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Hi there! My name is Goob and you've just discovered Hey, It's Free, or HIF as we call it. You can learn more about both the site and me over on our About page, but I wanted to also make a quick starter guide for new readers who are interested in freebies but aren't quite sure how to get started.

Basic Tips for Getting Freebies

To start, you really only need 3 key things to use this site:

  1. USPS mailing address
  2. Freebie email address
  3. A sense of humor

Luckily those are all free! First, since we focus on freebies that are only available to United States residents, you'll need a valid USPS mailing address. This can be your home, work, or simply a random mailbox that you nailed to a tree down the road. As long as the post office can reach it, you'll be set.

Next is a freebie email address, which is fancy-pants for “make a new, free Gmail.” Why do you need a separate email for freebies? Because the vast majority of offers require you to join a company's newsletter or email list in order to request the sample. That's fine and dandy until you've requested 50 freebie down the road and wake up one day to find your personal or work email buried in spammy newsletters.

However by creating a new email, you can dodge 100% of the spam associated with freebies! We have a full guide to getting freebies with your email!

And finally you'll want a sense of humor and, heck, even that's optional on some days around here.

How to Get Freebies

When companies decide to give away freebies, they post a signup form either on their own website or a third party's site that specializes in freebies. Then I step in and actually find these buried signup forms while simultaneously filtering out the junk offers. I then come up with a quick joke and publish the post to our homepage. When you read about a freebie that sounds interesting, click on the blue link and look for the signup form. I usually link directly to it, but sometimes you'll need to click on a button or image first (don't worry, I always include unique instructions whenever needed!)

Finally enter your info and hit submit. That's it! Now forget all about ordering the freebie and be pleasantly surprised in 6-8 weeks when you open the mailbox and find something other than bills and junk mail!

Please do not send me or post your mailing address here on HIF since we don't give away the freebies! This is a key fact many newbies overlook!

Important Freebie Facts

  • Freebies typically take 4-8 weeks to arrive. Sometimes they're faster, sometimes they're slower, and sometimes they never come at all.
  • Freebies tend to be in limited supply, so they “die” within days, sometimes even hours.
  • If a freebie sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Mom was right on this one.

If you still have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Frequently Asked Freebie Questions

What exactly is this site?

Founded in late 2004, Hey, It's Free! (HIF) is a site where I post free consumer goods, or freebies, available primarily to United States residents. These include samples, coupons, in-store offers, and much more.

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What makes this site special?

I'm glad you asked! Without a doubt, there are countless other sites out there where you can find links to free stuff. However, unlike those site, we only post 100% legit freebies. This means that whenever you sign up for a freebie posted here on HIF, you know it's going to arrive!

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How come so much stuff is free?

The reason why you can get all this stuff for free is simple: companies give it away as promotional material. Most of the time the free stuff, such as hats and t-shirts, have a logo on them of the company giving them away. Other times you'll see samples and trials of items that are new on the market and that companies want you to see and try. It's really not as fishy as you think it might be and you'll quickly see that a lot of the freebies I post on here are from big name companies that are giving away some decent stuff. Just think about it, the best way to get feedback on a new product or build buzz for it is to give away 10,000 trial samples.

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Do you give away anything for free?

The only thing you will find here for free is lots of useful information and plenty of bad jokes. I post links to freebies on the main page about 3-8 times a day, all of which are run and operated by other companies. We don't actually collect information or send out the freebies, we're just the middlemen. So don't leave your name, address, or other personal contact info in any comments here on the site because I don't actually send out the freebies!

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Wait, what did you just say?

I said please don't leave your name, address, or other personal contact info in any comments here on the site! If you do, it won't help you get any freebies and in fact, you won't get a single thing! So, to recap, please DON'T LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS. Got it? Cool!

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Seriously, what's the catch? Do I have to pay you money?

You won't spend a single dime here on Hey It's Free!, unless you want to donate me some pocket change! All the information you find here is 100% completely free and will continue to be until this site closes or my left arm is eaten by a giant frog, whichever comes first. As far as the freebies, I only post ones where you can get them for free. No shipping charge, no “stocking” fee, nothing.

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So how do I get freebies?

It's actually pretty simple. Whenever you find a freebie you like, click the blue link and you'll be taken to the company's website. There should be a sign up form and after you put in your info, click submit and wait a few weeks for it to arrive! Rinse, wash, and repeat for as many different freebies as you like.

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Is there a daily limit to how many freebies I can sign up for?

Yes and no. Most companies will only send one freebie per house, per offer. However we post dozens of offers each week and each are completely separate from one-another, so you can sign up for each and every one of them.

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How many things have you gotten?

Geez, by this point, I'm into the low thousands! I've been signing up for freebies for over four years now and get something (like t-shirts, coupons, food, magazine subscriptions, etc.) in the mail every day. And remember, this was all for FREE!

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Can I submit a freebie?

Absolutely! If you've found a freebie or even if you are with a company / website who is giving away something for free, let me know about it and I'll most likely post a link to it! You'll be everybody's new hero. In fact, at least 50% of all freebies on the site were found and submitted by loyal HIF users.

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What does Hiffed mean?

Basically, it's a term we use to explain that a freebie died and became no longer available soon after it was posted on the site.

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What's up with those Birthday Freebie coupons? Why do they all say Ryan on them? My name's not Ryan!

*sigh* Okay, first off, that's three questions, not one. So here's the thing. All the posts in our Birthday Freebies series contain a picture of the coupon I received. As in, those are my coupons. Not yours. You're not supposed to print those images and take them into your local restaurant. I include the picture to show that the offer is legit, because there is a ton of misinformation on the Internet when it comes to birthday freebies. In order to receive your own coupon, click the blue link included in each post and sign up on the restaurant's website. They will then email you a coupon when it's close to your birthday.

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Question not answered here?

Make up your own answer. Or contact me. Either way.

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About the Author:

I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.