Amazon Prime Members: Free Twitch Prime Account

There's a solid chance this post is going to blow some of your minds, so buckle up (not sure how a buckle can save your mind from exploding, but I digress.) Long story short, there's a site called where you, or more likely your kids, can watch people play video games. It sounds stupid, I know, but it's amazing. I spend at least an hour on the site every day with 9.7 million of my closest friends, and there truly is something for everybody. Want to watch some of the best players in the world, like my brother, play? Have at it. Want to be entertained and laugh your butt off? No problem. Heck, I'll sometimes watch people play a game in different languages just for the heck of it!

Amazon ended up buying Twitch a few years back for a cool Billion dollars, which explains why they finally paired together and created Twitch Prime. Basically, if you have an Amazon Prime or a student Prime account, you can link it to your Twitch account and get tons of cool freebies each month along with some cool perks that roll over every month.

For starters, you get 1 free channel subscription each month, a $5 value. That means every month you can pick any partnered channel and subscribe to them for free, thus helping support them. Amazon will pay the full $2.50 share they'd normally receive and you'll get all the in-channel perks of being a subscriber, like accessing their emotes and getting their subscriber badge next to your name in chat. On top of that, Twitch Prime members get ad-free viewing along with the ability to change the color of your name in chat, which are perks typically reserved for Turbo members. In fact, if you pay for Turbo, I'd suggest canceling that subscription and going with Twitch Prime instead.

So, should you go buy Amazon Prime just to get Twitch Prime perks? Probably not. But do you already have an Amazon Prime account along with somebody in the household who loves and/or video games? If yes, then there's no reason not to link the two accounts and share the cool perks!

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