Free I Read Banned Books Sticker and Bookmark

Free “I Read Banned Books” Sticker

MoveOn is giving away a free “I Read Banned Books” sticker. This freebie is factually correct for many of us as well, since a rash of crazy state legislatures have already banned like half of the great books we all read in elementary school!

As with other MoveOn freebies, you only have to submit your information on the first page. You can safely ignore and exit out of any donation requests they ask for on the confirmation screen.

Free Pro Science Sticker

Free Pro-Science Sticker

MoveOn is giving away a free Pro-Science, Pro-Health, Pro-Vaccine sticker.

As with all their other freebies, you simply need to fill out the first page address form and then ignore the donation request on the confirmation screen.

That's Corporate Greed Sticker

Free “That’s Corporate Greed” Sticker

MoveOn is offering a free “That's Corporate Greed” sticker after Southwest Airlines left hundreds of thousands of people stranded for days without bags or vouchers for food or hotels β€” despite the fact that Southwest got $7 billion in taxpayer bailout money during the pandemic and posted all-time record profits in 2022.

Just like all other MoveOn freebies, you only have to submit your mailing address on the first page. After that, you're 100% finished and can skip / ignore any requests for donations on the confirmation page.

Free Crescent Tools Decal

Free Crescent Tools Decal

Here's an easy form for a free Crescent Tools decal to stick on your “toolbox, truck, van, or bottle.”

Oh really, is that all? Wanna bet, Crescent?! Prepare to have your minds blown as soon as I slap this bad boy on my forehead.

10 die cut stickers for only $1 shipped

Deal: 10 Custom 3″x3″ Stickers for $1 Shipped

I'm posting these 10 custom die cut 3″x3″ stickers for $1 shipped from Sticker Mule for two key reasons:

  1. They're a frequently recurring almost-free deal.
  2. I ordered some earlier this year and loved how they turned out!

These stickers normally cost $20, so we're getting a 95% discount here plus free shipping.

Here's how to redeem this sticker deal:

After checking out, you'll shortly get an email asking to approve their proof. If you don't like the look or spot an error, you can make edits here before your stickers go to print.

Once you're happy with the design, your stickers will be printed and usually ship within 4 days. I got mine in about a week from start to finish, which is quite fast for only a buck.

Bonus: If for some reason you decide to make a larger purchase, you're new account comes with a free $10 coupon.