Free Sasmar Personal Lubricant

Free Sasmar Personal Lubricant

Look, a lot of us are stuck inside right now. We all know what that means. 😏 This classic free Sasmar personal lubricant samples offer is still alive. Sign up today and they'll send you two samples of original silicone lube & classic water-based lubricant.

HIF is primarily a United States freebie site, but this offer also ships to the United Kingdom, Europe (…isn't the UK already covered by this?), and Australia. So feel free to get frisky all over the world with this offer!

Kindle First Free Books

Amazon Prime: Free Unreleased Kindle Books

Did you know Amazon Prime members get Kindle access to unreleased books each month? I had no idea! Each month they let you pick two upcoming books to download before they're actually released. This month you can pick from the following:

  1. The Shadow Box by Luanne Rice
  2. Hadley and Grace by Suzanne Redfearn
  3. Not One of Us by Debbie Herbert
  4. West with Giraffes: A Novel by Lynda Rutledge
  5. Water Memory: A Thriller by Daniel Pyne
  6. Gerta: A Novel by KateΕ™ina TučkovΓ‘
  7. Widowish: A Memoir by Melissa Gould
  8. The Ardent Swarm: A Novel by Yamen Manai
  9. Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket by Sue Fliess (Author), Annabel Tempest (Illustrator)

Dang, I was really hoping for the next Song of Ice and Fire book to be listed there. Guess I'll have to wait another decade or two.

Free 2020 Catholic Wall Calendar

Free 2021 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

How many Hiffers have been with us from the start? Remember how yearly calendars used to be A Thing? I swear, from 2005-2012, companies gave promotional SWAG calendars like it was all the rage. Yet these days, you hardly see freebies like this free 2021 Heart of the Nation Catholic Art calendar.

And I don't understand why! It's not like the cost of printing promotional calendars has gone up. If anything, it's plummeted. People still use calendars too, right? What company wouldn't want a free advertisement that is seen almost daily?

Just some random musings from a guy who's been doing this for too long πŸ™‚

After ordering, please allow 4-6 weeks for freebie delivery.

Sephora Birthday Free Makeup 2020

2021 Sephora Birthday Freebie

Sephora Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer The 2021 Sephora birthday gift is your choice of a Nars, Laneige, Moroccanoil, or Kerastase mini set!
Today's Freebie Uncertain for 2019. Previous years were Rogue Artist Natural lipstick and Smoky Extravagant Mascara.
Full Birthday Freebies List!
🎂 Don't miss all the free stuff on your birthday available each year!

The not-so-secret secret is Sephora's free birthday gift changes every year. After you sign up for free, you'll get an email in January announcing the new yearly birthday gift. Sometimes it contains mascara, maybe there's a highlighter, and every now and again you'll get a “top-rated” luminizer for … luminizing. But not matter what it is, I'll update this post every year as the birthday offer changes!

These freebies pair great with Sephora's regular beauty deal freebies! And remember, you can pick up your Sephora birthday present on any day within your birthday month.

Don't forget we have one of the oldest and most updated lists of birthday freebies available on the Internet. Chances are any list you find on other site's is just an older copy of ours πŸ™‚

Free Enfamil Baby Formula

Free Enfamil Baby Formula

Enfamil is giving away free 10oz. Enfagrow Toddler Next Step baby formula. I think this is an enfantastic offer for enfanew parents, but let's not overlook the important questions here. Why does Enfamil name all their enfaproducts with the same prefix. It's enfaweird.

In order to receive this freebie, your toddler must be at least 12 months old to qualify. Allow four to six weeks for delivery.

They also have a Savings and Support center where you can request up to $130 in savings and coupons.

Free National Parks Admission

Free 2021 National Parks Admission Dates – Next is Jan 18!

The next free National Parks admission day is right around the corner. These 5 annual freebie go great with our free highway maps list!

So get out there, breathe in some fresh air, and report back to me how relaxing and peaceful it is. Just don't take your family! I went with mine last year and long story short, they left me behind. Unfortunately for them, I'm like one of those cool dogs from a Reader's Digest story and I walked all the way home in just under a week.

2021 Free National Park Admission Dates

I've written about these free National Park Admission days since they debuted in 2009 and the numbers are finally in. Hiffers love them! Maybe you could even end up like Mikah Meyer and visit all 419 National Parks! It only took him 3 years. πŸ˜‚

If you can't make it out to your local National Park, you can do the next best thing and read up on some parks! Sure, it's not the same as actually visiting, but it has significantly fewer mosquitoes and poison ivy patches.

Free Annie's Stickers

Free Annie’s Stickers

Here are multiple different free Annie's stickers to request! As you request your bunny sticker, rest easy knowing No Annie's Were Harmed in the making of these freebies.

Here were the stickers I was able to select from.

  • Organic for Everybunny Sticker
  • Don’t Panic, It’s Organic Sticker
  • Cheddar Bunny Sticker
  • Sun’s Out, Buns Out Sticker
  • Recycle – No Butts About It Sticker

Free Sweepstakes Roundup

Free Contests to Try Your Luck, January Week 1 πŸŽ‰

I hope you're feeling lucky, because the weekly Try Your Luck contest roundups is ready a little early!

And don't forget we have an updated list of free instant win sweepstakes you can enter as well! These are different types of free giveaways where you find out if you won right after you enter!

Like freebies, you should use a separate email address for entering giveaways so that your main email isn't spammed. Just make sure to check it once a week to see if you've won anything!

Most of these contests are single-entries, meaning you only enter once. However, there are some exceptions:

  • are contests that allow daily entries.
  • are contests with a close deadline.

$7,000 a week FOR LIFE from Publishers Clearing House. You get to scream at the winner who isn't you on live television too! – April 26

$100,000 – In order to make picks, you'll need to click “Enter Code” then click “Don't have a product? GET CODE.” Do this a few times, then make a few quick guesses. – February 7

GMC Yukon Denali OR $100,000 cash – January 31

$25,000 Winner gets a check cut for the full prize! – June 30

Trip for two to Australia or France worth up to $8,400 – January 31

$8,000 trip for 2 to Switzerland – February 14

Cash Prize Contests

  1. $5,000 check – January 15
  2. $2,500 Diamond Nexus jewelry gift card – January 31
  3. $4,000 gift card – February 26
  4. $2,000 – January 11
  5. $2,500 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is add a minimum of $75 worth of Maxi-Cosi items AND a minimum of $45 worth of Huggies items to your registry to be automatically entered into the Sweepstakes.- February 28
  6. $1,000 – December 31
  7. $1,000 Lulus shopping spree – January 31

Travel Prize Contests

  1. Lady Gaga concert trip for two worth up to $20,100 – April 30
  2. Trip for four people to Nashville worth $4,700 – March 31
  3. Trip for two to Boston worth $5,000 – February 28
  4. Trip for two to Las Vegas worth $2,500 – January 10
  5. Getaway to Santa Catalina Mountains worth $7,000 – January 28
  6. Trip for two to Los Angeles with tickets to Super Bowl worth $6,000. Send an email to [email protected] and include within the email the name of the Giveaway, “2021 American Red Cross Super Bowl LVI Giveaway,” your first name, last name, mailing address and a valid email address. – January 31
  7. Caribbean cruise for two worth up to $5,000 – November 5
  8. Trip to Jackson Hole worth $1,500 – April 3

Item Prize Contests

  1. Cyberpowerpc gamer extreme vr gaming pc – January 18
  2. Gaming computer worth $3,500 – January 20
  3. Infinity replacement windows or doors plus installation worth up to $10,000 – December 28
  4. 70″ big screen TV – February 7
  5. Channellock hand tools worth $2,800 – January 31
  6. Diamond stud earrings worth $5,000 – January 31
  7. Apple iPhone Pro Max worth $1,099 – January 13

Pinecone Earn Money Online Contests

Best of luck! If you manage win something, please share your good fortune with us in the comments!

Tuesday Amazon Deals

LeapFrog Tad's Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set
Place his bright-red apple and 26 letter tiles on a refrigerator or any magnetic surface for an exciting letter-learning experience. Choose a magnetic letter tile and press it inside the apple to hear the letter's name and sound. Tad will then introduce new vocabulary words that begin with that letter. Celebrate the letters A-Z with Tad by listening to three letter songs.

Read moreTuesday Amazon Deals

Find Possible Deals on FMTC's Blog

Find Potential Deals on FMTC’s Blog

I've previously written about FMTC's amazing affiliate directory and their essential browser extension. But did you know they also offer a low-tech way to help bloggers and shoppers alike?

I love using their New FMTC Merchants blog posts both for work here on HIF and for personal shopping! Every week, I look forward to scanning their list of merchant changes, like this one from last month.

Why do I like these posts? Because I've noticed that discounts, sales, and coupons can often increase when a merchant joins a new network!

How Affiliate Networks Work

There are roughly a dozen options for merchants when it comes to running their affiliate program. They range from having none at all to using in-house, internal systems to outsourcing it to 3rd party networks. This last option is by far the most popular. The four largest networks are Commission Junction, Impact, Rakuten, and ShareASale, but there are plenty others. Merchants then hire a network to manage their affiliate program for them.

When my friends ask me to explain affiliate networks, I always liken them to banks. Each bank has their own pros and cons, but essentially they all work the same – they protect and store your money. I could keep all my money under a mattress and hand-deliver cash to my utility companies each month. But it makes more sense to outsource handling my money to a company that specializes in it.

I don't know about you, but switching banks is always a task I tend avoiding. Transferring all your money from one bank to the other is usually a simple task, but it's all the smaller details that are annoying. You have to order new checks, setup new online accounts, reconfigure all your direct deposits, then make sure your monthly withdraws are set.

Now go one step further. When's the best time to order new checks – before you change banks or after? It's after! Otherwise, you're stuck with checks for an old bank account.

The same loose logic sometimes applies to merchants! Like switching banks, there's a bit of legwork required when a merchant joins or switches networks. Thus, when's the best time to launch a new multi-month ad campaign with discounts and deals? It's certainly not in the months leading up to a network switch, because the last thing a merchant wants is traffic being driven to a soon-to-be-obsolete affiliate system.

However, once a network switch has been made, it's the perfect time to sync a marketing push for a new ad campaign. Which, in turn, is a great time to release limited discounts, sales, and promotions. In effect, merchant's changing networks can trigger an avalanche of deals!

Watch for Affiliate Network News!

Which brings us back to FMTC's affiliate news blog.

Let's pretend I'm a huge fan of Favorboots. Shoes aren't something I'm buying all the time. But given that Favorboots joined ShareASale last month, now would be the perfect time to rejoin their rewards club, sign my freebie email up to their newsletter, and follow their social media accounts. Chances are I'm more likely to find a unique discount for them now versus anytime last summer or fall.

It's not a foolproof method, but it's definitely a little trick I've shared with my friends and family. It tends to work best for smaller merchants. Your Walmarts and Targets of the world don't always do this, but your smaller boutique and niche brands frequently do.

So if you have a favorite online vendor, store, brand or merchant then I highly recommend keeping an eye of FMTC's blog! You just might stumble across a sale you wouldn't have otherwise found.

Free USPS Informed Delivery

Free USPS Informed Delivery

Ever wish you could see the freebies arriving in your mailbox before they show up? I know I have! What you may not realize is that you can!

The USPS offers a free service called Informed Delivery. Each morning, they'll email scanned photos of your mail hours before it's delivered!

I started using Informed Delivery during their 2015 soft trial. It was originally super buggy, but today I've actually come to rely on it. Not only does it actually work, but as of today over 25 million Americans are using this free service!

My emails typically arrive between before 8:00am each morning I have mail coming. If I don't have any mail on the way, I don't get an email. Only ~60% of my emails actually have scanned photos, but regardless the emails themselves are nice since they let me know I have mail to grab. And when there are photos of freebies, I tend to get a little excited! Between the emails and then actually getting the freebies, it's like double the joy πŸ™‚

Have any other Hiffers used Informed Delivery yet? What did you think?