Free 2023 Unity Calendar

Free 2023 Unity Calendar

Select the “print edition” option to order a free 2023 Unity calendar. You can also download a digital version for your computer.

Here’s what you’ll find in in this freebie:

  • Monthly reminders of the divine aspects of life
  • Affirmations to help acknowledge the grace around you
  • Bible verses to support your spiritual journey in the year ahead
  • Beautiful photos of Unity Village, reminding you that grace is all around

I'm not religious, so I didn't order this free calendar. As such, please let me know if the submission forms stops working.

Free Degree Dry Spray

Free Degree Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Just a few days after bemoaning the fact that Sampler never qualifies me for freebies anymore, they turn around and email me saying I qualify for this free Degree Dry Spray deodorant! Feel free to test out your luck as well.

November Update: I believe this is available again!

Wednesday Amazon Deals

First Alert Hardwired Talking Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
This Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice & Location is easy to program with 11 preprogrammed home locations. The voice alarm not only tells you what part of the home is in danger, but whether the danger is smoke or carbon monoxide. The photoelectric smoke sensor reduces nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor for increased accuracy. A single mute/silence button silences any nuisance alarms that may occur and tests all alarm functions. With an easy access side battery door, the batteries are easy to replace and there is no need to remove the alarm from the ceiling to change a battery. Meets UL standards.

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Tuesday Amazon Deals

National Geographic DaVinci’s Battalion 3D Wooden Model Set
Build 3 remarkable wooden Medieval war machines that really work!: a Ballista (an enormous crossbow), a Bombard (an early form of the cannon), and a mighty Catapult. Each model is fully operational, and the kit includes targets and projectiles for endless fun once they’re constructed. Each model can fire the included projectiles at targets up to 15 feet away, allowing you to explore physics and construction. Everything you need is included: laser-cut wooden components; rubber bands; sandpaper; 15 projectiles; 6 paper targets; and clear, simple instructions.

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Free Mercy Corps 2023 Calendar

Free Mercy Corps 2023 Calendar

Here's another new free Mercy Corps 2023 calendar for anybody who needs help organizing their days and events. Using a free calendar is probably a better option than my method, which is relying on my memory to keep track of everythi… uh… wait, what was I saying again? I forgot already.

Free 2022 Snort Calendar

Free 2023 Snort Calendar

Take this short survey and receive a free 2023 Snort wall calendar from Cisco.

Please allow three to six weeks for shipping. All shipping will begin after December 1, 2022.

They've offered this freebie a few times in years past and they always seem to run out of supply well before the shipping deadline, so I'd order it today if you really want this!

Free Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Serum Foundation

Free Lancome Paris Teint Serum

The official title for this offer is free Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Serum Foundation. Jesus Christ, somebody send Lancome a proper copyeditor.

I know this URL looks a bit weird, but I'm fairly certain this is a legit freebie. And so what if it isn't? The sun will consume our world in a few billion years, so what do we have to lose?

Free Happy Hippo Kratom

Free Happy Hippo Kratom

I have absolutely no clue what this free Happy Hippo Kratom is. What is Kratom? What is happiness, an elusive feeling to me these days? Are hippos even real?!

They're listed as “for adults 21+” on their website, which is even more confusing given then mascot and color scheme.

In order to get this, look for the “free Kratom” button in the lower left. It looks like this. There should also be no shipping or handling fee whatsoever, so please let me know in the comments if they add one later on.

Free Panera Unlimited Sip Club

Free Panera Unlimited Sip Club

New users have access to free Panera Unlimited Sip Club membership through the end of 2022, which is a $24 value!

This is a service where you get unlimited free Charged Lemonades, coffees, teas, and fountain drinks. You can redeem your free cup once every 2 hours, plus you get unlimited refills while you're in their cafe. Here's their store locator to find your nearest spot.

You have to sign up by November 16 in order to get this and your free Unlimited Sip Club Subscription will run through December 31, 2022.