Free 8x10 Walgreens Photo

Free Walgreens 8×10 Photo Print

It's baccccck! Thru July 26 only, you can easily get a free 8×10 photo print at Walgreens with checkout code JULY8X10. As always, select in-store pickup and avoid any shipping fees, making this offer completely free.

To quickly access the checkout screen, click on the first offer for “10Β’ 4×6 Prints on orders of 100+” and then select the 8×10 photo option for $3.99. Then go through the normal checkout process and pick up your enlarged photo for free!

Many times these Walgreens free photo offers only work within the Walgreens app. If you're having trouble getting it to redeem on a computer, I'd suggest trying the app!

When uploading your photos, make sure to upload in full resolution so your freebies looks crystal clear instead of grainy.

Remember, this is a single 8×10 photo, not 8×10=80 free photos. Somebody actually once angrily emailed me because they felt I didn't spell the freebie out well enough. What am I, a freaking riddle master? I guess instead of saying this is available at Walgreens, I should have said “those things between ceilings and floors that are painted the fourth color of the rainbow.”

Use Gorgeous Free Stock Images!

Did you know there are over thirty free stock image sites? You can use an aggregate search site like Free Image Site and download a royalty-free image to print and use as artwork.

These sites have all sorts of royalty-free images in hundreds of categories. Maybe you like architecture or dogs or scenic mountains – there are free images of all these and way more!

Free CVS Photo Prints Promo Code

CVS: Two Free 5×7 Photo Prints

CVS is back with another great two free 5×7 photo prints freebie!

Use code SPECIAL2 at checkout and select in-store pickup, giving you two completely free photo prints, a $5.98 value. Just make sure you remember to pick it up today. Or, if you're like me, tomorrow. Maybe the day after, who knows when I'll get around to it.

This coupon is valid through 4/13/21 only.

If you are having trouble getting this freebie via the CVS mobile app, I suggest using a computer instead!

I used my free print to get a nice photo that says “stop reading this and do your work.” I can't wait to hang it above my desk and promptly ignore it!

Free Greeting Cards

Three Free Greeting Cards

Free Greeting Cards

The Human Rights Campaign is giving away three free greeting cards!

You're finished once you submit your mailing address on the first page. It will take you to a page asking for donations, but they aren't required in order to get this freebie.

You know, there's a small but non-zero chance that the owner of a greeting card company might read this post. If such stars have aligned, I'd like to make my pitch as a potential Greeting Card Author Prodigy. I think I'd be great at it and have included a few samples of my work below:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Hey look over there, That cow just said moo.

That could be used as a fun road trip card. Or maybe for cow enthusiasts! But what about a more intimate card? Oh, I've got just what you need:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Something something something, I love you!

See, I can write sweet nothings. I'll be awaiting your response and will accept payment in the form of burlap sacks stuffed with cash.

Two Free 5x7 Photo Prints

Walgreens: πŸ–ΌοΈ 6 Free 5×7 Custom Photo Cards

Sunday, October 25 through Tuesday, October 27 only, get 6 free custom 5×7 premium photo cards at Walgreens – a $20.99 valued freebie!

Use code PREMIUMSIX at checkout and select in-store pickup to avoid all shipping charges. I wish that trick worked on eBay. Sure, some people might freak out when I knock on their front door to pick up my newly purchased Dora the Explorer backpack, but what can I say? I love road trips.

When uploading your photos, make sure to upload in full resolution so your freebies looks crystal clear instead of grainy.

Free CVS Custom Photo Cards

CVS: Free 5×7 Custom Photo Card

Free CVS Custom Photo Cards

For a limited time, get a free 5×7 custom photo greeting card at CVS with promo code SWEETHEART. Like usual, you'll bypass any shipping fee by selecting in-store pickup. Think it'd be weird if I made myself a card for my upcoming birthday? I wonder what I'll say to future Goob!

I believe this freebie works best on computers, not mobile devices.

Free Amazon Desktop Photo Gift

Amazon Prime: Free Custom Metal Tabletop Photo Gift

Free Amazon Desktop Photo Gift

This offer from earlier in 2019 must have been popular, because Amazon just brought it back.

Amazon Prime members can get yet another freebie! This time is a free custom metal tabletop photo gift, valued at $18.99.

The complete steps are listed here along with easy-to-follow picture guides! However, you basically need to:

  1. Click the yellow “Activate” button to claim the freebie.
  2. Download and sign in to the free Amazon Photos app via your smartphone.
  3. Upload any photos, then turn on Auto-Save to automatically back up your photos and free up space on your phone.
  4. Create your custom Metal Tabletop with your favorite photo.
  5. Your item will be free at checkout (an $18.99 value).

Make sure you upload the photo you want printed for your freebie! This offers lasts until 12/31 or while supplies last.

Free Mother's Day Card

Free Mother’s Day Card

Free Mother's Day Card

Artifact Uprising is giving away up to four free customized Mother's Day cards. However, you must order before May 1, 2019!

After creating your card with a custom photo and message, go through the checkout steps to send your free card. The payment screen should say $0.00 total. On the same screen, it asks “How did you hear about us?” Feel free to answer with! 😊

Free Snapfish Photo Book Gift

Free Snapfish 5×7 Softcover Photo Book (+ shipping)

Through today only (July 17), you can get a custom free Snapfish 5×7 softcover photo book, which is a $12.99 value, by using code FREEBKJUL at checkout. While the book itself is free, there is a small $3.99 fee for shipping.

These make for cute gifts, but I'm having trouble picking which photos to use since most of mine are blurry and unfocused. I can't tell if I'm looking at pictures of my family or taking a Rorschach test.

Free Shutterfly Gifts

Deal: Three Free Shutterfly Gifts

Free Shutterfly Gifts

Through March 28, 2018 (11:59 pm, PT), Shutterfly is offering 3 free gifts with promo code 3FREE4U at checkout – all you have to pay is shipping. That means you get to pick any combo of three of the following items, limit 1 per item.

  • 12 free Thank You cards (4×5 flat, 3×5 folded, one set of 5×7 mix and match or one set of 3×5 mix and match) – $23.88 value
  • 1 free notepad – $14.99 value
  • 1 free non-Disney 5×8 notebook – $14.99 value
  • or 1 free 12-month wall calendar (8×11 size) – $24.99 value

Unique Gift Idea

With the value of some of these items, you could get some great deals on Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Easter gifts. One possible gift set would be the following:

Buy personalized photo wall calendar, $24.99
Buy folded stationery cards, $23.88
Buy customized notepad, $14.99
Save $63.86 with code 3FREE4U
Pay $18.97 for all items, shipped!

To any Hiffers taking advantage of this great deal, what kind of personalized items are you making for 👩 or 👨 or 🐇 or … uh, 🌎?