Free Rita’s Italian Ice 2022

The annual free Rita's Regular Ice treat should return in 2022, with exact dates in March or April to be announced soon.

Celebrate the first day of spring by stopping at your local Rita's for a free Italian Ice treat.


*rushes outside*

*immediately runs back inside*

Nope, it's still freezing up here. Hopefully by the time this freebie rolls around, the weather will be so nice that everybody squeezes in their own little celebration of spring's arrival. I plan on rolling around in the grass and whispering sweet nothings at some blooming flowers.

Don't forget Rita's offers a nice birthday freebie as well!

Rita's Italian Ice Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free regular Italian Ice
Full Birthday Freebies List!
🎂 Don't miss all the free birthday food available each year!

10 comments on “Free Rita’s Italian Ice 2022”

  1. Love Rita’s. There aren’t many people that show up at my location because it just moved there, so we got ours immediately. I used to have to drive over 20 miles to get to one, now there’s one about 500ft from where I work my weekend job.

  2. I love Rita’s! There were so many people out for this event I didn’t even have to ask for it. They just handed it to me, and I walked out! It was so exciting!


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