Michaels Free Take & Make Craft Kits

Upcoming Michaels Free Makebreak Events

Michaels has released their upcoming free Craft Sunday Make Break Events schedule. On the select days below, your local Michaels will host these in-store events between 2-4pm where you can participate in creating a free craft kit.

They recently changed their policy and now require you to reserve a spot! So be sure to book now if you're interested in any of the freebies & events listed below! These events are completely free, aimed at beginners, and all supplies are included.

  • July 7 – Crystal Accessories Join us in-store to add a sparkle to your hair accessories with brilliant crystals! All you need to do is purchase the hair clip base of your choice or bring a hair pin / tumbler of your choice from home and Michaels will provide the rest.
  • July 21 – Sunrise Wood Plaque Painting – At this week's MakeBreak we're painting the perfect graphic sunrise. Purchase an unfinished wood plaque, then head to the MakeBreak table to create one to take home.

Free Michaels MakeBreak Event Sunrise Painting

Free Medik8 Moisturizer

Free Medik8 Moisturizer

Sampler and Medik8 have partnered to offer select people a free moisturizer sample. Simply log into your Sampler account, then answer a few basic questions to see if you qualify.

Please don't ask how many times I misspelled Medik8 as I wrote this post. I cannot confirm nor deny that the number contains three commas.

Wednesday Amazon Deals

Hoobro Deformable TV Stand
HOOBRO TV cabinet is a versatile entertainment center that not only accommodates large TVs but also provides a charging station and multi-tier open storage shelves. Its transformable design allows it to adapt to various spaces, whether it's in the living room, bedroom, meeting room, or office. Whether you're watching movies, playing games, or simply relaxing, it meets your needs and offers the perfect entertainment and storage solution. With 4 AC outlets, you can say goodbye to tangled charging cables and keep your entertainment devices always fully charged. The sturdy iron frame ensures the stability of this multi-tier entertainment center media stand, while the top bears up to 55 lb, easily tidying your media devices or books.

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Free IAMS Checkup Challenge Vet Visit

Free Vet Visit from IAMS, up to $150!

I was poking around in the archives and discovered the IAMS Checkup Challenge promo has returned, where they're giving away $1.1 MILLION in rewards nationally!

This is an offer where IAMS will refund a qualifying routine and/or preventative well-check veterinary visit for one dog or one cat, valued up to $150 maximum, as long as you purchase $50 in qualifying IAMS products between April 25 – July 31, 2024. You'll then have until August 31, 2024 to redeem the free vet visit part.

The one upgrade this year from previous is that ALL IAMS products are “eligible,” not just certain ones. The fine print at the bottom says “Participating Products: All available IAMS products at participating retailers.”

Here are the full terms and conditions if you want to check them out yourself.

Meanwhile, these are the 4 easy steps you'll want to follow in order to get paid:

  1. Purchase IAMS and visit your vet (full list of eligible products listed below)
  2. Upload your product receipt(s)
  3. Upload your vet receipt.
  4. Submit your contact info and get paid!

The vet receipt will need to include treatment details, total amount, date, time & location, and products purchased.

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free Pet Safety Window Decals

This free ASPCA pet safety pack is a classic offer that's still active. I posted this free pet window decal first in 2008 and yet here it is, active as ever. If you don't have a pet rescue window decal up on your house yet, or an Animal Poison Control Center magnet, then I'd definitely sign up for this freebie. It's such an easy, free way to make your dog, cat, or pet safe in the middle of a fire or emergency.

I've put these up in every home I've lived in. My siblings and I even once put the correct information on them instead of creative insult names for each other! Although, now that I think about it, my old pet window cling isn't by the front door anymore. That can only mean it peeled off, fell on the floor, and was most likely eaten by one of my cats.

Looks like I need to request a new pet rescue sticker. Next to it, I'll put a HIF sticker and little drawing of me slumped over my computer and drooling. Because let's be real, if there's an emergency, I'm probably going to need to be rescued as well!

You'll need to confirm your email after requesting these. Once that's out of the way, you can expect your freebie in 8-10 weeks.

Free Kindle eBooks

Today’s Free Kindle eBooks

Here is the current list of free Kindle eBooks. Many of these are available to everybody! For the longest time, I thought they were only for Amazon Prime members, however I discovered anybody can read these free eBooks with any number of free Kindle apps. Be it on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can download a Kindle app and get these books for free!

They're split into different categories and were all free as of this morning, though please make sure they're still free when you go to redeem them since sometimes these promos only last for a few hours / days. You can basically think of this as the top 100 free kindle books available each day, give or take a few dozen.

Hopefully, you can find something fun to read. 📚 😃 And as usual, please check the price before you download. These free books are often time-based and will go up in price after a certain amount of time, so before you download, make sure the price is $0.00!

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Free Goodyear Car Care Checkup

Free Goodyear Car Care Check

Through July 31, 2024, get a free car care check at your local Goodyear Auto Service. Each checkup will include the following services for free.

Tire Check: During our tire check, we’ll conduct a visual check of the tire condition, tread depth, tread pattern, and air pressure, which will include checking to see whether cracking or flat spots have developed from being parked too long.

Brake Check: During our brake check, we’ll conduct a visual inspection of brake pads and rotors, shoes and drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, master cylinder and brake fluid level. Brakes can sometimes develop rust or build-up from lack of use or sitting idle.

Alignment Check: During our alignment check, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to see if your wheels meet your vehicle manufacturer’s precise alignment specifications. We measure your vehicle's wheel angles to determine if they meet manufacturer recommendations, while also inspecting your tires, suspension, and steering components for damage or wear.

Fluid Check: During our fluids check, our certified professionals will carefully inspect your under-the-hood fluids, checking levels and ensuring no leaks have developed since your last drive. This includes power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, all of which are essential to keeping your car functioning properly.

Air and Cabin Filter Check: During our air and cabin filter check, we’ll inspect your air and cabin filters, which are designed to capture dirt, pollen and pollutants to keep your vehicle running smoothly. A clean engine air filter also helps ensure that the air burned in your engine is clean, proper airflow is maintained and the combustion chamber doesn’t get clogged with dirt. A clean cabin filter helps keep pollutants from entering your car’s cabin so you can breathe easy on the road.

They've offered this deal multiple times over the past few years. Has anybody taken them up on their previous freebies. If so, what did you think?

Free Barilla Protein Pasta

Free Barilla Protein+ Pasta, worth $3.99

Head over here to pickup a coupon good for some free Barilla Protein+ pasta, worth up to $3.99, from Vizer. I've never eaten a mathematical symbol before, so I'm excited to see what + tastes like!

After submitting your email, check your inbox for a direct link to your unique coupon. You'll be asked to select the grocer you shop at, then a barcode will appear that can be scanned at checkout. Mine had an expiration date of 9/30/24.

Tuesday Amazon Deals

Gramercy Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer
Adjustable from paper thin to thick slices, this gadget is beautifully stylish and super functional. The professional quality stainless steel blades mean that you get a consistent, clean, effortless cut for home use – every time. Our slicer will lessen your kitchen prep time and give you perfect slicing results for years to come. Super sharp. Won't dull with use. You'll love how easy it is to slice your veggies. No extra inserts to store or install. Folds flat for storage. Removable blade dial for cleaning. Professional, stainless steel construction. Rinses clean with soap and water. Food safety holder and slicer are top-rack dishwasher safe. A blade guard for storage. A brush for cleaning. A food safety holder to keep your fingers away from the blade while slicing.

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Free Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Free Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines is back with a new offer! This free Architectural Digest magazine subscription is perfect for people who love … eating buildings?

Each monthly issue lets you experience the distinctive visions of world-famous architects, innovative designers and sought-after decorators.

So they'll never interview me or showcase my apartment, got it.

Signing up for this today should get you 1 years worth of free issues, with your first magazine showing up in the mail within 8 weeks.

Free Lowe's Kids Workshop Craft

Free Lowe’s DIY Kid’s Kit – Kinetic Sandbox on July 20

Registration is now open online for a free DIY kid's workshop to be held on Saturday, July 20 from 10am-1pm. Here's the signup link.

Lowe's has brought back their popular free kid's projects with DIY kits available every 2nd weekend of each month! The suggested child's age ranges for the Lowe's DIY Kits are between 4-11. All supplies and instructions are included, making it a fun children's task to complete.

However, this year they're also offering something new – attend the Kids' Workshops regularly and earn badges towards a free tool bag! The nitty gritty fine print can be found here, but long story short once you've earned twelve badges, you'll be issued a promotional code redeemable online for a free kid's tool bag or product of similar value.

So what's the upcoming workshop going to build?

July Event: Kinetic Sandbox

Dive into a world of sun, sand, and imagination with Lowe's! Perfect for budding engineers and outdoor enthusiasts, kids can dig-in, design, and build their own kinetic sand playground. From towering castles to winding roads, the possibilities are endless! Not only will your mini-DIYer interact with fun STEM concepts; they'll also develop important motor skills and sensory awareness as they manipulate the sand. Join us for a day of sandbox adventures where creativity knows no bounds!

These look so cool – and they actually work! 8 year old Goob would have loved this toy and 40 year old Goob would totally pick it up late at night after all the kids had fallen asleep.

Lowe's Kids Workshop History

For over a decade, the free Lowe's Build & Grow workshop clinics were a staple monthly freebie. Just like the free Home Depot Kids Workshop, you could take your children to Lowe's on certain weekends and come away with a cool, custom built freebie. They were in-store workshops though, where attendees could make awesome projects right in Lowe's with the provided tools, safety gear, and work space. Then 30 minutes later the kids would always get to take home the cool toy craft they just made along with a collectible commemorative pin. They even gave coupons and discounts to workshop participants!

They shut the program down in 2017, but eventually brought them back and are still going strong in 2024. I really hope you and your family are able to keep enjoying these freebies for many years to come!

2024 Lowe's Kid's Kit Schedule

I did a little digging and found out these are the upcoming workshop builds this year.

  • January: Toolbox
  • February: Chalkboard
  • March: Bird Feeder
  • April: Garden Cart Planter
  • May: Mother's Day Butterfly Biome
  • June: Father's Day UTV
  • July: Kinetic Sandbox
  • August: Treehouse
  • September: Harvest Hayride
  • October: Fire Dog Bank
  • November: Christmas Countdown
  • December: Spinning Snowflake

Free JCPenney Kids Zone Event

Free JCPenney Kids Zone Event on July 13

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, July 13, stop by your local JCPenney between 11am-noon for the next free Kids Zone event. These free events are held by JCPenney on the second Saturday of each month. Just like my laundry cycle! No registration is needed – you just need to show up on time and you should be good to go.

Your child will design and make a free flamingo or parrot glasses to build & take home. This craft includes plastic frames and foam pieces. Kids will also get a free ID badge, lanyard, and collector's pin, and a Master Medallion once they complete 6 crafts.

All necessary materials will be provided and you don't need to signup ahead of time. As a thank you for coming, parents also receive a 10% off coupon valid for that day only. The coupon can be used either in store or online.

The following month's craft will be held on Saturday, August 10, where kids will design and make their own pencil pouch. This craft will include a pouch, stencil, notebook, and markers.