Free Truvia Natural Sweetener

Free Truvia Natural Sweetener

Anybody else get the urge to chow down on some strawberries after requesting free Truvia natural sweetener? All I had in my fridge was strawberry daiquiri mix, but hey, close enough.

This freebie from November 2013 is still available to anybody who hasn't redeemed it once!

[thanks to Hiffer Kim for the reminder on this freebie!]

Free Liquid IV Drink Mix

Free Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Drink Mix

Click the red “request a free sample” button at the top of the page to request free Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier drink mix.

Wait… I want my hydration quenched, not multiplied!

After creating my free account, I was also offered a free sample of Chanel perfume.

If you have a voice activated speaker in your home, you can also request a sample that way! Just say “Send Me a Sample” to either your Alexa or Google Assistant and follow the steps.

Chick-fil-A Free Peppermint Milkshake

Chick-fil-A: Free Peppermint Milkshake

In order to get a free peppermint milkshake at Chick-fil-A, you'll need to go here and click on “Watch this year's film.” Once the two-minute animated holiday short ends, a red “Make & Send a Gift” button will appear. Click it and you'll be taken to a little game where you can make a milkshake, but there's a “skip” button in the lower right.

Press that button and finally you'll get a form that lets you snail-mail a free milkshake coupon to both a friend and yourself!

Free Sunmade Recipe Booklet

Free Sunmade Recipe Booklet

This Sun-Maid freebie from 2012 is back! However, somebody goofed up terribly and renamed it a “recipe booklet” instead of the original “cookbook booklet,” which is categorically funnier to say.

Yes, I'm only posting this free Sun-Maid cookbook booklet because I like saying cookbook booklet over and over. You know me too well.

They currently have three booklets available:

  • Healthy Living Cookbook – English
  • Healthy Living Cookbook – Español
  • 100th Anniversary Cookbook – English

You can also download a digital .pdf version if you don't want to wait for a physical copy in the mail.

Free 12-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade Seltzer

Rebate: Free 12-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer

This freebie from last summer has returned through the end of the year! There's a limit of 2 rebates per household, so you should be able to do this even if you got a previous rebate.

You can either get a free 12-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade or 50% off, depending on where you live, thanks to this easy rebate form! This rebate is valued up to $14.99 and is valid through December 31, 2021.

On top of this deal, there's currently a $5 Ibotta coupon for Mike's in some locations, so be sure to search for that coupon and turn this deal into a moneymaker.

All you have to do is purchase your seltzer and submit your receipt with your smartphone. You'll then get a rebate via PayPal or Venmo!

100% rebate, up to $15, in these states

50% rebate, up to $7.50, in these states

0% rebate, up to $0, in these states thanks to pesky legal issues

​In order to redeem this rebate, you need to:

  1. Enter your info here or text LEMONADESELTZER to 64827 and they'll immediately reply with a link to submit your receipt.
  2. Upload a picture of your receipt and choose how you want to get paid.
  3. Enter your email and click continue. You will receive your cash back within 72 hours.

Free Myasthenia Gravis Cooking Together Cookbook

Free Myasthenia Gravis Cooking Together Cookbook

Get your limited-edition printed copy (while supplies last) or download a PDF of the cookbook featuring MG-friendly recipes created by people living with Myasthenia Gravis.

If you're simply curious, then use your freebie email to instantly download a complete PDF version for free! If you can actually use MG-friendly recipes, then by all means request the hardcopy cookbook. Available while supplies last and freebies should arrive in 2-4 weeks.

Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Free Thanksgiving Dinner from Ibotta!

Ibotta and Walmart are currently offering 100% cashback on the following items, giving you a free Thanksgiving dinner! These items are worth around $12 in value. On top of these freebies, you can also get a free $15 turkey when you refer a single friend to join Ibotta.

  • Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup, 10.5oz
  • Great Value French Fried Onions Fried Onions, 6oz
  • McCormick Turkey Gravy Seasoning Mix, 0.87oz
  • Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables, 10oz or larger
  • Idahoan Mashed​ Potatoes, 8oz
  • Great Value ​Canned Cranberry​ Sauce, 14oz
  • Great Value ​Stuffing, 6oz
  • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix, 8.5oz
  • Coca-Cola 2 Liter Drink

There's a limit of one for each of the items.

To redeem these freebies, simply download and use the free Ibotta app and scan a picture of your physical receipt after checkout. If you instead want to use Walmart's online grocery pick-up or delivery service, then you can install the free Ibotta browser extension and then link your Walmart Online account inside your Ibotta app before making your purchase.

Free PediaSure 6-Pack Product

Coupon: Free PediaSure 6-Pack Product

New members can join PediaSure's free Support2Grow program and get a coupon snail mailed good for a free PediaSure 6-Pack or Shake Mix product, worth up to $15!

On top of this freebie, I was also emailed a 40% off coupon.

That image above is quite enlightening. I had no idea chocolate milk was made out of cooked spinach, grilled chicken, and grapefruit!

Free Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco

Free Taco Bell Doritos Loco on Nov. 4

For the millionth year in a row, Taco Bell has teamed up with MLB to offer a free Doritos Locos taco since a player stole a base in the World Series. I don't know what genius over at Taco Bell HQ convinced his boss to give away free food during sporting events, but I hear the Underwater Basket Weaving Championship is coming up next month!

We can get our free taco with no purchase necessary all day on Thursday, November 4 in-store, online, or by using their Taco Bell app.

If using their Apple or Android app, in addition to grabbing this freebie, you'll probably also have another freebie offered as soon as you sign up. After making an account, look under the Rewards section to see what's there.

[thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Free Barefoot Wine

Rebate: Free Barefoot Wine

If you live in any of the 27 states listed below, then you can get a free bottle of Barefoot wine with this easy rebate!

All you have to do is purchase your wine and submit your receipt with your smartphone. You'll then get a rebate via PayPal, Venmo, or emailed check up to $9.99.

100% rebate in these states
AK, AZ, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, ID, KS, KY, MA, MN, MT, NE, NV, NM, NY, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, VT, WI and WY

​In order to redeem this rebate, the fine print says you need to do the following.

  1. Purchase one bottle of Barefoot Wine
  2. Fill out the rebate form here
  3. Upload a picture of your receipt (with the store name and dated) and you'll receive your cash back via your preferred method.

This offer expires 12/31/21 and rebates must be submitted by 1/15/22. You can check the status of your rebate here