Free Good Buddy Fridge Magnet

Free Good Buddy Fridge Magnet or Sticker

Fill out this form to receive a free Good Buddy fridge magnet or sticker. That is quite literally the only thing I would use this site for, because it's otherwise a pointless “AI” site.

Folks, this latest AI craze is terribly stupid. It's all just regurgitated garbage that is factually incorrect half the time. Good Buddy offers an AI doctor, AI financial advisor, AI legal advisor, and AI vet – among many other tasks. Don't use these. Don't ever use these. Trust the financial advise from your dogs more than you would from an AI bot.

But a cute magnet for my fridge? Yeah, I'll take it. I might even use the drug store photo prints we frequently see to print out some of my old drawings to proudly display πŸ˜‚

Free Zuper Girl Sticker

Free Zuper Girl Sticker & Contest

Fill out this form in order to request a free Zuper Girl sticker. Requesting this freebie will also enter you into a sweepstakes to win a year's supply of Zolli Candy. I've never heard of Zolli before, but I have heard of candy and I'm a huge fan of all their work.

Free peta2 Stickers

Free peta2 Sticker Sheets

Here is yet another kids free sticker sheet from Peta2 that comes with 53 stickers! I believe that link is clickable, but just in case you can copy & paste into your browser.

I believe the sticker sheet listed below is also still active.

Here's a new freebies for a free peta2 sticker sheet that looks to come with 7 or 8 free stickers.

What is peta2? Is this a sequel from Hollywood?

A lot of peta freebies require you to copy & paste the link, so here it is just in case.

Free PETA Too Hot For Spot Window Decal

Free ‘Too Hot for Spot’ Window Decal

Peta Prime is offering free window decals to help remind people not to leave animals in hot cars. Or, in other words, “too hot for Spot.” You'll want to signup here to receive this.

Sidenote – what in the world is with this company having a million little offshoots?! The Peta Kids, not to be confused with Peta Children, which is totally different to Peta Youth, plus this Peta Prime and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting. 😡

Free Idaho Scenic Byway Stickers

Free Idaho Scenic Byway Stickers

Once again I believe for a limited time, you can request five of these free Idaho scenic byway stickers! These pair great with our free state maps list.

They've given these away a few times before and they always go fast!

You have to click each sticker before filling out the address form! It took me way too long to figure this out. In my defense, I never claimed to be smrt.

[thanks to Hiffer Samantha for sending these in!]

Free Foster Love Stickers

Free Foster Love Stickers

Foster Love is offering a freebie sticker sheet containing 5 free Foster Love stickers. If you'd like to receive yours, please fill out the form here and be sure to enter your address so they know where to send them.

I'm gonna be honest – I don't know if this form is submitting correctly. It works just fine, but it seems to only show the street address. I can't tell if it's accurately submitting the city, state, and zip code or not.

Free Bear Sticker

Free Bear Sticker

Join the Outdoor Empire newsletter and snag yourself a free bear sticker. After filling out the form, check your freebie email address to confirm your subscription, then expect your free sticker in a few weeks.

Free Your Vote is Your Voice Sticker

Free “Your Vote Is Your Voice” Sticker

MoveOn is giving away free “Your Vote Is Your Voice” stickers while supplies last. Wait, what happened to my speaking voice?! Did Agent Smith seal my mouth shut!?

Just like all their other freebies, you simply need to fill out the mailing form on the first page. Once you reach the second page asking for donations, you can ignore them and navigate away back to HIF for more freebies πŸ™‚

Free Save Earth Save Us Sticker

Free Save Earth Save Us Sticker

MoveOn has yet another available offer for a free Save Earth Save Us sticker. They initially gave this away in 2021 and brought it back this year!

As with other MoveOn freebies, you're completely finished after submitting your mailing address on the first page. Any subsequent requests for donations can be ignored.

Free Lacroix4Life Sticker

Free Lacroix4Life Sticker

While supplies last, fill out this form to get a free Lacroix4Life sticker. They only ask for your mailing address and Instagram handle (and you can put anything for this).

After submitting, it should say “Thank you, Goob! Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. You will NOT receive a confirmation email upon submission.”