Free IAMS Checkup Challenge Vet Visit

Free Vet Visit from IAMS, up to $150!

I was poking around in the archives and discovered the IAMS Checkup Challenge promo has returned, where they're giving away $1.1 MILLION in rewards nationally!

This is an offer where IAMS will refund a qualifying routine and/or preventative well-check veterinary visit for one dog or one cat, valued up to $150 maximum, as long as you purchase $50 in qualifying IAMS products between April 25 – July 31, 2024. You'll then have until August 31, 2024 to redeem the free vet visit part.

The one upgrade this year from previous is that ALL IAMS products are “eligible,” not just certain ones. The fine print at the bottom says “Participating Products: All available IAMS products at participating retailers.”

Here are the full terms and conditions if you want to check them out yourself.

Meanwhile, these are the 4 easy steps you'll want to follow in order to get paid:

  1. Purchase IAMS and visit your vet (full list of eligible products listed below)
  2. Upload your product receipt(s)
  3. Upload your vet receipt.
  4. Submit your contact info and get paid!

The vet receipt will need to include treatment details, total amount, date, time & location, and products purchased.

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free Pet Safety Window Decals

This free ASPCA pet safety pack is a classic offer that's still active. I posted this free pet window decal first in 2008 and yet here it is, active as ever. If you don't have a pet rescue window decal up on your house yet, or an Animal Poison Control Center magnet, then I'd definitely sign up for this freebie. It's such an easy, free way to make your dog, cat, or pet safe in the middle of a fire or emergency.

I've put these up in every home I've lived in. My siblings and I even once put the correct information on them instead of creative insult names for each other! Although, now that I think about it, my old pet window cling isn't by the front door anymore. That can only mean it peeled off, fell on the floor, and was most likely eaten by one of my cats.

Looks like I need to request a new pet rescue sticker. Next to it, I'll put a HIF sticker and little drawing of me slumped over my computer and drooling. Because let's be real, if there's an emergency, I'm probably going to need to be rescued as well!

You'll need to confirm your email after requesting these. Once that's out of the way, you can expect your freebie in 8-10 weeks.

Free Paw Print Magazine Subscription

Free PawPrint Magazine Subscription used to give away a steady stream of freebies and it's nice to see them get back into the game with this free PawPrint magazine subscription! So what are we getting here?

Do you have a special pet in your life that you love more like a family member? Then you'll love all the fun ideas and bonding tips in our PawPrint magazine! Let us know about your four-legged friend below and your mailing information and we'll add you to our list to receive future issues of the magazine ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Oh, I definitely have a special pet in my life. They're both especially moronic and I love them so very much.

Free Purina Cat Dog Treats in App

Free Purina Dog & Cat Treats

Download & log into the Purina app, then go to “Perks” and you can redeem two offers for free Purina dog & cat treats! I just made a brand new account to confirm this offer and was shown the following items as redeemable:

  1. Free EverRoot Multi-Benefit Dog Supplement Soft Chews 14ct Pouch
  2. Free Fancy Feast Broths Seafood Bisque Cat Complement 1.4oz

Click either or both offers, then fill out the mailing form and you'll receive a physical freebie in your mailbox within a few weeks. Well, your pet will receive the freebie. I don't think many of us will be slurping down the seafood bisque anytime soon.

My two boys actually go crazy for that broth. They always come running into the kitchen when they hear me open the freezer at night because they've learned we all get a little late night snack whenever I reach for the ice cream πŸ˜€

If you don't have any pets, I always suggest signing up for these freebies and donating them to a local animal shelter. Every little treat helps. I actually used to volunteer at my local spot, but they recently asked me to stop coming in. Apparently it's frowned upon to bring when you bring dirty dishes and let the animals lick them “clean.” Hey, it's not my fault my dishwasher doesn't exist!

Free SuperPet Smart ID Tag

Free SuperPet Smart ID Tag from Purina

Each household can receive a free SuperPet Smart ID tag from Purina and Dynotag. After filling out the form, you'll get a tag in the mail with instructions on how to activate it. Each tag has a QR code on it that links to a profile you can update with name, contact info, medical alerts, and any other important information you might want to share. Then if your pet ever goes missing, a good Samaritan can scan the QR code with their phone, instantly pull up your contact info, and hopefully reunite you!

There's a similar free pet ID offer still available that we covered last year when you can a similar freebie both for your cat and dog.

Mac the Wizard

Free Digital Pet Portraits from PugMug

I'll go on the record and say I think the whole AI craze is overblown. It's the 2024 version of the 2020 crypto hype. I'll admit I was sucked in at first after being one of the original DALL-E beta testers. I must have made and refined over 500 images of the Mariners winning the World Series because that's probably the only way I'll ever see it happen πŸ˜€ But it didn't take me too long to realize ChatGPT and every other LLM I've used are downright dumb. Like … they're straight up stupid. Seriously, ask them about anything that you are personally knowledgeable about and it won't take you long to spot downright incorrect and inaccurate statements or “facts”. And don't even get me started on the privacy concerns or how they're putting small websites out of business!

That all said, I think might finally sway my back over to loving AI because they are offering free digital pet portraits 😻 All you have to do is upload 4-10 pictures of your furry friend and then around an hour later you'll receive 75 digital images!

The process is super simple. First, you'll want to upload the photos. For optimal results, you want to follow these Dos and Don'ts guideline:

  • Just your pet in the shot. No other pets or people.
  • Use photos with different backgrounds, settings, and angles.
  • Front-facing photos, as well as full body & angled shots.
  • Au naturel – no leashes, harnesses, clothes, etc.
  • Don't upload photos with the same background or pose.
  • No duplicate photos.
  • No black and white photos.

PugMug Upload Photos

Then, you'll select which type of photos you want: Landscapes, Artistic, or Fantasy

PugMug Select Style

At this point you're all finished. The AI will start generating photos. I only had to wait about 30 minutes before I got these goofy shots of my goofy boy Cheez!

PugMug Results for Cheez

The Renaissance and Starry Night photos were my absolute favorites here, so I added my other cat Mac in my profile and ran him through the results, but this time I selected the Fantasy option so I could get more images of him wearing a cute little hat.

PugMug Results for Mac

YES! Now we're talking!

Once you get your results, you can download any and all of the images for your own use, like printing them out, saving on your phone, or even creating posters or portraits! You can also select your three favorite images and they'll ask if you want to purchase them printed on various things. This upsell is completely optional and you can either buy from them or you could wait until Walgreens or CVS offer one of their regular free photo prints. Even better, you could make your own t-shirt, coffee mug, tote bag, or other cool swag using my personal favorite print-on-demand service Sticker Mule.

If you make a free AI pet photo, please share your favorite with us in the comments!

Possible Free Gratsy Box

Possible Free Gratsy Sample Box

The Gratsy app is accepting new users for consideration to receive free sample boxes of curated products. All you have to do is download the free Gratsy app for Apple or Android and enter information about your demographics and interests.

If you scroll down on their site, you can see images of 12 previous Gratsy boxes. Each one seems to be themed with related freebies, which is a nice twist that I wished other companies followed. I must have gotten a million PinchMe boxes with a bunch of random freebies that didn't really go together like a single cat treat, a laundry dryer sheet, and some hardwood floor cleaner.

There's no guarantee you'll be offered a box, but it can't hurt to sign up and be in the running!

Free East Bunny Photo

Free Photo with Easter Bunny

To get your free free family photo with the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's, you just need to register ahead of time. Registration begins on March 16, 2024 with the dates for the free photo shoot starting on March 23, 2024. Then show up at your selected time and get a free 4×6 photo taken!

Free Just Food For Dogs at Petco after full rebate

Rebate: Free Just Food For Dogs at Petco

aisle and Petco are teaming up to offer a free 18oz. of Just Food For Dogs after a 100% full rebate. Here's how to get yours.

  1. Enter your phone number here.
  2. Purchase one (1) select 18oz Just Food For Dogs product at your local Petco.
  3. Text a picture of your receipt and they'll Venmo you the full price of one (1) bag within 24-48 hours!

This couldn't be any easier and makes for a great donation option to your local shelter.

Free Zignature Dog Food

Coupon: Free 4lb bag of Zignature Dog Food

Here's a new offer where you can get a printable coupon good for a free 4lb bag of Zssentials Formula dog food. You just have to click “next” a bunch of times and then a request form will appear once you reach the end of the progress bar. If you have an ad-blocker installed on your browser, you'll need to disable it in order for the signup form to appear at the end!!

Once you reach the end, it'll ask for your name, zip, and email. Then click the confirmation link they send you and you'll receive a downloadable coupon to use in-store at a local place that carries this. The coupon expires one month after you receive it.

[thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for the reminder on this!]

Free Feline Natural Cat Food Sample

Free Feline Natural Cat Food

Fill out this form to receive a Feline Natural cat food sample. This is a brand originally from New Zealand, but the form is for US residents so I guess the Kiwis are expanding stateside. Luckily my stinky little guys don't care about their food's country of origin, just as long as it's given to them at the crack of dawn and on the hour, every hour, throughout the day.

Free Hartz Miracle Guard Dog Pads

3 Free Miracle Guard Dog Pads

Peekage is offering free Miracle Guard Dog Pads by Hartz. In order to see if you qualify for these, answer a few questions which should only take a few minutes. They're basically looking for people with dogs, duh.

If and once approved, you can expect your freebies to test out in 6-8 weeks. However, I've found that previous Peekage samples arrive within 4-6 weeks, so just tell your pup to hold their bladder for a quick month.

[thanks to Hiffer Emma for sending this in!]