Craftsy Deal

Deal: 1-Year Craftsy Premium Membership for only $0.65!

A yearly Craftsy Premium membership normally costs $97, but for a limited time you can get your first year for only $0.65! That's a discount of 98%!

Claim your spot as a Craftsy Premium member with this exclusive invitation. You'll enjoy in-depth instruction from our world-class experts surrounding a wide variety of crafts, hobbies, fabric arts, cooking, and so much more! Make something great.

Craftsy is designed for all sorts of creative people who like to quilt, sew, knit, cake, crochet, cook, draw, paint, and so much more.

With your membership, you'll get access to features including:

  • Access to over 1,500 premium online classes
  • Admission to exclusive LIVE online streaming events
  • Weekly newsletters with insights and inspiration
  • Access to online instruction across 20+ hobbies
  • Free downloadable resources

Free AppleTV for 3 months

3 Free Months of AppleTV+

Best Buy is offering 3 free months of AppleTV+ streaming. All you have to do is add this offer to your cart for and checkout without any payment. Then you'll receive an email in the next few minutes with instructions on how to redeem your 3 month promo code.

Best Buy says this is for “new or qualified returning subscribers only,” but they don't really specify what that means. If for some reason it's not letting your redeem the code on Apple, then I'd suggest making a new account 😉

For those unaware, AppleTV has a growing library of original series and films, including comedy, dramas, documentaries, and kids' entertainment. Some of my favorites include Ted Lasso, Slow Horses, Severance, Mythic Quest, and Silo (and I just started For All Mankind!)

Update: You will need a credit card to checkout, but you won't be charged anything. If you're worried about a sneaky charge down the road, then I suggest generating a free credit card number to use! Privacy let's you connect your bank account and then generate “disposable” credit card numbers to use online. You can set a “max spending” limit on each generated number, so I typically put $1 or $2 as the max so that I won't be charged any huge sums later on.

[thanks to Hiffer Ginny for sending this in!]

Free Sam's Club Membership

Deal: Sam’s Club Membership Discount 60% Off

Sam's Club is offering new members a huge discount on their first year of membership! New members can join now as a Sam's Club member for only $20, which is a 60% discount over the normal price of $50! You'll also receive a $20 travel & entertainment credit, which is redeemable on their travel section here.

This promo is only valid through February 1, 2024.

Sam's Club increased their annual membership rates recently, so this deal looks even better with that factored in!

I know paying $20 off the bat isn't exactly free, but I figured it'd be worth it for any Hiffers with a family or who might be sitting on the fence about buying a membership to a store like Sam's Club. Heck, this is the closest you'll find to a true free Sam's Club membership!

It's worth noting that signing up for this will enroll you in their auto-renewal membership plan that will first take place in October 2024, however you can immediately disable this option within your Sam's Club member account.

Free Cash Back from Rakuten

Rakuten: Free $30 After $30 Purchase

If you're new to Rakuten, you can get $30 deposited into your account for free simply by making at least $30 in purchases through their site within 90 days. You can make multiple purchases at multiple stores, you just have to spend at least $30 total within 90 days. You'll then get paid $30 either by check or PayPal.

Rakuten is a cash-back shopping portal that pays you a rebate on purchases at thousands of online retailers. They pay you anywhere from 1% to 20% cashback on your purchases, depending on the store.

You can shop with hundreds of stores, like Best Buy, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, Walmart, PetSmart and literally 500+ more. Pretty much every store except Amazon is available for cash-back on Rakuten.

Free Ancestry Trial

Try Ancestry for Free – Research Historical Birth, Marriage, Death Records & More! is again offering a free 14-day trial of all their premium features! Additionally you can save up to $60 on your first 6 months of membership if you decide to continue your subscription!

This trial will let you search through their entire database of family birth, marriage, & death records as well as government immigration, census, & military records. They have original scans of newspaper articles, dozens of different types of official reports & records, personal photos, and so much more.

I've owned a paid membership for a while and it's pretty wild how much information I've been able to dig up on my family history! You can both work on your own family tree and also see anything others have done. I've been able to trace my roots going all the way back into the 1500s!

This trial does require a credit card, but you won't be charged until the 14 days are over. To avoid any and all charges, simply cancel your trial at least 2 days before the end of the trial.

If anybody takes advantage of this cool free trial and finds anything interesting about their family history, please share in the comments!

Peacock Streaming Deal

Deal: 1-Year Peacock Streaming for $19.99

For a limited time, you can lock in a 1-year membership to Peacock streaming for only $19.99. With Peacock, you can watch hit movies, exclusive Originals, live sports, and much more! This normally costs $49.99, so you're getting a 60% discount here!

This deal expires on Monday, June 12, 2023.

Free Hulu Membership

Deal: Three Months of Hulu Streaming for only $2/month

If you're looking for more TV shows and movies to stream this summer, new users can get a super discounted three-month membership to Hulu for only $2 per month. You'll gain access to their entire database of entertainment to stream on your computer, phone, tablet, and TV.

This promo ends at 11:59pm PST on Saturday night, May 27.

You'll need to cancel your trial in order to avoid being charged full price after the deal is over. Here's easy instructions on how to do that 🙂

  1. Go to your Account page
  2. Under the Your Subscription section, click Cancel and follow the prompts to confirm

Free Pet ID Tag

Free Pet ID Tag

A company called PetScreening is offering free pet ID tags that act as a sort of “Amber Alert” for lost pets. They have two websites – FidoAlert for dogs and TabbyAlert for cats – where you can register and get a free customized pet tag (an $8 value) engraved with your pet's name and unique ID number and a QR code that is assigned to each pet.

Here's the press release from last year explaining how it works:

Any pet owner in the U.S. can enroll their pets into the free FidoAlert and TabbyAlert network and can generate SMS-text and email alerts when a pet is lost or found. Pet owners self-register their pets through the fast-and-secure platform and can enter up to 10 trusted emergency contacts. If a registered pet owner loses their pet, they can initiate a lost pet alert that sends a SMS-text message with a digital lost-pet flier to everyone in the FidoAlert and TabbyAlert network who are within a few miles of the location where the pet was lost. The text alert includes the lost pet's photo and other helpful information to create near-instantaneous awareness about the lost pet. The digital flier is shareable on social media platforms.

Every pet registered receives a free customized pet tag ($8 value) engraved with the pet's name, unique ID number and QR code that is uniquely assigned to each pet. Anyone who finds a lost pet wearing one of these tags can easily scan the QR code with a cell phone and initiate a FidoAlert or TabbyAlert, even if they are not enrolled in the Alert network. Almost instantaneously, the pet's owner and all of their trusted emergency contacts receive a SMS-text message and email notifying them that their lost pet has been found, along with information connecting them to their pet's finder.

So this is kind of similar to microchips that people have implanted into their pets for the same purpose. But this is totally free!

[thanks to Hiffer Ana-Clara for sending this in!]

Free Paramount Plus

Free Month of Paramount+ Streaming

Paramount+ is offering a free month to new users where you can watch all of your favorite CBS shows & Paramount movies for free! With Paramount+, you can stream NCAA football and NFL football on Saturday and Sunday, as well hit shows, movies, additional live sports and news — anytime, anywhere.

When you register today, you'll get a free month of Paramount+ by using code PLAYOFFS at checkout. This deal expires on January 30, 2023.

Stream your all-time favorites, like NCIS, Big Brother, Young Sheldon, and Madam Secretary, either live or on-demand 24/7 with over 12,000 episodes from your favorite episodes in their archives. Plus you have access to Star Trek: Discovery (which is surprisingly good in certain parts!) and other streaming-only shows.

If for any reason you don't want to keep your subscription after the first month, simply cancel it from the My Account page and you won't be charged after 30 days.

Free Audiobooks for Amazon Prime Members

2 Free Audiobook Downloads

If you're looking for an easy way to get more reading done during these trying times, don't forget about Amazon's classic 2 free audiobooks offer! After starting a free trial, you'll have your pick of two free audiobooks from among 180,000 titles. Prices don't matter, pick whatever you want!

You also get to keep the audiobooks after you cancel your trial, allowing you to listen to them whenever you want. Another amazing perk is if you get a book you don't like, you can exchange and swap it for free, anytime!

I used to bring books on holidays and vacations. Without fail, I'd get home weeks later wondering why I lugged 20 pounds of dead trees up and down the east coast. But now I download a few free books, toss a pair of headphone in my bag, and have all my bases covered for a fraction of the weight.

Remember to Cancel Your Trial

Please note that once the trial has ended, the subscription costs $14.95 per month. However, it's extremely easy to cancel your trial directly from your Audible account page.

Free Audiobooks from Audible

If you find you love the service, you can stay a member after your trial is over and get an additional free book every month.

New to Audible?

Audible is an excellent way to fit reading into a busy schedule! Audiobooks are perfect for commutes and traveling. I also listen to them while cooking all the time. I can't recommend them enough.

These audiobook sales would have been great during my younger years. 24-hour roundtrip car rides with my friends and family would have been greatly enhanced would a few free audiobook downloads, in my humble opinion.

Instead, my brothers and I always got into 90 minute arguments over which starter Pokémon was the best. It's a small miracle we all made it back home in one piece year after year.

What books are you getting today?! Share in the comments!

Amazon Prime Members Help Support HIF for FREE!

Amazon Primers Can Support HIF for FREE!

If you're an Amazon Prime member, did you know you can support HIF for FREE each month?

A few years ago, Amazon bought, a site where millions of people watch others play video games. On Twitch, people who broadcast their video games are allowed to have paying “subscribers,” also known as “subs.” In exchange for $5 a month, subs gain special little perks and their money goes towards supporting their favorite streamers and content creators. I actually wrote about this feature back in 2017.

When Amazon took over, they gave Prime members a free subscription each month! This means anybody who links their Amazon and Twitch accounts are able to give a streamer $5 for free, each month. If you don't use the subscription each month, it simply expires.

This means Amazon Prime members get $60 in value each year and they lose it unless they use it each month!

How to Help HIF for Free

Now I don't actually stream a lot. In fact, I hardly stream at all. But your support here helps me out immeasurably. If you're a Prime member, here's how to easily link your Amazon and Twitch accounts.

  1. Go to Amazon Gaming.
  2. Select connect your Twitch account.
  3. Sign in to your account.
  4. Sign in to your Twitch account and then select Confirm.

Once you've linked your account, you'll be able to subscribe for free to my channel each month! Here's how, with pictures:

  1. Head to my Twitch page
  2. Click the “Subscribe” box with a star (looks like this)
  3. Click the “Subscribe Free” button next to “Free Subscription with Prime.” (looks like this)

That's it! With those simple steps, you've just done a lot to help support HIF and Goob! THANK YOU!

How to Add Free Dropbox Space

How to Quadruple Your Dropbox Space for Free!

I don't know about y'all, but I've fallen in love with having my files in the cloud. Anybody who seriously used multiple devices in the early 2000s had a personal thumb drive for moving files from their home to work to school. And I think we can all agree it was a giant pain in the 🍑. But now we have the cloud! And while the term might be silly, I couldn't love its functionality any more.

I personally use Dropbox and Google Drive the most. Since I'm on a budget, like most of us these days, I stay on their free plans. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free space right from the start, but it doesn't take long to run out of space. Thus began my quest to learn how to get as much free Dropbox space as possible. Turns out adding free Dropbox space isn't all that hard!

If you find yourself looking for some free extra Dropbox storage space for photos, videos, or files then check out all the different methods I found below. You can also check the official Dropbox help page on earning free space.

It's important to note that these methods are always changing. Since I initially wrote this, Dropbox has removed or changed a dozen of their free storage space offers!

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