Tuesday Amazon Deals

Ravensburger GraviTrax PRO Vertical Marble Run Set
GraviTrax goes vertical with the GraviTrax PRO: Starter Set Vertical. With 153 elements that include unique components, this set offers everything you need to begin building your own vertical action-packed track systems. Build with walls, pillars and balconies that can be attached together to form three-dimensional structures. The elements can be integrated seamlessly with existing GraviTrax sets, allowing you to create more dynamic marble runs. The pillars have special notches to connect them with the transparent walls and create more intricate paths for the marbles. Suspend your tracks in air with the balconies. GraviTrax is a modular interactive track system where you can design and build your own marble runs. Designed with open play in mind, the concept offers endless possibilities to design a different track every time you play. Expand your builds and add some action with a variety of expansion sets and accessories.

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PetSmart Free Pet Photo

PetSmart: Free Pet Photo with Santa

On the following days, head to your local PetSmart from 12-3pm and get a free pet photo with Santa!

  • Saturday & Sunday, December 4-5
  • Saturday & Sunday, December 11-12
  • Saturday & Sunday, December 18-19

You'll get a free digital copy of the photo emailed to you, plus you can also bring your own personal device to take the picture with.

Now if only I could somehow teach my dogs how to sit still.

Free Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription

Claim Your Gift of a 2-Year Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription!

Fun fact. According to my Google image search for this 2-year complimentary Cosmopolitan magazine subscription, the writers and editors over at Cosmo know of at least 48 bajillion sex moves that us peons are unaccustomed with. I'm just as much a red blooded male as the next guy and even I think they might have a problem. Somebody get these people into rehab or something.

As with other Mercury Magazines offers, you only have to answer six short questions about your profession before submitting your mailing address. You can skip any subsequent offers by clicking “No Thanks” at the bottom and you never have to give out your credit card or payment info whatsoever.

This offer is valid through December 31 or until supplies expire.

Free Vogue Magazine Subscription

Free Vogue Magazine Subscription

I come bearing the gift of dead trees! Wait, that doesn't sound appealing. Let me try that again.

Who wants some free magazines? Ah, much better. Today Mercury Magazines is offering free 2-year Vogue magazine subscriptions. The last time I found this freebie was back in 2019, so this is a rare offer!

As with all the other Mercury Magazine freebies, you're finished once you submit your address. You can skip all the “bonus” offers shown beyond that.

Free 8x10 Walgreens Photo

Free Walgreens 8×10 Photo Print

It's baccccck! Today through Friday, December 4 we can easily get a free 8×10 photo print at Walgreens with checkout code MERRY8X10. As always, select in-store pickup and avoid any shipping fees, making this offer completely free.

They also have some other photo deals available if you're in the market for other custom photo products. These make for great gifts.

Many times these Walgreens free photo offers only work within the Walgreens app. If you're having trouble getting it to redeem on a computer, I'd suggest trying the app!

When uploading your photos, make sure to upload in full resolution so your freebies looks crystal clear instead of grainy.

Remember, this is a single 8×10 photo, not 8×10=80 free photos. Somebody actually once angrily emailed me because they felt I didn't spell the freebie out well enough. What am I, a freaking riddle master? I guess instead of saying this is available at Walgreens, I should have said “those things between ceilings and floors that are painted the fourth color of the rainbow.”

Use Gorgeous Free Stock Images!

Did you know there are over thirty free stock image sites? You can use an aggregate search site like Free Image Site and download a royalty-free image to print and use as artwork.

These sites have all sorts of royalty-free images in hundreds of categories. Maybe you like architecture or dogs or scenic mountains – there are free images of all these and way more!

Freeosk Weekly Samples

Current Freeosk Weekly Samples at Walmart & Sam’s Club

If you have a local Walmart or Sam's Club with a Freeosk kiosk, then you can easily get three freebies in-store! Even better, these freebies rotate every week.

To get your samples, simply download their app and make a free account. Then you scan your app at a freeosk in-store and out spits an instant freebie. They're like freebie vending machines!

From Friday, November 24 – Thursday, December 02 you can get the following freebies:

Walmart Freeosk

  • Dude Wipes

Sam's Club Freeosk

  • Gain Fireworks Laundry Booster

Albertsons, Randalls, & Tom Thumb Freeosk

  • Ricola Cough Drops

Freeosk has over 1,300 locations across the country, so it might be worth checking if your local store has a unit hiding somewhere!

EarFun Air Pro Wireless Earbuds

Weekend Amazon Deals

The EarFun Air Pro Wireless Earbuds are CNET award-winning noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones. These wireless earbuds are built for performance with a reinforced design for sweat and water resistance, making them great sports and physical activities, inside the gym or outdoors. They use the latest USB Type-C charging port for wider compatibility and provide up to 9 hours of playing time. The carrying case doubles as an extended battery offering an extra 3 full charges (32 hours) on the go.

Use promo code BFEAPRO10 at checkout to save $30! Promo code expires 11/29/21 at 11:59 PM PST.

EarFun Air Pro Wireless Earbuds

  • Promo code BFEAPRO10 saves 40% off! Deal expires 11/29/21 at 11:59 PM PST
  • Up to 9 hours of playing time and the charging case offers an extra 3 full charges (32 hours) on the go.
  • Easily toggle the Noise Reduction mode (ANC mode) between Normal and Ambient to suit your environment and sonic experience.
  • Ergonomic and super light-weight design provides a comfortably snug-fit into your ears.
  • Easily pause the music by removing either earbud from your ear, allowing you to interact with those around you without fumbling for your phone to stop the audio.
  • Includes 3 sizes of ear tips to help you get a secure fit.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Goob and HIF

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I head out the door to my first of multiple food comas today, I wanted to stop and wish every Hiffer a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone out there has a fantastic day with friends, family, and football.

Wherever you are, whoever you're with, and whatever y'all are doing, I hope it leads to a wonderful day.

And thank you. I think I say it every year, but HIF wouldn't exist without each and every one of you and I never forget that. So seriously, thank you!

Thursday Amazon Deals

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Mega Chemistry Science Kit
This phenomenal STEM kit gives kids the chance to experience the scientific process in a hands-on way, just like a real scientist! There are so many activities and experiments to try that they'll be busy for hours, exploring the fascinating world of chemistry. It gives kids everything they need for 15 experiments along with a bonus experiment guide that contains an additional 30 experiments, all using common household items. The included experiment guide contains kid-friendly, easy-to-follow instructions, and insight into the science at work in each experiment. Also check our more National Geographic Science Kits

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Free Personalized Bottle Labels

Free Customized, Personal Bottle Labels

Alcohol companies frequently give away free customized, personal labels that fit on their product's bottle. You are typically able to upload a photo of your own, which they'll turn into a sticker and mail straight to your door.

I discovered a few of these while tidying up HIF's archives lately. One unexpected bonus of going through all that old work was reading the random jokes I've made throughout the years. If you throw out logic and reason, a few of them even made sense!

Many of these labels will fit on other brand's bottles too, so you don't need to only drink a specific alcohol in order to redeem these freebies. For instance, a wine bottle label will pretty much fit on any wine bottle.

These free labels are constantly going up and down throughout the year. I'll use this post going forward to keep all the free personalized bottle label offers together on one simple page to find them.

Current Free Labels

Previous Free Labels

At time of publication, these next offers are no longer available. However, it's been my experience these freebies reappear at random times throughout the year, so feel free to try your luck today!

Know of any I've missed? Please share in the comments!

Free Embrace Your Unlimited Good 2022 Calendar

Signup here to get a free Embrace Your Unlimited Good 2022 calendar. Make sure to select “Send me the hard copy” before submitting the form.

I have absolutely no clue what this company is about, so I would make sure to use your freebie email address so they can't spam you! They ask for a donation on the confirmation page, but this is completely optional.