Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker

Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker

Here's one more signup request form that looks to be active where you'll receive a free Human Rights Campaign sticker. If this looks kinda familiar to you, it could be because I first posted this to HIF in January 2021.

After submitting your address on the first page, you'll be redirected to a combo confirmation / donation screen. You don't have to fill out anything on this 2nd page. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your free sticker to arrive.

Free Keep America Bountiful Bumper Sticker

Free Keep America Bountiful Bumper Sticker

American Farmland Trust looks to be still giving away free Keep America Bountiful bumper stickers. I can't wait to show my support by slapping one of these on the first tree or cow I come across!

You'll get redirected to an optional donation form after submitting your mailing address. Don't worry, as with everything else we post on HIF, no payment is required in order to get your freebie.

Free 8x10 Walgreens Photo

Free Walgreens 8×10 Photo Print

Through 11:59 p.m. CT on February 27, 2024, we can easily get one free 8×10 custom photo print at Walgreens with checkout code GET-8X10. You can see the details of this offer at the bottom of the page I just linked.

This is a $4.49 valued freebie. As always, select in-store pickup and avoid any shipping fees, making this offer completely free. These regular custom photo freebies go great with gifts!

Many times these Walgreens free photo offers only work within the Walgreens app. If you're having trouble getting it to redeem on a computer, I'd suggest trying the app!

When uploading your photos, make sure you select the option to upload in full resolution. This will ensure your freebie photos look crystal clear instead of grainy.

Remember, this is an 8×10 photo, not 8×10=80 freebies. Somebody actually once angrily emailed me because they felt I didn't spell the freebie out well enough. What am I, a freaking riddle master? I guess instead of saying this is available at Walgreens, I should have said “those things between ceilings and floors that are painted the fourth color of the rainbow.”

Use Gorgeous Free Stock Images!

Did you know there are over thirty free stock image sites? You can use an aggregate search site like Free Image Site and download a royalty-free image to print and use as artwork.

These sites have all sorts of royalty-free images in hundreds of categories. Maybe you like architecture or dogs or scenic mountains – there are free images of all these and way more!

Weekend Amazon Deals

Dino Crunch Action Game
This hungry Dino has an eggstraordinary appetite! Roll the die to choose which stolen egg to rescue. Carefully reach in and take out the egg, but watch out – you never know when this T-Rex will roar and leap out at you for a mighty CRUNCH! The game continues until all but one player has been attacked by the Dino. The last player remaining is the winner! Alternative gameplay has players count their rescued eggs after the Dino attacks, and the player with the most eggs wins. BONUS: It comes bundled with Shark Bite War Card Game! You get two games for one low price! Dino Crunch requires 2 AA batteries, not included. For 2-4 players. Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

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Free Kindle eBooks

Today’s Free Kindle eBooks

Here is the current list of free Kindle eBooks. Many of these are available to everybody! For the longest time, I thought they were only for Amazon Prime members, however I discovered anybody can read these free eBooks with any number of free Kindle apps. Be it on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can download a Kindle app and get these books for free!

They're split into different categories and were all free as of this morning, though please make sure they're still free when you go to redeem them since sometimes these promos only last for a few hours / days. You can basically think of this as the top 100 free kindle books available each day, give or take a few dozen.

Hopefully, you can find something fun to read. 📚 😃 And as usual, please check the price before you download. These free books are often time-based and will go up in price after a certain amount of time, so before you download, make sure the price is $0.00!

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Scam Alert Fake Freebie

I Believe Samplesso is a Scam Site

So the headline pretty much sums up my thoughts here. After digging into their website this week, I believe Samplesso[.]com is a scam site that only intends to harvest our information in order to resell it.

I recently posted my findings to Reddit, but I wanted to repost them here with a bit more elaboration.

Before I get started, I have a question – has any Hiffer actually received one of freebies listed below over the past two months?! Since January 2024, Samplesso has posted links supposedly offering:

  • Tiffany & Co Rose Gold eau de Parfum Intense
    Many freebie sites posted this around January 4, so it's been almost two months since people started requesting it and should have arrived by now.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara
  • Lancome Clarifique Dual Face Essence
  • Banila Co 3-in-1 Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm
  • Guerlain Aqau Allegoria Granada Salvia eau de Parfum

I'll be honest here too – I initially fell for their scam! I posted both the Charlotte Tilbury mascara and the Lancome Clarifique on January 22, 2024. It wasn't until I went to post the Banila offer this week that I squinted at my laptop and took a beat. Something just seemed off, so I began digging.

Why I Think Samplesso Contains Fake Freebies

I've been running HIF and vetting freebies for 20 years now. This company has a lot of 🚩 that have my Freebie Senses tingling.

  1. The company is brand new – the domain was registered on 2023-12-31, making it only only 54 days old, as of today.
  2. Meanwhile their About Us page says they were “founded in 2021.”
  3. The footer of their website has a typo that reads: “Sampleoo: Redefining discovery with curated free samples, connecting brands and consumers in a journey of trust and growth.”

    Sampleoo[.]com was registered mere days earlier on 2023-12-26. Both Sampleoo[.]com and Samplesso[.]com were registered with Namecheap and have the exact same Cloudflare Name Servers of Kim.NS.cloudflare and Lakas.NS.cloudflare. This is pretty indicative of being purchased & operated by the same person or entity.
  4. Google Cache luckily still has a snapshot of Sampleoo and the blog articles are an exact copy of Samplesso.
  5. Back to Samplesso, judging from their blog URL structure, it appears they're attempting to backdate their articles to 2022 in order to make their company appear older than they are. There is no WHOIS history on the domain before December 2023, so it's impossible for this article to be from March 27, 2022.  
    This is a very old trick that scammers use attempting to fool Google into thinking they have a longer presence on the Internet than they actually do. Google doesn't really fall for this much anymore, but it's a tool that old scammers haven't seemed to stop reaching for.
  6. None of their listed staff are on LinkedIn, nor do they have any photos. I can't find proof these people exist at all.


    • Deborah Holmes​ is listed as their Chief Technology Officer
    • Bruce Stevens is listed as their Chief Marketing Officer
    • Bobby Harris is listed as their CEO & Founder

    These are all C-level positions that real life people proudly proclaim on their LinkedIn profiles, but when I search for these names within the UK, along with job titles of “chief,” CTO, CMO, or founder, I get zero results for all of them. This is unusual. If I search for other sample providers, such as SoPost or PinchMe, you'll see a lot of employees listed.

  7. Their listed phone number (+44 203 205 7200) and listed address (Mayfair Pl, London W1J 8AJ United Kingdom​) are for a virtual office, not a real physical location.
  8. Their testimonials seem fake af. They bought the domain on 12-31-2023 and yet a day later on 01-01-2024 they had testimonials from London, Toronto, California, and Australia πŸ€”
  9. The testimonial thumbnails look like GAN photos of fake people, especially the women from London and California. Look at the ears – the way they're mashed and mangled are dead giveaways for GAN images.

Individually, none of these are indictments against the company if they're actually sending out samples! But if nothing is arriving via mail, in addition to all the red flags above, then I'm calling this company a fake.

I'll even go so far as to say I have a suspect as to who the owner of this fake freebie site is! There was a prolific fake freebie scammer in the UK a decade ago who I chased off the internet and I have a hunch they're back here. But until I can gather more information, I'm going to hold off on naming & shaming them.

And look, this sucks that I didn't see the scam ahead of time. I'm usually really good at spotting these, but nobody's perfect, right? I know people kinda roll their eyes at the idea of being a “freebie hunter” who vets offers, but I hope this post pulling back the curtain gives you a little sense of the work I do in order to protect your valuable data and personal privacy. I take fake freebies seriously and I do my absolute best every day to make sure they never find their way onto HIF.

Update: Right before I published this post, my contact at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty sent me this message:

[Samplesso] doesn't appear to be a legitimate partner of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

So that's pretty damning!

Why Do Scammers Post Fake Freebies?

The good news is nothing terrible is going to happen to you here! Your life isn't going to significantly change because you gave some unscrupulous person your email and mailing address. Your identity isn't going to be stolen or anything crazy like that, because it's not like you gave out enough contact information for somebody to open a credit card or bank account in your name.

So why do scammers even bother making fake freebie sites like this? It's all a numbers game. When you sign up, you're providing them a “lead” that they can turn around and sell to other marketers.

I bet you've received a phone call or twenty over the past few years about your car warranty being expired. Or maybe you've had a piece of junk mail slip into your email inbox or physical mailbox. No matter what we're talking about – be it a robo call, direct mailer, or email – somebody had to know that you were a person to contact.

They could scrape this information from the public internet, but there's no guarantee the address, email, or phone number they find is accurate or current. And it costs money to make those calls or send those emails. Even if it's only a fraction of a penny each time – that adds up when you're contacting a million people, so you don't want to send John Doe a piece of junk mail to an address he hasn't lived at in 10 years.

So these spam marketers (and honestly, even not-so-spammy marketers) purchase giant databases of recent, active leads. And what better place to get them from a fake freebie site!? You can imagine if you're spamming a health serum, then you'd love a list of people who recently confirmed their contact information for a bunch of fake makeup freebie offers, right?

This is one of the main reasons I always suggest using a freebie email address and making a free Google Voice number.

So yeah, even if you signed up for the previous two fake freebies that slipped under my radar last month, you should be fine and there's nothing serious to worry about. At worst, you might see a small uptick of spam emails over the coming months.

And the best case scenario is some marketer who is on the verge of purchasing Samplesso's leads will first Google them and find this post πŸ™‚

Free Disney Movie Insiders Points

Free Disney Movie Insiders Points

Get free Disney Movie Insider points by entering these codes!

In addition to the free codes randomly released, there are monthly “mystery” points given out in their monthly newsletter. All you have to do is click this link once a month and you'll earn a minimum of 5 free points.

If you know or find any Disney movie insiders codes not listed below, then please share them in the comments!

I've updated the list of codes to now come sorted in a table, newest to oldest, along with their known expiration dates! You can also sort by any other column by clicking on the title in the first row.
PointsCodeDate AddedExpiration
5 pointsDRAMA02-23-202402-25-2024
8 pointsYEAROFTHEDRAGON02-10-202402-24-2024

For years, I joked about saving enough points for the purple Hannah Montana guitar with amp. I finally called it quits on my dream last year, as I cashed out my points for a few $10 Starbucks gift cards! Not a bad trade off, in my opinion. 😊 β˜• > 🎸

For those wondering, you can redeem these points for other cool prizes, like toys, posters, dvds, and movie tickets for your local theater.

Free Disney Points Each Month

Each month Disney sends out free bonus Disney Movie Rewards points on Monday!

Check your email for a message from [email protected]. Mine came yesterday with the subject 🎯 Ryan, Your Members-Only Update: Mystery Bonus Inside and once you open it, look for the image above to score your free points.

You can win anywhere from 4 to 20. Hopefully you have more luck then me and my 5 points. πŸ˜€

How to enter Disney Movie Insiders codes

  • Create a free Disney Movie Insiders account and log-in
  • Click “Enter Code” in the top right
  • Enter your code in the popup box
  • Your bonus points will then get added to your account total show in the top left!

You can enter these codes either in a web browser on your computer, like Chrome or FireFox. Or you can use the free Disney app on both android and ios.

What perks do these Disney points give?

You can redeem your free points for Disney themed discounts, prizes, toys, and much more here.

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Free I Suck at Drawing Sticker

Free ‘I Suck At Drawing’ Sticker

Here's a site offering a free “I Suck at Drawing” sticker. Which is kismet, because I do suck at drawing!

Don't believe me? Well take a gander at this Don't Draw Something blog I ran a decade ago showcasing just how god-awful I am at drawing.

I originally posted this in February 2023 and I believe it's still available.

Free Thermo Fisher Notebook

Free Thermo Fisher Notebook

If you work in science or have the ability to lie, then you can request a free Thermo Fisher notebook. These should arrive in 4-6 weeks, especially if you told the truth!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return back to my cloning tests. *begins mixing multi-colored fluids in a beaker*

Free Seni Adult Briefs & Underwear

Free Seni Adult Briefs & Underwear

You can use this form to request some free Seni adult briefs & underwear. Just take their survey and select which male or female product samples you're interested in.

One nice perk is that you can request 2 samples per person every 6 months!

Free Makeena Mix Sample Kit

Free Makeena Mix Sample Kit

Who's ready for another Sampler offer?! Today we've got a free Makeena Mix sample kit that possibly contains Primal Kitchen buffalo sauce, karma cashews, and R.E.D.D. chocolate, among other freebies. Just log into your account, answer their screening questions, and cross your fingers that you qualify!