Free Still Serving Decal

Free VFW ‘Still Serving’ Decal

Veterans of Foreign Wars are giving away a free Still Serving decal. This freebie is intended for military and veterans, so please don't request one if you don't qualify. Since the only thing I serve is cat food to my two little stinky guys, I didn't request this.

Free Bar Harbor Stickers Buttons

Free Bar Harbor Stickers & Buttons

I signed up for these two free Bar Harbor buttons and vinyl stickers mainly because I enjoy saying Bar Harbor in a terrible Mayor Quimby accent.

Free Howies Hockey Sticker

Free Howies Hockey Sticker

If this free Howies Hockey sticker is a copy of their toothless logo, then I'll be very happy. Signup here and then be on the lookout for this freebie at the start of next month. It says they send out 3.5″ die-cut stickers on the first of every month and it can take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Free Chaco Sticker

Free Chaco Sticker

Here's another form offering a free Chaco sticker. They say you can add this sticker “to your water bottle, laptop, or car window.”

Uhh, no thank you. I'll be sticking this into my binder full of previously received sticker freebies and then promptly forgetting all about it for at least 12-16 months.

One caveat on this offer is that the form submits just fine, but the confirmation page seems to be broken. That doesn't necessarily mean the sticker won't arrive though, so I feel like it's a good enough gamble to take.

Free Swimmingly Stickers

Free Swimmingly Stickers

This signup form for free Swimmingly stickers couldn't be simpler. None of that email or phone number nonsense! Just name, address, and submit.

Now that said, my freebie senses (I was bitten by a very weird spider) are tingling, which tells me this might be an old form that's no longer sending freebies. But if you like collecting stickers like yours truly, then what's the harm in filling it out and seeing if anything shows up in your mailbox?

Free LeVar Burton Bookmark Sticker

Free ‘LeVar Burton says Read Banned Books’ Sticker & Bookmark

I love the artwork on this latest freebie from MoveOn. Submit your mailing info on the first page and you'll get a free “LeVar Burton says read banned books” sticker and bookmark.

As always, you can ignore and exit out of the donation requests shown on the confirmation page.

I've also been fleshing out our free bookmarks page lately, which auto-collects all of the bookmarks still available to request.

Free Unions Make Us Stronger Sticker

Free ‘Unions Make Us Stronger’ Sticker

MoveOn also has this new offer for a free Unions Make Us Stronger sticker.

As with all of their other sticker freebies, you only need to fill out the address form on the first page. You can ignore the donation solicitations on the confirmation page.

Free End Gun Violence Sticker

Free End Gun Violence Stickers

MoveOn is back with another free End Gun Violence sticker. After submitting your mailing address on the first page, you're finished. You'll get redirected to a voluntary donations page that you can exit out of.

They previously offered this same design in March 2021, so either they found some leftovers or went back to the printers for another round.