Deal: 3 Months of DogTV for $6 🐢

Have you ever thought to yourself “gee, life is great, but I sure wish my dog had something to watch on television.” Well good news, because today you can get Fido 3 months of DogTV for only $6, which is an 80% discount of the regularly priced $24.99.

We're dog people on a mission to improve the lives of dogs everywhere. We're a unique streaming service for dogs, designed to alleviate stress and anxiety throughout the day. Enjoy all DogTV can offer to your loved ones.

I joke, but my family dog is a very anxious guy who hates being left alone in a room for more than 1.3 seconds. Will this work for him? I have no clue, but he's worth the $6 to find out!

In order to get this deal, just use promo code 3FOR6 at checkout.

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