Free Nature's Logic Dog Food

Free Nature’s Logic Dog Food

Nature's Logic is offering a free printable coupon good for one free bag of dog food, valued up to $6.49! After filling out the form, check your email for the coupon. Once printed, the coupon will be valid at your local retailer for 2 weeks.

I woke up in an extremely bad mood, but my spirits were quickly raised when my dog jumped on my lap. Is there anything better than a dog? Maybe a dog that barks out $100 dollar bills, but I don't think scientists have identified those necessary genetic mutations yet.

Free Artemis Pet Food

Free Artemis Pet Food

Here's a request form for free samples of dry Artemis pet food. I'm not 100% certain this freebie will come, but what do we have to lose?

On a completely unrelated note, anybody know where my keys are?

PetSmart Free Pet Photo

PetSmart: Free Pet Photo with Santa

On the following days, head to your local PetSmart from 12-4pm and get a free pet photo with Santa!

  • Saturday & Sunday, December 14-15
  • Saturday & Sunday, December 21-22

You'll get a free digital copy of the photo emailed to you, plus you can also bring your own personal device to take the picture with.

Now if only I could somehow teach my dogs how to sit still.

Petco Free Bag of Dog or Cat Food

Petco: Free Bag of Dog or Cat Food – Nov 9 & 10

Petco is holding an in-store freebie event on both Saturday, Nov. 9 & Sunday, Nov. 10 where you get a free small bag of artificial-free dog or cat food! Stop in at your local store on either day and get your choice of the following:

  • One free 6 lb. or smaller bag of dog food
  • OR one free 4 lb. or smaller bag of cat food
  • OR three free 1.05 to 3.5 oz. cans, cups or pouches of cat food.

A Proof of Pals Rewards membership is required, but it's their free rewards program that's super quick to join. Plus it triggers your pet's very own birthday freebie!

This event is centered around learning about your pet's food. If you bring in your current pet food, you can get a free nutrition consultation about it.

The fine print also reads “one per species per household,” so make sure to pick up freebies for both if you have a dog and cat. Or I guess a Catdog.

Petco also has a crazy-simple page with a bunch of their active coupons! I really wish more retailers did something like this.

Free Billy Margot Petsmart Dog Food

Petsmart: Free Billy + Margot Dog Food Roll

This in-store freebie at Petsmart is good for a free 7 oz. Billy + Margot dog food roll, valued up to $3.29. You'll also get a Petsmart coupon food for $5 off any sized dry dog food! If your furry family member won't eat this, consider donating these to a local shelter.

I actually used to volunteer at my local spot, but they recently asked me to stop coming. Apparently I was breaking some rules by bringing my dirty dishes and letting all the animals “clean” them for me. Hey, it's not my fault my dishwasher doesn't exist.

Amazon Pets Freebie

Amazon Prime: Free Pet Food or Product!

If you're an Amazon Prime customer with a furry family member, go make a free Amazon Pet Profile for them! It takes less than a minute and, once completed, you could have a freebie offered on your profile page. Look at the banners under the advertised products to see what you'll get.

My offer was a free $10 off any pet food purchase. I've seen others get a free $5 off any pet supply offer. I tested whether it'd let me get a random dog food item for free – and it will!

However, I plan on buying using my freebie to buy a big bag of food and send it to a local animal shelter!

I imagine these free offers will die fast, so please let me know in the comments if you didn't get anything.

Free CannaLove Dog Shampoo

Free CannaLove Dog Shampoo

I doubt these free CannaLove dog shampoo links last long, so get it fast! Add one of the samples below to your cart and checkout. There should be no shipping and the checkout process is a super simple single page. Now say that 10 times fast.

  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Anti-Shedding & Detangling Shampoo
  • Advanced Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Anxiety Relief Shampoo
  • Allergy & Itch Relief Shampoo

Anxiety relief shampoo?

*notices these products are made with hemp*

Ohhhh, that makes way more sense now.

Free Purina ONE True Instinct Dog Food

Free Purina ONE True Instinct Dog Food

Here's a different signup form to request a coupon good for a free bag of Purina ONE True Instinct dog food.

This seems to be the same free Purina pet food promotion that I wrote about last week. However, that form was on Purina's site and this form is on Facebook. It let me sign up for both using the same exact information, so I think we'll ultimately get two free bags of pet food!

If you're worried they'll scrub duplicate entries, the fine print says “one bag per household,” which means “one bag per mailing address.” So, if you have a work mailing address… πŸ˜‰

This freebie is worth up to $9.99 and the coupon expires 4/1/20.

[thanks to Hiffer Kim for sending this in!]

Free Bag Purina Pet Food

Free $5 Off Bag of Purina Pet Food

If you pledge to take the Purina 28-Day challenge, you'll receive a free coupon good for $5 off a bag of Purina One cat or dog food.

This has nothing to do with the freebie, but my sister got a new cat, Marshmallow, and brought her over during the holidays. I've always been a dog guy, so I'd never spent much time around a young, skittish cat before. I'd also never heard of cats who prefer to be watched and pet while eating, but long story short, I must have pet that little fluff a million times while she searched for the perfect piece of kibble. 😻

I need a cat now!

This freebie has since ended, but Purina is now offering a free $5 coupon.

Free Texas Mills Dog Food

Free Texas Mills Dog Food

Texas Mills is giving away samples of their Breakaway freeze-dried kibble dog food. Confused?

We pride BREAKAWAY as the absolute best value in the market. As with all of our product lines, Breakaway uses a single source freeze-dried raw kibble for better tolerance of protein allergies. The kibble is made to maximize both palatability and digestibility. During production, we completely saturate the kibble in our custom nutrient mix, featuring organic and natural proteins, fruits, vegetables, enzymes, pre/probiotics, and antioxidants. After the cooking process, we blend in freeze dried meat chunks.

Sorry, I kinda tuned out there when I got to the freeze-dried part. I started picturing my dogs as astronauts eating freeze-dried kibble in space, then stuck with the daydream for an hour or so. What were we talking about again?