Free Saucony Stickers

Free Saucony Stickers

Here's a quick request form available for some free saucony stickers. Do I really need to say anything beyond that? Google apparently says I do, otherwise they'll penalize HIF for “low quality, thin content.”

Well, okay then. Signup here and get some free company stickers of shoes. It's pretty simple. You give them your address and they mail you stickers. Via the post office. Stickers are pieces of paper with ink on one side and sticky stuff on the other. What's the sticky stuff made of? I have no idea. Let's say it's Spider-Man's spit. What, you think I'm making that fact up? I dare you to prove otherwise.


Free Anti-Cavity Club Membership

Free Anti-Cavity Club Membership

This Made By Dentists free anti-cavity club membership for kids has some cool stickers, along with other little perks like social games and contests. By signing up today, you'll receive in the mail:

  • Official Club Mail
  • Official Club Card
  • 3D Club Mirror Sticker
  • Smile Creature Stickers

I didn't sign up for this, because I'm not a kid, but those stickers look cool!

Free Anti-Cavity Club Stickers

Free Vegan Starter Kit

Free PETA Vegan Starter Kits

PETA is giving away a free vegan starter kit. Ever since half my family went vegan years ago, I've become quite accustomed to vegan food. I want to make fun of it, but … it's so good!

Don't get me wrong, I'll scarf a cheeseburger like no other. But hand me a vegan burger or chocolate chip cookie and chances are I'll still love it. I don't know what type of sorcery or witchcraft my sister used to conjure while cooking, but more power to her.

You might have to copy & paste the link in order for it to work.

2024 Update: They are also offering a free Anti-Speciesism starter pack that comes with free stickers and other materials.

Again, you'll probably have to copy & paste the link for it to work.

Free No Farms No Food Sticker

Free ‘No Farms, No Food’ Bumper Sticker

The American Farmland Trust is still offering this free No Farms, No Food bumper sticker that I previously posted two years ago. I hope that isn't a threat! My property portfolio is fresh outta farms. All I've got in there is a drawing of a house I made in the 3rd grade.

For the organization name and website, I entered “none” and then I put “one” for quantity. I think that should make sure our orders don't get cancelled.

It looks like their older free Keep America Bountiful sticker offer is still active as well.

Free Backcountry Goat Sticker

Free Backcountry Goat Sticker

Signup here to request a free Backcountry Goat sticker. The last time I saw a backcountry goat, he stole my sandwich and headbutted me all the way down the mountain, so hopefully this sticker treats me better!

The fine print states they only ship these out on a quarterly basis, so don't be surprised if it takes a few months to arrive. I previously posted these in January 2022 and 2023, so it's cool to see a freebie that's still going strong into its third year.

Free Still Serving Decal

Free VFW ‘Still Serving’ Decal

Veterans of Foreign Wars are giving away a free Still Serving decal. This freebie is intended for military and veterans, so please don't request one if you don't qualify. Since the only thing I serve is cat food to my two little stinky guys, I didn't request this.

Free Bar Harbor Stickers Buttons

Free Bar Harbor Stickers & Buttons

I signed up for these two free Bar Harbor buttons and vinyl stickers mainly because I enjoy saying Bar Harbor in a terrible Mayor Quimby accent.

Free Howies Hockey Sticker

Free Howies Hockey Sticker

If this free Howies Hockey sticker is a copy of their toothless logo, then I'll be very happy. Signup here and then be on the lookout for this freebie at the start of next month. It says they send out 3.5″ die-cut stickers on the first of every month and it can take 2-3 weeks for delivery.