Free McAlisters Deli Iced Tea Day

McAlister’s Deli Free Tea Day on July 18, 2024

This is the 16th year in a row that I've promoted this delicious freebie. Time flies when you're … slowly … drinking tea? I don't know, I was never good with proverbs.

The next free Tea Day at McAlister's Deli will be held on Thursday, July 18. Stop by your nearby location and get a free 32 oz. Big Tea.

According to the fine print, free tea includes sweet tea, unsweet tea, tea/lemonade, half sweet/half unsweet, flavored teas, and one flavor shots per tea.

The offer is valid from 10am to close with no coupon or purchase necessary. If only all in-store freebies were this easy!

Also, if you enjoy McAlister's, make sure you sign up in advance for the McAlister's Deli birthday freebie!

[thanks to everybody who reminded me!]

Smoothie King: Free Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie (TODAY ONLY!)

Smoothie King has announced that anybody with a free Healthy Rewards account will be rewarded with a free 12oz. Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie today only, Tuesday, July 16, 2024!

Smoothie King also gives out birthday freebies, which you'll qualify for by making an account.

Smoothie King Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Any 20 oz. Smoothie for $2
Today's Freebie $2 off coupon
  • Dessert
  • Beverage
Full Birthday Freebies List!
🎂 Don't miss all the free stuff on your birthday available each year!

Free Electrolit Drink

Walmart: Free Electrolit Drink worth up to $2.99

Have you been sweating out electrolytes thanks to the sweltering heat? Then get this free Electrolit electrolyte drink offer at Walmart, worth up to $2.99. Once you enter your email, you'll receive a scannable barcode that can be using on or in-store, just like you would a coupon.

Free Whataburger Medium French Fries

Free Fries at Whataburger July 12

McDonald's isn't the only place giving away free fodo to celebrate National French Fry Day! If you have a local Whataburger, then join their free rewards club in order to get a free medium fry on Friday, July 12, 2024.

You have to sign up and download the Whataburger app before July 12 in order to get this coupon in your account!!

Free 4-pack of PROTALITY Shakes

Free 4-pack of PROTALITY Shakes

Fill out this form to get a starter kit containing a free 4-pack of PROTALITY shakes. I imagine there will be some coupons and introduction material included. According to their website, this product is a nutritional supplement designed to help support those using GLP-1s, diets, or exercise for weight loss.

Free A&W Root Beer Float

Free A&W Root Beer Float on Aug 6, 2024

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that Tuesday, August 6, 2024 is National Root Beer Day. What you might not realize is we get a free A&W root beer float between 2PM – 8PM! You can get all the history and details here on A&W's site, but there's not much to it. All you have to do make sure to join their free A&W Mug Club today and you'll then get a free coupon to take to your local A&W and pick up your free small root beer float.

Okay wiseguy, you're right, that's not all you'll have to do. You'll need to walk inside or at least go around the drive-tru and ask for your freebie. It's not like the floats will be sitting outside in the parking lot.

When making your free Mug Club account, be sure to enter your birthday to automatically trigger the A&W free birthday food offer!

Free McDonald's Medium Fries

McDonald’s: Free Medium Fries on July 13

The next annual National Fries Day is coming up in July. In celebration, McDonald's is stealing their thunder and launching a “Free Fries Friday” where they'll be giving away free medium fries on Saturday, July 13. These freebies will be available all day July 13th with no purchase necessary.

Additionally, they're giving away free medium fries every Friday throughout the end of the year, as long as you make a $1 purchase on anything else. This promo is exclusively found in the McDonald's app – and don't forget the purchase requirement is waived on July 13!

I'll be sure to republish this next month so you won't forget to enjoy some french fries for lunch. Or dinner! Or how about breakfast?! Just not all three, because the employees would notice you coming back for more than one freebie. That is, unless you wear a fake mustache and fake beard during your second and third trips.

What, am I the only person who carries around emergency fake facial hair?

Free Dippin Dots National Ice Cream Day

Free Dippin’ Dots on July 21

The next National Ice Cream Day is on Sunday, July 21, 2024 and we can celebrate by getting a free mini cup of Dippin' Dots at participating locations. These freebies will only be given away during a two-hour window, so be sure to check with your local spot to see when they're offering it.

If this is something you're interested in, then be sure to also join their free Dot Crazy rewards club in order to get free Dippin Dots on your birthday!

[thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for alerting me to this!]

Freeosk Weekly Samples

Current Freeosk Weekly Samples

If you have a local Sam's Club, Albertsons, Randall's, Tom Thumb, Shoprite, or Fresh Grocer with a Freeosk kiosk, then you can easily get three freebies in-store! Even better, these freebies rotate every week.

To get your samples, simply download their app and make a free account. Then you scan your app at a freeosk in-store and out spits an instant freebie. They're like freebie vending machines!

From Friday, July 12 – Thursday, July 18 you can get the following freebies:

Sam's Club Freeosk

  • Dude Wipes – Fragrance Free

Albertsons, Randalls, & Tom Thumb Freeosk

  • N/A

Shoprite & Fresh Grocer Freeosk

  • Mott's Applesauce

Freeosk has over 1,400 locations across the country, so it might be worth checking if your local store has a unit hiding somewhere!

Free 7-Eleven Slurpee in July

Free 7-Eleven Slurpee on July 11

July 11 is otherwise known as 7-11. At least most of us call it 7-11. Maybe you're certifiably loco and call it Kingfork Day or 7-*foghorn noise*. If that's the case, then you and I should definitely hang out, as we'd assuredly have some fun.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the annual Free Slurpee Day on July 11 is right around the corner! According to their recent press release, all customers who visit participating 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes stores will receive a free small Slurpee drink. These will be given away all day during business hours on Thursday, July 11, 2024.

If you can't redeem your freebie on July 11, then you can join their free 7Rewards club and you'll get a coupon in your account for a free Slurpee that's valid through the end of the month!

Here's their store locator if you need help finding a nearby spot. It's better than the alternative, which is to drive around aimlessly, navigate only by sticking your head out the window, and shouting for directions at stop lights. Sure, it's fun, but not very effective!

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme for 4th

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme on July 4th

This annual offer is returning next month! Wear something red, white, and blue on July 4th and you'll get a free Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut.

We're sweetening your Independence Day this year with a FREE Original Glazed® doughnut when you visit our shop wearing red, white, and blue! Valid 7/4 only at all participating shops in shop and drive thru, limit 1 per person. Not available online.

You can learn more here, which includes a search section for participating locations at the bottom of the page.

It's also worth mentioning you can join their free reward program and get a Krispy Kreme free birthday doughnut!