Free I'm An Abortion Voter Sticker

Free Abortion Voter Sticker

MoveOn has returned with a free “I'm an Abortion Voter” sticker.

As with all of their other sticker freebies, you only need to fill out the address form on the first page. You can ignore the donation solicitations on the confirmation page.

Free PETA Fight Like a Girl Sticker

Free PETA ‘Fight Like a Girl’ Sticker

If you are a female under the age of 24, then copy and paste the link below in order to request free PETA ‘Fight Like a Girl” sticker.

This megaphone-shaped sticker hypes women for making the world a more animal-friendly place. Put it on your phone case, laptop, water bottle, or any other personal item so that everyone can understand its underlying message: To help animals enjoy their lives free of exploitation, we must follow women’s lead by fighting hard for compassionate changes.

This Women’s History Month, order our free sticker while supplies last to remind others to “fight like a girl” for animals, for the planet, and against injustice.

Free Annie's Stickers

Free Annie’s Stickers

This offer for free Annie's stickers is now back for a limited time! When asked, use UPC code 013562118229.

As you request your bunny sticker, rest easy knowing No Annie's Were Harmed in the making of these freebies.

Here were the stickers I was able to select from.

  • Sun's Out, Buns Out Sticker
  • Recycle – No Butts About It Sticker
  • Somebunny Loves You
  • Cruisin' with Annie's
  • Bunny Love
  • Protect Our Planet
  • Scoot Scoot!

Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker

Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker

Here's one more signup request form that looks to be active where you'll receive a free Human Rights Campaign sticker. If this looks kinda familiar to you, it could be because I first posted this to HIF in January 2021.

After submitting your address on the first page, you'll be redirected to a combo confirmation / donation screen. You don't have to fill out anything on this 2nd page. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your free sticker to arrive.

Free Keep America Bountiful Bumper Sticker

Free Keep America Bountiful Bumper Sticker

American Farmland Trust looks to be still giving away free Keep America Bountiful bumper stickers. I can't wait to show my support by slapping one of these on the first tree or cow I come across!

You'll get redirected to an optional donation form after submitting your mailing address. Don't worry, as with everything else we post on HIF, no payment is required in order to get your freebie.

Free I Suck at Drawing Sticker

Free ‘I Suck At Drawing’ Sticker

Here's a site offering a free “I Suck at Drawing” sticker. Which is kismet, because I do suck at drawing!

Don't believe me? Well take a gander at this Don't Draw Something blog I ran a decade ago showcasing just how god-awful I am at drawing.

I originally posted this in February 2023 and I believe it's still available.

Free Saucony Stickers

Free Saucony Stickers

Here's a quick request form available for some free saucony stickers. Do I really need to say anything beyond that? Google apparently says I do, otherwise they'll penalize HIF for “low quality, thin content.”

Well, okay then. Signup here and get some free company stickers of shoes. It's pretty simple. You give them your address and they mail you stickers. Via the post office. Stickers are pieces of paper with ink on one side and sticky stuff on the other. What's the sticky stuff made of? I have no idea. Let's say it's Spider-Man's spit. What, you think I'm making that fact up? I dare you to prove otherwise.


Free Anti-Cavity Club Membership

Free Anti-Cavity Club Membership

This Made By Dentists free anti-cavity club membership for kids has some cool stickers, along with other little perks like social games and contests. By signing up today, you'll receive in the mail:

  • Official Club Mail
  • Official Club Card
  • 3D Club Mirror Sticker
  • Smile Creature Stickers

I didn't sign up for this, because I'm not a kid, but those stickers look cool!

Free Anti-Cavity Club Stickers

Free Vegan Starter Kit

Free PETA Vegan Starter Kits

PETA is giving away a free vegan starter kit. Ever since half my family went vegan years ago, I've become quite accustomed to vegan food. I want to make fun of it, but … it's so good!

Don't get me wrong, I'll scarf a cheeseburger like no other. But hand me a vegan burger or chocolate chip cookie and chances are I'll still love it. I don't know what type of sorcery or witchcraft my sister used to conjure while cooking, but more power to her.

You might have to copy & paste the link in order for it to work.

2024 Update: They are also offering a free Anti-Speciesism starter pack that comes with free stickers and other materials.

Again, you'll probably have to copy & paste the link for it to work.