5 Monday Amazon Deals!

Wall Mounted Floating Shelves Set
The possibilities are endless with these wall shelves! These floating bookshelves can be configured multiple ways to ft your space and decor, giving you freedom of autonomy when it comes to creating a custom display. Modern bookshelves will open up your space and become a beautiful focal point for any room! Keep anything and almost everything you need in plain sight and within easily accessible. These floating shelves are lightweight, strong, decorative and can easily withstand daily wear and tear, no matter where you mount them. Enhance your storage capabilities with these solid wood shelves with powder coated iron frames. This unique storage and shelving solution impresses with their stylish design, helping you create the perfect home.

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Free Cryptocurrency Money

Free $49 worth of Cryptocurrency & Money

Latest Freebie – $37 in RONIN and $12 in VET

This free cryptocoin offer was upgraded in June 2024 and brings the total freebies given away to over $220 USD that we can cashout lifetime! The quiz answers are all listed below.

Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges for Americans, has offered over $200 worth of free money via different cryptocoins. Once acquiring your free crypto, you can then hold on and hope it goes up in value, like you would with stocks from Robinhood or Webull.

Or, you can convert it to USD and cash out today!

The first thing you'll want to do is make a free Coinbase account. You can't get free Coinbase crypto if you don't have an account!

When creating an account, don't worry about the Bitcoin message on that screen. We're not buying anything – just freebies for us, please and thank you! 👍

What free cryptocurrency is available from Coinbase?

Now, onto the free cryptocurrency quizzes. Don't worry, I've got all the answers below 😉

All told, it only takes a few minutes to earn all your free money.

Finally, if you find you're getting an “Earning Unavailable: Unfortunately this opportunity is not available in your region” message for any of the coins, you can use a VPN to get around it! 🙂 I personally use Private Internet Access or PureVPN, but any VPN should work.

If you're looking for a free VPN, my go-to here is ProtonVPN. Aside from their great security – I'm never going to recommend a VPN with bad security, that's a given! – I find their speeds to be quick and their IP addresses are almost never blocked by large websites.

We can get over $50 in assets today!

Free $37 in RONIN

Here are the latest answers that will net you $37 in free RONIN coins after making a free Coinbase account.

  1. Q: How does Ronin introduce people to crypto? A: Games
  2. Q: What is Ronin's Main Mission? A: Guide Web3 games to mass adoption
  3. Q: Which is NOT a utility of the RONIN Token? What is the Bond Token? A: Global Currency
  4. Q: Which Web3 game can you play on Ronin? A: Pixels
  5. Q: What can you do with your Axies? A: Battle, Collect, Evolve

Once you've answered these questions, you'll have your first $5. Next you'll want to follow the prompts and complete the steps for an additional $32 in RONIN.

Free $12 in VET

Next, you'll want to answer these questions for $12 in free VET.

  1. Q: What is true about VechainThor? A: It offers a sustainable platform for real-world development
  2. Q: Which of these in not a vechain use case? A: A blockchain conference in collaboration with Google

This will reward you with $2. Again, after you answer these questions, you'll need to follow the additional steps to make $10 more. It only took me a few minutes to do these steps.

These are over $100 in previous offers that might still be available to you!

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Free Zuper Girl Sticker

Free Zuper Girl Sticker & Contest

Fill out this form in order to request a free Zuper Girl sticker. Requesting this freebie will also enter you into a sweepstakes to win a year's supply of Zolli Candy. I've never heard of Zolli before, but I have heard of candy and I'm a huge fan of all their work.

Free US Weekly Subscription

Free US Weekly Magazine Subscription

Whoa, here's a new freebie that we haven't seen since 2016! You could say this free Us Weekly magazine subscription from Mercury Magazines is fairly rare. This is a free 2-year subscription that retails for $160(!!) 😲

So be sure to jump on it if you enjoy reading about famous people. Look, they go grocery shopping too! They're just like us! Now when and where do I pick up my own “Get out of jail free” card?

Update: I originally missed that this is a digital subscription, not a physical paper subscription. Thanks to reader Stacy for pointing that out!

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme for 4th

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme on July 4th

This annual offer is returning next month! Wear something red, white, and blue on July 4th and you'll get a free Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut.

We're sweetening your Independence Day this year with a FREE Original Glazed® doughnut when you visit our shop wearing red, white, and blue! Valid 7/4 only at all participating shops in shop and drive thru, limit 1 per person. Not available online.

You can learn more here, which includes a search section for participating locations at the bottom of the page.

It's also worth mentioning you can join their free reward program and get a Krispy Kreme free birthday doughnut!

Free Pampers Swaddlers 360 Diapers

Free Pampers Swaddlers 360 Diapers

Pampers is back with a free Swaddlers 360 diapers offer that also comes with a $4 coupon for a future purchase.

Signup is easy – there's just a simple one-page form to fill out. They don't even ask if you have a baby, which is good for me. The previous time I requested a kid-reliant freebie, it resulted in the oddest interaction I've ever had with my neighbor. It seems people don't take kindly to strangers asking “hey, can I borrow your kid for a minute? I need them for a freebie.”

Free Summer Events, Activities, Freebies for Kids

50+ Free Summer Kids Events, Activities, & Freebies!

With summer in full swing (woooo!), I thought it'd be a good idea to compiled a list of all the free kids summertime events & activities.

Check out some of these free events before summer 2024 ultimately ends (boooo!)

It's important to point out that while many of these are traditional freebies available each summer, you may encounter some offers are slowly rolling back out due to last year's shutdown. Therefore, I strongly suggest calling ahead and confirming your local establishment is participating in any of these.

Get freebies and discounts simply by reading books!

The free reading programs are always a big hit each year. 11 companies such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Chuck E. Cheese, Pizza Hut and many more reward good behavior by offering freebies and prizes for reading. Most stores have a free reading companies guide or tracker that you can print at home, fill out as your child reads over the summer, then turn it in for freebies!

Kids bowl free every day all summer long!

In fact, they get two free games of bowling! All you have to do is register ahead of time.

“It's about that time for the return of the favorite kids bowl free all summer deal! Sign up and your children will get two free games of bowling every day this summer. That's valued at over $500.”

Don't forget kids skate free during the summer too.

Multiple locations in 36 states offer free kids roller skating sessions with the one-time purchase of a $4.99 pass. The pass lasts for 12 months, giving ample opportunities to take advantage of its value. If there are no locations near you, you can send a letter encouraging them to join!

Attend a free in-store kids event at multiple stores!

At least seven stores offer recurring, monthly in-store free kids events. Some of the most popular summer activities are from such stores as:

As more free events are found, I update them to the list so you never miss out.

Enjoy a show with cheap admission to kids movies (average $1) all summer long!

At least 17 different cinema and theater chains across the nation, both big and small, offer some sort of summer movie ticket admission deals. In many cases, you can either get free admission or super cheap tickets for G and PG movies. Some chains are also offering discounted concessions and snacks as well.

They're cheap, they're air conditioned, and they're all summer long!

Good grades and report cards freebies are a real thing as well!

Get discounts and outright freebies at 12 confirmed restaurants and retailers! We've found another half dozen potential freebies as well

Enjoy a weekend outdoors during free National Parks admission days

The next National Parks free admission day August 4, 2024! Pay no entrance fee at any of our nation's 58 wonderful national parks scattered across the country.

Don't get lost, especially since most states give out free state road maps.

Go fishing for free during all 50 state's free dates!

While some states only hold license-free fishing dates early in the year, others hold multiple dates throughout the summer and even into fall! Check out your state's dates and then go reel in a fish or two with the little ones! These free fishing days are awesome. Take it from somebody who learned the hard way that you needed a license to fish 😀

Explore the outdoors for free by Geocaching!

Geocaching was one of my family's favorite activities back when multiple young ones were running around the house. All you need is a phone or GPS to access over 2.5 million free geocaches hidden all over the world! No matter how big or small your community, you'll be surprised how many geocaches are nearby!

Reuse old pieces with free LEGO instructions

LEGO has a huge, searchable database of free LEGO instructions to download! Put those old toys back to good use by building a long-forgotten LEGO or maybe even something new!

Free Summer Movie Deals

2024 Summer Movie Deals & Freebies for Families with Kids

Eagle-eyed Hiffers (holy crap, how did you get an EAGLE'S EYE?!) know that my current offspring count sits equal to the number of home runs I've hit for the Seattle Mariners this season. That said, growing up with tons of siblings, I have an inkling for what it's like with bored, moping children around the house. For you see, I myself get bored. A lot. And if your kids are anything like me, it must be insufferable to be around them when they have nothing to do. Plus it's hot outside. we need some cheap, air-conditioned entertainment!

As such, here's a huge list of all the free & cheap kids summer movie events! Almost every theater chain has a dedicated page advertising their summer deals, plus a helpful list of participating locations. So be sure to make sure your local spot is holding a deal before heading out.

I've included both nationwide and smaller, regional chains so as many Hiffers can take advantage of these deals as possible. I'm sure there are more, so please leave a comment if you find any I missed.

Confirmed Kids Movies Deals for 2024

Alamo Drafthouse – Their summer Kids Camp shows children's classics with tickets at $5, depending on location. 100% of proceeds go to nonprofits – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (June), Shoes That Fit (July) and Big Brothers Big Sisters (August). You can even buy your tickets online, making this super easy and relaxing.

AMC Theaters – Bring in your kids and enjoy family favorite movies back on the big screen with our Summer Movie Camp. From June 24 through August 14, get tickets for as low as $3 plus tax throughout the summer.

Cinemark Century Theaters – Their Summer Movie Clubhouse is 8 weeks of $1.75 movies for kids from June 10 – August 15. They're also offering $1 off deals on kids' snack packs, and any size popcorn & drink combos during Summer Movie Clubhouse showtimes.

Cineplex – Saturday mornings will feature Cineplex Family Favourites at 11am. Watch a family favorite film each week for only $3.99 for CineClub members (booking fee waived), $4.99 for Scene+ members ($3.99 + $1.00 online booking fee), or $5.49 for all other online purchases ($3.99 + $1.50 online booking fee).

Classic Cinemas – Running June 5 – August 11, take part in the Wednesday Morning Movie Series. Ticket prices are just $2 on Wednesday mornings, with all movies rated G or PG. Showtimes begin at 10:00am, but doors open at 9:00am where you can arrive early to meet some of your favorite characters and join in on the fun games & activities.

Georgia Theatre Company – Join them for the Summer Kid Show Series at 10:00am every Tuesday and Thursday in June and July. They've got $2 admission, $2 drinks, $2 popcorn, and $2 M&M's Minis. Doors open at 9:15am and sensory friendly shows will be available for all films.

GQT Movies – They're offering free family movies every Wednesday & Thursday at 10:00am from June 5 – August 8! Movies change each week and seating is limited to one auditorium with all seats on a first come, first serve basis.

Harkins Theater – Each week from June 3 through July 26, see a family favorite movie for only $2 per film. As an added deal, you can buy a ticket to all 8 movies at once for $8, making each movie only $1!

Free Summer Movie Discounts Freebies

Marcus Theaters – Join them thru August 29 while they feature a favorite family flick for just $3.50. Special sized popcorn, hot dogs, and and fountain drinks are $3.50 as well.

Alternatively, there's the option to purchase a Kids Dream Passport, which entitles the passport holder to see all 12 movies film at any theatre hosting the series for just $18.

Megaplex Theatres – Each location starts at a different time, so you'll need to check your local schedule for exact dates. However, all locations will show 10 popular family films over the course of 10 weeks. Individual tickets are $2.50 or you can buy a 10-week pass for only $25, making each movie only $1! This years schedule has movies on Mon-Wed at 10am with sensory friendly shows at 10:30am.

Metropolitan Theaters – Get $2 admission to movies at 10am Tuesday and Thursday, starting June 18 – August 6. Dates, showtimes and films vary by theatre, so check the listings scheduled at your local theatre.

Phoenix Theatres – Absolutely free select 10:00am showings of kid movies every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday through June, July, and into August. Doors open at 9am and all ages are welcome. There's also a “special kiddie meal” available, but I'm not sure what's included in that.

Regal Cinemas – All summer long, watch select G or PG family movies for just $1 a ticket! Show dates are 11am Tuesdays & Wednesdays and run from June 11 through August 7.

They'll also sell a specially priced $5 Snack Pack, which includes a junior-sized drink, snack-sized popcorn, and fruit snacks with an optional $3 Dippin’ Dots add-on.

Studio Movie Grill – Their Summer Children's Series is every Monday thru Thursday at noon from May 27 – August 22. Tickets are $6 and include a small popcorn and small drink.

Showcase Cinemas – Their Bookworm Wednesdays allow kids to bring in a book report at a participating Cinema de Lux, Showcase, or Multiplex Cinemas box office (6 and under don't need this) in exchange for free ticket. Tickets must be reserved in advance online and the promo runs from July 5 through July 31.

The best I ever got for a book report was the promise of no more book reports.

Ultra Star Cinemas – Finally, see a different movie every week at 11:00am for just $2. New movies are rotated each week and the deals run every Monday-Friday from June 10 – August 2.

So there you have it. Like I said earlier, please leave a comment if you know of any programs I missed.

Previous Summer Movies Deals Unconfirmed for 2024

Bow Tie Cinemas – Select locations are showing free kids movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am from June 25 to Aug. 21.

Marquee Cinemas – Each week they offer family-friendly flicks, usually at 9:30 am on Tuesday or Wednesday, with regional sales and discounts. Click on your local theater to see a full schedule and offers.

Paragon Theaters – Scroll down to find their Free Kids Movies promotion. In 2019 they offered free admission for 10am movies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Seats are limited to first come, first serve.

Other Summer Freebies

Free CDC Health Publications

Free CDC Publications, Stickers & More

I originally posted about these free CDC publications and materials back in 2010. Over the following years, I've highlighted a few of their freebies, like the Tony Hawk anti-tobacco poster, the Quit Smoking paper notepad, and this Prevent Tickborne Diseases bookmark.

Well, I'm happy to say that all these years later, they're still offering a selection of printed copies on public health issues, factsheets, posters, activity guides, books, and other educational material.

Many of these free items have a daily limit, but they always refresh the following day.

In order to access these, scroll down and select an option from Material Type and click the blue Apply button. I selected “poster” and was given 184 options to choose from. Meanwhile, I see 19 children's reading material under “books.” In addition to these, they have cards, charts, magnets, postcards, stickers, and more.

Don't overlook the “Audience” filter, either. This helps easily find all materials for children, adolescence, college students, etc.

PGGE Olympics Rebates

P&G Good Everyday Olympics Rebates

The P&G Good Everyday Rewards program is offering a Good as Gold Rebates program in celebration of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris. We get a prepaid VISA card by mail when purchasing enough products from the following brands: Tide, Gain, Downy, Bounce, 9 Elements, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Bounty, Charmin, Puffs, Olay Body, Olay Skin, Always, Gilette and Venus.

The full details & registration are here:

  • Get $5 when you spend $20 via prepaid VISA card by mail.
  • Get $15 when you spend $50 via prepaid VISA card by mail.

This promo is valid on products purchased 4/7/24 through 9/8/24 and excludes trial/travel size products. However, there are two submissions available per household, so I believe you could redeem two of these as long as you purchase enough and have two names to submit them under!