Deal: Sam’s Club Membership Discount 60% Off

Sam's Club is offering new members a huge discount on their first year of membership! New members can join now as a Sam's Club member for only $20, which is a 60% discount over the normal price of $50! You'll also receive a $20 travel & entertainment credit, which is redeemable on their travel section here.

This promo is only valid through February 1, 2024.

Sam's Club increased their annual membership rates recently, so this deal looks even better with that factored in!

I know paying $20 off the bat isn't exactly free, but I figured it'd be worth it for any Hiffers with a family or who might be sitting on the fence about buying a membership to a store like Sam's Club. Heck, this is the closest you'll find to a true free Sam's Club membership!

It's worth noting that signing up for this will enroll you in their auto-renewal membership plan that will first take place in October 2024, however you can immediately disable this option within your Sam's Club member account.

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