SampleSource Freebies Pack Just Released!

The next SampleSource box will be released very soon. SampleSource freebie packs are similar to PINCHme, where Hiffers can request a box full of freebies curated to their demographic.

You will receive up to 13 free samples on a first come, first serve basis. What freebies are offered are based on the personal preference answers you provide.

These always fly off the shelves fast, so hop to it, order a box of freebies, and make sure two of your friends are around to laugh at you while doing so.

SampleSource Free Samples Box

Remember, not everyone will qualify for every single sample. It depends on how you answer the brief questions about your shopping habits, household members, whether they own a pet, etc. Even though I'm late and have no kids, I was still offered 5 freebies after answering two short pages worth of questions.

In some years, after selecting my freebies, they offered (and I declined) some magazine and eBook trials.

12 comments on “SampleSource Freebies Pack Just Released!”

  1. I got their email at 3:30 PM EST, chose the US program (it was set to “Canada” and showed “sold out”, so I clicked the Canadian flag in the top right corner of the ad, chose the U.S. flag) and was accepted for a sample kit. Yay!

  2. For some reason it takes you to the Canada site, so if you are in the US click the flag at the top right of the page. The US site is not completely out of samples yet.

  3. Based on my questionnaire answers, I was only offered 4 samples (plus the ‘sold out’ coffee), so I just chose all 4 – Breathe Right, Garnier Fructis, and 2 different kinds of Tums.

  4. I got to request 4 samples based on the questionnaire I filled out: Breathe Right, Garnier Fructis and I think 2 types of Tums.

  5. I requested a Garnier Fructis sample, a Colgate toothbrush, a Breathe Right strip, and a coffee sample. (I didn’t select the Tums sample since I wouldn’t use it.) Very good samples available!


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