Free Personalized Bottle Labels

Free Customized, Personal Bottle Labels

Alcohol companies frequently give away free customized, personal labels that fit on their product's bottle. You are typically able to upload a photo of your own, which they'll turn into a sticker and mail straight to your door.

I discovered a few of these while tidying up HIF's archives lately. One unexpected bonus of going through all that old work was reading the random jokes I've made throughout the years. If you throw out logic and reason, a few of them even made sense!

These free labels are constantly going up and down throughout the year. I'll use this post going forward to keep all the free personalized bottle label offers together on one simple page to find them.

Current Free Labels

Previous Free Labels

At time of publication, these next offers are no longer available. However, it's been my experience these freebies reappear at random times throughout the year, so feel free to try your luck today!

Know of any I've missed? Please share in the comments!

Free Kindle eBooks

Today’s Free Kindle eBooks

As usual, I've put together a list of free Kindle eBooks. Many of these are available to everybody! For the longest time, I thought they were only for Amazon Prime members, however I discovered anybody can read these free eBooks with any number of free Kindle apps. Be it on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can download a Kindle app and get these books for free!

They're split into different categories and were all free as of this morning, though please make sure they're still free when you go to redeem them since sometimes these promos only last for a few hours / days.

Hopefully, you can find something fun to read. 📚 😃 And as usual, please check the price before you download. These free books are often time-based and will go up in price after a certain amount of time, so before you download, make sure the price is $0.00!

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Free Sweepstakes Roundup

Free Contests to Try Your Luck, January Week 3 🥇

I'd like to point out something regarding gift card prize. Even if the prize is for a brand or store you aren't interested in, you should still enter! Gift card prizes are easily swapped out for straight cash money with only a tiny drop in value. For instance, if you won a $1,000 gift card for a store you'll never shop at, don't worry! You could sell it on ebay or Raise and put $950+ in your pocket!

In other occurrences, you can get a check in place of the prize! You'd be surprised how many contest fine prints offer to swap out the prize in place of an easy check.

With that said, let's get to this week's Try Your Luck contest roundup!

As always, we keep an updated list of free instant win sweepstakes you can enter as well. These are different types of free giveaways where you find out if you won right after you enter! Also, if you've won anything form this series, please let us know! I'm dusting off our page of lucky winners 🙂

Like freebies, you should use a separate email address for entering giveaways so that your main email isn't spammed. Just make sure to check it once a week to see if you've won anything!

Most of these contests are single-entries, meaning you only enter once. However, there are some exceptions:

  • are contests that allow daily entries.
  • are contests with a close deadline.

PCH Weekly Money Contest

$5,000 a week FOR LIFE from Publishers Clearing House. You get to scream at the winner who isn't you on live television too! – February 28

$10,000 Slumberland credit – January 30

Trip for four to Hawaii worth $12,500 – March 17

Mercedes-Benz cargo van – January 24

$10,000 worth of windows and doors from Renewal by Andersen – January 11, 2022

Cash Prize Contests

  1. $3,125 – January 24
  2. $1,000 Visa gift card – January 31
  3. $1,000 – January 31
  4. $2,500 Container Store gift card – February 28
  5. $2,000 – January 31
  6. $5,200 Save-A-Lot gift cards – February 9
  7. $7,000 Carter's Jewelry credit. Requires an IG follow. – February 11

Travel Prize Contests

  1. Colorado road trip vacation for two worth $7,100 -February 23
  2. Four night trip for two to Riviera Maya, Mexico worth $3,000 – January 27
  3. Two-night stay for four in Nashville – March 15
  4. Two roundtrip air tickets to Palm Springs, California worth $1,000 – January 31
  5. Trip for two to Las Vegas & Shaw's Basketball Fantasy Camp – February 28
  6. Two-night stay in Norman, Oklahoma – February 15
  7. Three nights Airbnb stay all worth $1,310 – February 11

Item Prize Contests

  1. Apple watch – February 25
  2. iPhone 12 – February 15
  3. Playstation 5, 50″ 4K Smart TV and way more – February 7
  4. Craft Beer neon signs from Bud Light worth $2,000 – February 2
  5. Heat pump water heater worth $2,000 – February 15
  6. Fashion, beauty and home goods from female-founded brands worth $1,525 – February 3
  7. Products from Westinghouse worth $1,600- January 27

Free Prevail Incognito Sample Pack

Free Prevail Incognito Sample Pack

Prevail is back with another free sample pack, this time of their Incognito feminine care products. Once you submit your email, you should immediately get a link sent to your inbox. They also have free adult incontinence sample packs still available, which I first posted last November.

If you signed up for that offer, you'll need to use a new email address. However, the plus sign trick works for this if you use Gmail. Simply add a plus sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address and you'll fool their system. For example, if your email is [email protected], you can signup with email to [email protected] or [email protected]

This lets you sign up for multiple freebies with only a single email address!

Active Sample Kit

  • 1 Super Ultra Thin Pad with Wings
  • 1 Very Light Liner

Maternity Sample Kit

  • 1 Extra Heavy Maternity Pad with Wings
  • 1 Very Light Liner

You can expect to receive your sample in 7 to 10 business days.

NASA send name to Mars for free

Send Your Name to Mars

This cool offer from NASA has returned!

You can now sign up to have your name sent to Mars on the next robotic rover. According to their FAQs, our names will fly on a future NASA mission to Mars in the mid-2020's.

Some Hiffers sent our names on the 2017 InSight rover and/or the Mars 2020 rover. According to my Galactic Law Degree, that means we already have squatters rights on Mars. I call dibs on that hill over there!

While this is cool and all, I hope to be making posts for free trips to Mars before all is said and done.

Free Sam's Club Health & Wellness Box

Free Sam’s Club Health & Wellness Box

UPDATE: Holy moly, we Hiffed that in under 20 minutes. I told ya it wouldn't last!

Here's a cool freebie that definitely won't last long! Sam's Club is giving away a free Health & Wellness box to member and non-members alike. The signup form can be found at the bottom of the page.

Each box includes:

  • Echelon Water Bottle
  • Echelon Sweat Towel
  • 30 Day Free Trial to Echelon FitPass
  • Degree MotionSense Dry Spray
  • Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Body Wash

Registration ends 1/31/21, but I doubt supplies last that long. All freebie boxes will be shipped out by 2/2/21, so we won't have to wait long for these either!

[thanks to Hiffer Jean for sending this in!]

Free Organic Protein Powder

Free Organic Protein Powder

Here's a new signup link where you can enter a free sweepstake for an Ultimate Wellness Kit and get a free Orgains organic protein powder sample just for entering. The footer of the page incorrectly says “Offer valid only in IL, to res., 18+. Ends 11:59pm CT 11/16/20.”

However, if you click through to the fine print, you'll see this freebie started today on January 21 and is valid in the continental US. That other fine print must be for an older contest last year.

My sister tipped me off to this stuff, which she says is delicious. She became vegan a few years ago and I constantly poked fun at her along the way. Then last Christmas she tricked me into eating and enjoying a plethora of vegan cookies, cakes, and dinners. I felt so betrayed by my taste buds; nothing made sense anymore. Up was down, day was night, and suddenly I was enjoying vegan “hamburgers.” I still don't know what kind of voodoo spell she put on me to enjoy vegan food, but I've been looking for a cure ever since.

Free Computer Video Games 🎮 – This Week’s Worth $40!

The free Epic Games video games page now show both the active freebies and the upcoming free games. These high-value games are available only for a week to download for free. However, once you go through the checkout process, the computer game is yours to keep forever! It will be added to your account and free to download, even after the giveaway ends.

The current games are available through January 28, 2020 at 11:00am.

  • Galactic Civilizations III – $39.99 value!

Build a civilization that will stand the test of time! Choose from dozens of unique races and make a name for yourself across the galaxy through diplomacy, espionage, technological advances, and more.

These games typically retail around $20-$40 and are such a great deal since you keep them forever! Even if you don't intend to play the game now, it's nice having a free pool of new games to try out whenever the mood strikes.

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