Free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit

Free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit

Take the Butterfly Hero pledge and you'll get a free butterfly garden starter kit. Now I'm no lepidopterist, but I know a butterfly starter kit involves two butterflies who realllly like each other and a few milkweed flowers. Thankfully this freebie includes the seeds to start growing those flowers!

It turns out the monarch butterflies are in trouble and need more milkweed. So, pledge to grow the plants and help save the butterflies. In exchange, you'll get a free starter kit from the National Wildlife Federation. They're like the Federation in Star Trek, just without all the space ships!

This has been an annual offer since 2018 and it expires extremely fast each year! I wouldn't put off signing up if you want it.

Free Appalachian Backroads Map

Free Appalachian Backroads Map

The Heart of Appalachia Visitor's Center is giving away a free Appalachian backroads map. This contains scenic route suggestions, as well as tips on where to eat, drink, and refuel. I'd say this freebie also pairs well with our huge list of free state maps!

No word yet of what the Kidney of Appalachia Visitor's Center is giving away, but I'll keep checking.

Free Name Engraving on NASA Europa Clipper Spacecraft

Engrave Your Name on NASA’s Europa Clipper Spacecraft for Free!

NASA has sent our faces into space. They've sent our names to the moon and around the sun. They've even sent our names to Mars and a few additional spacecraft. Now NASA will engrave your name on the Europa Clipper spacecraft for free!

All you have to do is fill out this tiny form and your name will fly on the Europa Clipper spacecraft as it travels 1.8 billion miles on its voyage to Jupiter's moon Europa. This craft has a target departure date of October 2024 and a target arrival of 2030.

At this rate I'm going to have my name on more interstellar crafts than pairs of underwear I own.

2021 Free Fishing Days

2023 Free Fishing Days

The free 2023 fishing days have been announced for all 50 states and DC! On these specific days, unique to each state, you are allowed to fish without a fishing license. Most of the 2023 dates seem to fall around early June, but there are plenty of May, July, and August dates on there as well.

Most freebie sites only list the dates, but I've put in the extra work and found all the corresponding links & announcements to back them up. Below are all 50 states free fishing dates along with links for proof!

Make sure to check your state's official website for extra details. Some states actually offer free fishing rods, tackle, and bait during their free fishing weekends!

On a related note, I learned about the existence of fishing licenses the hard way. I was grateful the game warden took pity on me when he saw I not only failed catching a single fish, but was also tangled in the fishing line when he pulled up.

Saved by my own ineptitude!

Kids Fishing Rod Deals

I'm late on this post for 2023! I apologize and have already set up a reminder to myself to get this updated in April 2024 so I don't miss the May & June dates again.

State's Free Fishing Days 2023

StateFree Days
AlabamaJune 10
AlaskaAll year for people under 16 or over 60 years of age!
ArizonaJune 3
ArkansasJune 10 - 11
CaliforniaJuly 1
September 2
ColoradoJune 3 & 4
ConnecticutMay 13
June 18
DCJune 10 & 11
DelawareJune 3 & 4
FloridaApril 1 & 2 (freshwater)
June 3 & 4 (freshwater)
June 3 & 4 (saltwater)
September 2
November 25 (saltwater)
GeorgiaJune 5
June 12
September 23
HawaiiAll 365 days a year! (marine)
IdahoJune 10
IllinoisJune 17 - 18
IndianaMay 7
June 3 & 4
September 23
IowaJune 2 - 4
KansasJune 3 & 4
KentuckyJune 3 & 4
LouisianaJune 10 & 11
MaineFebruary 18 & 19
June 3 & 4
MarylandJune 3
June 10
July 4
MassachusettsJune 3 & 4 (freshwater)
June 17 & 18 (saltwater)
MichiganFebruary 18 & 19
June 10 & 11
MinnesotaJanuary 14-16 is "Take a Kid Ice Fishing" weekend

May 13 & 14 is "Take a Mom Fishing" weekend

June 14 - 16 is "Take a Kid Fishing" weekend
MississippiJune 3 & 4
July 4
MissouriJune 10 & 11
MontanaMay 7 & 8
June 17 & 18
NebraskaMay 20
NevadaJune 10
New HampshireJanuary 21
June 3
New JerseyJune 3
October 21
New MexicoJune 3
September 30
New YorkFebruary 18 & 19
June 24 & 25
September 23
November 11

North Carolina
July 4
North DakotaJune 3 & 4
December 30 & 31
OhioJune 18 & 19
OklahomaJune 3 & 4
OregonFebruary 18 & 19
June 3 & 4
November 25 & 26
PennsylvaniaMay 29
July 4
Rhode IslandMay 6 & 7 (freshwater)
South CarolinaMay 29
July 4
South DakotaMay 21 - 23
June 18
TennesseeJune 10
TexasJune 3
UtahJune 10
VermontJanuary 28
June 10
VirginiaJune 2 - 4
WashingtonJune 10 & 11
West VirginiaJune 10 & 11
WisconsinJanuary 21 & 22
June 3 & 4
WyomingJune 3

Have fun out there, folks!

Free La Roche-Posay Sunscreen

Free La Roche-Posay Sunscreens

Here's a reactived signup form offering free La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-in Milk Sunscreen SPF 60. The Anthelios Clear Skin oil-free SPF 60 sunscreen is intended for your face, which is super convenient because that's where the sun shines a lot.

There's also this reactived request form offering free La Roche-Posay Anthelios UV Correct Sunscreen SPF 70.

Both freebies should arrive in 4-8. Hopefully the sun will be back by then. *glares outside at gloomy winter weather*

They also claim to “help absorb excess oil and reduce shine,” which totally sounds fake. It also has a “powerful antioxidant complex to help protect skin from free radicals caused by UV rays.”


Free Plant from Lowe's for Mother's Day

Lowe’s: Free Plant for Mother’s Day (Must Register on April 30!)

On May 14, you can get a free plant from Lowe's in honor of Mother's Day! However, you must register for this ahead of time and registration begins on April 30! I'll schedule a reminder for this at the end of the month.

After registering and selecting your store, they'll email you redemption code to bring into your local Lowe's store to pick up your free plant for Mom.

Free Ducks Unlimited Decal

Free Ducks Unlimited Decal

I'm not much of an animal hunter. I have, however, participated in many a human hunts as my teams main “Seeker” during late night games of Manhunt and Capture the Flag, so I think I'll get myself this free Ducks Unlimited decal for my window. Decals should arrive within 2-4 weeks.

In order to get this, scroll down near the bottom of the page and click the blue “SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER” button.

This freebie has been around since 2007! It's not every day I find a freebie in our archives that's been active since the Bush Administration.

Free Emergence Flagging Kit

Free Emergence Flagging Kit

Precision Planting is once again giving away free emergence flagging kits. These contain little flags for gardeners to flag their seeds, which lets you mark each plant with a day of emergence so you can compare throughout the growing season.

I didn't sign up for this since the only thing I can grow is impatience at slow walkers. So if the form stops working down the line, please let me know in the comments!

Free Baker Creek Seed Catalog

Free Baker Creek Seed Catalog

Rare Seeds is giving away a free Baker Creek seed catalog.

Our free full-color catalog features many of our favorite varieties (the whole seed catalog features more information and varieties) — 92 pages! It is always our pleasure to share these beautiful, healthful treasures with gardeners and growers everywhere. Ships December to March each year to U.S. residents only.

This freebie should arrive in 3-4 weeks.

Free National Parks Admission

Free 2023 National Parks Admission Dates – Next is January 15, 2024!

The next free National Parks admission day is right around the corner. These 5 annual freebie go great with our free state highway maps list!

So get out there, breathe in some fresh air, and report back to me how relaxing and peaceful it is. Just don't take your family! I went with mine last year and long story short, they left me behind. Unfortunately for them, I'm like one of those cool dogs from a Reader's Digest story and I walked all the way home in just under a week.

2023 Free National Park Admission Dates

I've written about these free National Park Admission days since they debuted in 2009 and the numbers are finally in. Hiffers love them! Maybe you could even end up like Mikah Meyer and visit all 419 National Parks! It only took him 3 years. 😂

If you can't make it out to your local National Park, you can do the next best thing and read up on some parks! Sure, it's not the same as actually visiting, but it has significantly fewer mosquitoes and poison ivy patches.