Free Sunmade Recipe Booklet

Free Sun-Maid Recipe Booklet

This Sun-Maid freebie from 2012 is back! However, somebody goofed up terribly and renamed it a “recipe booklet” instead of the original “cookbook booklet,” which is categorically funnier to say.

Yes, I'm only posting this free Sun-Maid cookbook booklet because I like saying cookbook booklet over and over. You know me too well.

They currently have three booklets available:

  • Healthy Living Cookbook – English
  • Healthy Living Cookbook – Espaรฑol
  • 100th Anniversary Cookbook – English

You can also download a digital .pdf version if you don't want to wait for a physical copy in the mail.

National Pretzel Day Freebie

Free Pretzels on National Pretzel Day, April 26, 2025

I think we all remember reading about pretzel's invention by Italian monks in 610 AD. Trust me, it was big news.

But did you know April 26 is National Pretzel Day? You didn't? LIAR! Of course you did, I just told you. Geez, pay attention.

As in years past, a variety of stores are giving out free pretzels on Saturday, April 26, 2024 with no purchase necessary!

Confirmed 2025 Free Pretzel Offers

None confirmed yet. These offers usually show up about one month prior to National Pretzel Day, so check back in early April to see what's free this year!

Previous Year's Offers

  • Auntie Anne's – Free Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel available to Pretzel Perks members. This is their free rewards program that will also trigger their annual free birthday pretzel! If you don't already have an account, now is the perfect time to register so that your free pretzel offer is waiting for you in your Pretzel Perks account. When joining, use promo code RYANE7068 to earn a free bonus reward.
  • Ben's Soft Pretzels – Make a minimum donation of $1, while in-store, to their partnered charity and receive a free original jumbo pretzel.
  • Philly Pretzel Factory – They're giving in-store customers a free pretzel, valued up to $1, with no purchase necessary. This was available from 7am-7pm on previous years and I expect that to be the same this year.
  • Pretzelmaker – When I asked if they're doing anything in 2024, Pretzelmaker told me “Could be ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿฅจโค๏ธ” which is Corporate Speak for “yes, but we haven't announced what the freebie is yet.” In previous years, they offered a free salted or unsalted pretzel.
  • Wetzel's Pretzels – Free Original Pretzel to all guests after 3pm.

Any Hiffers remember how Prezelmaker used to make people tell a joke in order to get this freebie? Glad to see they backed off my turf ๐Ÿ™‚ Good times.

  • Sheetz – Open the app and look under “Offers” to find a deal for a free soft pretzel with any soft drink or coffee purchase.

Like usual, if you know of any I missed, please share in the comments.

Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day

Free Ben & Jerry’s Cone Day is April 16, 2024

Holy moly, the old Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is returning! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 16, 2024 from 12 – 8pm. Then stop in and get a free scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Fingers crossed the weather should be gorgeous and warm, so I hope my local establishment is liberal on their dress code.ย There are only so many hours in the day and I need to maximize my tanning by wearing only a speedo as much as possible.

Also, don't be fooled by the name. Last year I spent hours cleaning out a giant traffic cone, but for some crazy reason, my local Ben & Jerry's wouldn't fill it to the brim with free ice cream. So I guess it's not just any old cone, right Ben? Or was it Jerry who instituted this insane policy?!

Free Meal Delivery Promo Codes

Order a Meal with Discounted Food Delivery Codes!

When I moved to New York City, I was blown away. It had great comedy and public transportation and yada yada BUT THE FOOD! I instantly fell in love when I discovered how many different cuisines I could sample every meal. I was flabbergasted how easy it was to order a BLT at midnight followed by Thai noodles at 3am if I was still hungry.

Soon after I moved here, the ads in the subway became blanketed with food delivery apps and websites. Combining an app with ordering food was a match made in heaven. You're no longer put on hold while ordering and your order is rarely incorrect! Being able to go from your phone to food at your door in minutes was like an evolution in tech to me.

While most of these sites started in limited cities, most of these apps expanded nationwide in recent years! That's why I put together this list of discounted food delivery for as many Hiffers as possible.

If you have a takeout or delivery place near by, then your town might be on one of these sites! The best way to find out is to enter your zip code or address on their homepage. Many of the websites have a list of cities & areas they serve at the bottom of their main page too.

These sites also famously only give discounts on your first orders to new customers. However, they confirm your identity via your credit card. Soooo, if you have multiple credit cards and make a few different email accounts … well … 😉

This list is updated as of April 2024. If any of the discounted food delivery codes below don't work for you, please let me know in the comments so I can find a new code!

Discounted Meal Delivery Codes

Delivery.comSave $10 off your first order of $15+ by using this link. One of Delivery's best perks is being the only food delivery service that also lets you earn rewards! You earn 20 points per $1 spent, which are redeemed for gift cards or free food. Of all the sites listed here, I find they send out the most “random” discount codes via email too. Once every 10 days or so I get a limited 10-15% promo code, which is great compared to how infrequently other sites offer these.

GrubhubNew diners get 35% off orders $15+ with promo code GH25OFF as long as you use this link. Max discount of $5. Grubhub has been my go-to food delivery site for over a decade now.

New users on can alternately used code GH20 to save 20% off orders, with no minimum required, but the max discount is maxed at $3. Finally, there's a new diner order code of GH4OFF that saves $4 off orders $20+.

There are times when Grubhub promo codes don't work on computers, but sometimes works in their mobile app with this link.

UberEatsYou'll want to download the app then enter code eats-uberhif. This will save you $20 off your first order of only $25+!

DoorDash – Get $30 in credit ($10 off each of your first three orders of $15+), though select cities get $10 to $15 in free credit! Unfortunately, I can't tell which cities get how much credit, so you'll have to see for yourself what DoorDash offers in your neighborhood.

SeamlessYou'll save $7-$10 on your first-time order over $15, depending on what city you live in. No promo code is required, you just have to use this link.

PostmatesAgain, after downloading their app, enter code 6x9h to get free delivery credit (up to $10) on your first order.

Bring Me ThatUse the code bda3f3 to save $5 off your first meal.

EatStreetThey have a website, but they only offer $5 off your first order via the app only. After downloading it to your phone, enter code UICXW1 at checkout.

MealKeyWay – This is one of the newest meal delivery platforms I've discovered and I believe code WARM or MONDAY will save you on your first order, but I'm not 100% certain this is still working.


With these codes sites and promo codes, you can be eating for cheap in no time! But what about when you want to order ingredients for your next meal on the cheap?

Discounted Groceries Delivery Codes

GoPuffNew users get 50% off their first 2 orders, up to $20 per use, by using code WELCOME.

Fresh DirectNew users get $50 off first order of $99+ with code FDSAVE50. This offer is valid through June 30, 2024.

Amazon FreshI've personally used Amazon Fresh for over 5 years now for most of my groceries and they never disappoint. They always have a weekly-changing, full-sized item that's on sale for $0.25, so it's kinda like a freebie!

For a limited time, new Amazon Fresh Members can get free same-day delivery on their first grocery order of $50+. This offer expires April 30, 2024.

InstacartNew users get anywhere from $5 to $20 off their first order for free, plus the delivery fee is waived on your first order.

PeapodYou can get same-day, instant grocery delivery service via Peapod if you live in the following areas: Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Southern New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, S.E. Pennsylvania.

New customers get $20 off your first order, plus free delivery for 60 days.

Discounted Alcohol Delivery Codes

GoPuffIf you happy to be in NYC, then you can get 50% off your first 5 alcohol orders on Gopuff. Use code alc5x50 before 12-31-2024. That's a pretty nice offer, especially because it ends with alcohol being delivered to your door within an hour! ๐Ÿ™‚

Retired Delivery Services

Just for posterity's sake, here are some of the delivery services that used to feed us well, but have since gone out of business ๐Ÿ™

Caviar – Caviar was recently purchased by DoorDash, so they are slowly integrating their platforms together.

Eat24 – Eat24 is no more! They were recently acquired and rolled into Grubhub, which…let's be honest, was the best choice here. Yelp was terrible as the owner and operator of Eat24 IMHO.

Amazon Restaurants – Yet another recent dropout to the meal delivery services is Amazon! I was surprised to see them give up so soon, but their Restaurants program never did seem to get past the trial stage. It seems they've pivoted to Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, which makes more sense given their acquisition of Whole Foods.

Drizly – As of March 28, 2024, one of the first and largest alcohol delivery services said farewell!

So there ya have it! If you're a human who eats food and enjoys occasionally letting somebody else cook for you, use some of these sites to score some discounted meals.

Free MUG Root Beer

Rebate: Free MUG Root Beer up to $8

It was recently announced on TikTok that we can get a free Mug Root Beer or Mug Zero Sugar Zero product via rebate, up to $8.00. We can only hope this is the start of a new trend of finding freebies on TikTok!

The full terms can be found here, but long story short to redeem this offer simply text FREEMUG to 7373773774 and submit a receipt from either an in-store or online purchase. You'll then choose your preferred payout method of PayPal or Venmo and you'll get your full purchase price.

The terms say “This promotion is valid for all varieties of bottle/can packages of MUG Root Beer products,” so I think you can get any size package, including a 12-count!

The promo runs until 5.7.24.

Casey's General Store Freebies

Casey’s General Store: Free Snapple Drink

If you live in the midwest and have a nearby Casey's location, then you should download their mobile app and join the free rewards program. They offer freebies all the time and right now you can get a free 32oz. Snapple drink through 4/30/24.

Joining their rewards program will also opt you into the free Casey's birthday treat offer.

Casey's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free donut or cookie
Today's Freebie Free small coffee
Full Birthday Freebies List!
🎂 Don't miss all the free stuff on your birthday available each year!

Free FamilyToday's Sample Box

Free FamilyToday’s Sample Box

Here's another Sampler request form that's giving away free FamilyToday's sample boxes to people who qualify. I didn't qualify due to some unknown insult I once besmirched upon The Freebie Gods. Or, more likely, I'm not in their target demographic. Either way, their promo image contains freebies such as Persil detergent, Kleenex tissues, Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts, and Nature Valley granola bars.

Good luck!

Free Like Air Puffcorn

Rebate: Free Like Air Puffcorn worth up to $7

Go here to access a free Like Air Puffcorn offer after a full rebate, up to $7. Make a purchase from a physical retailer (and there are a ton of stores that carry this), then head to Like Air's website and enter your email and phone number. Finally upload a copy of your receipt and choose how you want to get paid from Venmo, PayPal, or Amazon Reload.

You must send your receipt within 14 days from the purchase date, so don't forget. This offer is valid on the following flavors & sizes:

  • Like Air Pancake Puffcorn 14 oz.
  • Like Air Classic Puffcorn 14 oz.
  • Like Air Pancake Puffcorn 4 oz.
  • Like Air Butter & Salt Puffcorn 4 oz.
  • Like Air White Cheddar Puffcorn 4 oz.

What is Puffcorn?

Puffcorn is a light & airy snack that's better than popcorn and contains no hard kernels, so it won't get caught in your teeth! Each cup only contains 50 calories and their sweet flavors have half the sugar as traditional kettle corn.

I remember seeing this on Shark Tank last season and am looking forward to trying it out!

Free Military Care Packages

Free Military Care Packages from Crown Royal

Crown Royal has brought back an old freebie of theirs and will send out free care packages to military members stationed overseas! After confirming your age, pick 4 items to send troops from the following list:

  • Beef jerky
  • Cookies
  • Fruit snacks
  • Nuts
  • Peanut butter singles
  • Popcorn
  • Protein bar / granola bar
  • Tea

This promotion is in partnership with Packages From Home and runs through 6/30/2024, or while supplies last. They tend to run out of supply each month, so be sure to bookmark this and check back later if you're late this time around!

You won't be credited to the recipient and you can't choose who receives your care package. But just knowing I helped somebody get some tasty treats is good enough for me.

Free Poppi Soda

Rebate: Free Poppi Soda worth $2.99

Go here to redeem an offer good for a free 12oz can of Poppi Soda valued up to $2.99. Enter your email address, then check your inbox for a message with a pink box saying “Click Here to Redeem.” Then select the store you wish to redeem this rebate at and you'll get a barcode to scan at checkout. It also helpfully has instructions to show a cashier if they're having trouble redeeming the offer!

This freebie expires 9/1/24.

[thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for sharing this with me!]

Free Generation Active Sample Box

Free Generation Active Sample Box

Sampler is hosting a signup page where people can try their luck at requesting a free Generation Active sample box. The product carousal is comically small on the site, but I was able to make out product from Caribou Coffee creamer, Bounce almond snacks, Pro-Fi +, Advant Edge high protein drinks, and Dove Men+Care dry spray deodorant.