can request a free Thermo Fisher notebook. These should arrive in 4-6 weeks, especially if you told the truth!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return back to my cloning tests. *begins mixing multi-colored fluids in a beaker*