Free Dave's Killer Bread Everything Bagels

Free Dave’s Killer Bread Everything Bagels

The first 27,000 people to fill out this form will get a package of free Dave's Killer Bread Epic Everything bagels, worth up to $6. This offer is only for the continental US and ends 4/16/21, but there's no way in heck these last that long.

If the form won't submit for you, then please keep trying! I spoke with DKB's support team and they told me a few minutes ago that they have freebies remaining, however the site is getting hammered with requests.

I'm going to mark this as expired by the end of the day because I don't expect the freebies to last into the weekend. Good luck!

Update: It took me about 10 minutes of intermediately trying before the form submitted! You should get a new page that says “THANK YOU FOR ENTERING! A confirmation email has been sent to you.”

Free EatingWell Magazine Subscription

Free EatingWell Magazine Subscription

Signup right here and get a free EatingWell magazine subscription from Mercury Magazines. It's the perfect publication for anybody who eats or is trapped in a well.

This is a free 2-year subscription! Once you've submitted your mailing address, you're finished signing up and can exit out of the page.

Mercury's freebies have been expiring very quickly lately, but this is a hot new magazine that we haven't published many times before. Good luck and please let me know once they run out of supply.

Free 3-Day Complete Essentials

Free 3-Day Complete Essentials

You can signup here with Optivida Health and get a free 3-day Complete Essentials dietary supplement supply. You should be able to add this to your cart and checkout with free shipping. Please let me know if they add a shipping fee to this freebie!

It's a little weird though, because these are supposed to contain all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a health day and yet I don't see whiskey listed in their ingredients.

Free 8x10 Walgreens Photo

Free Walgreens 8×10 Photo Print

It's baccccck! Thru April 5 only, you can easily get a free 8×10 photo print at Walgreens with checkout code EASTER8X10. As always, select in-store pickup and avoid any shipping fees, making this offer completely free.

To quickly access the checkout screen, click on the first offer for “10¢ 4×6 Prints on orders of 100+” and then select the 8×10 photo option for $3.99. Then go through the normal checkout process and pick up your enlarged photo for free!

Many times these Walgreens free photo offers only work within the Walgreens app. If you're having trouble getting it to redeem on a computer, I'd suggest trying the app!

When uploading your photos, make sure to upload in full resolution so your freebies looks crystal clear instead of grainy.

Remember, this is a single 8×10 photo, not 8×10=80 free photos. Somebody actually once angrily emailed me because they felt I didn't spell the freebie out well enough. What am I, a freaking riddle master? I guess instead of saying this is available at Walgreens, I should have said “those things between ceilings and floors that are painted the fourth color of the rainbow.”

Free Outside Magazine Subscription

Free Outside Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines has a new free Outside magazine subscription offer available.


Very funny, Mercury Magazines. Give us a freebie completely centered around something we can't experience. Outside. What even is “outside” anymore? I don't believe it ever existed in the first place!

After filling in the job fields, Mercury Magazine will show you the freebie stock. My “job function” also changes each time I get a Mercury Magazine freebie. My new occupation is whatever I can click the fastest 😀

Then, once you submit your address, the signup process is complete. Any “bonus” offers shown after can be totally ignored.

Possible Free Bath Bomb Set

Possible Free Bath Bomb Set

This free bath bomb set is one of those “uhhhh, I don't really know if these will actually arrive…” type of freebies. The signup form looks a little spammy, but it's hosted on the company's official website. The company's BBB reviews aren't great either, so I wouldn't actually buy anything from them. But since we're not giving them any payment info, I'm down to roll the dice and see if this freebie ever arrives!

I would definitely recommend using a freebie email and google voice number just in case they try spamming you down the road.

Free Cottonelle Cancer Screening Kit

Free Colorectal Cancer Screening Kit for Black Americans

Here's a cool freebie we don't normally see! It's Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so Cottonelle has teamed up with BLKHLTH to create a free “down there” colorectal cancer screening kit for Black Americans. Colorectal Cancer has a 90% survival rate if it's found and treated early, yet is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related death.

Trust me, I speak from personal experience when I say it's vital to catch and treat cancer as early as possible!

Colorectal cancer, also called colon or rectal cancer, is the third most common cancer in the United States and the second most common cause of cancer-related death. It's estimated that 149,000+ people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2021 (Colorectal Cancer Alliance).

Racism impacts the ability of Black people to reach optimal health and wellbeing by disproportionately structuring access to health-protective resources like livable-wage jobs, healthy foods, affordable health insurance, and quality medical care (Phelan and Link 2015).

Black Americans are 20% more likely to be diagnosed with the disease and have a 40% higher death rate compared to White Americans.

Scroll down and click the green “Request a Kit” to get started. The kit includes:

  • 1 Roll of Cottonelle® Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper
  • 1 Pack of Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes
  • 1 BLKHLTH Tote Bag
  • 1 Second Generation FIT® Test directly from Pinnacle BioLabs

I didn't personally request this since I don't fit into their demographics, so please let me know if the submission form stops working.

Free Dave's Killer Bread

Free Full-Sized Dave’s Killer Bread

If you have a printer at home, then be sure to print this coupon good for a free full-size Dave's Killer Bread. The coupon can be used at your local retailer and expires 5/31/21.

Here are the full instructions from their site.

  1. Make sure that you are connected to a printer. For security measures, the coupon is set to allow only 2 print attempts per person.
  2. Click the white “Get Coupon” button in the image. It will take a minute for your coupon to load. (If you don't see an image with a “Get Coupon” button, try the troubleshooting guide)
  3. When your coupon has loaded, you will see “Your coupon is ready to print” and a black “Print” button. Click it to print your coupon!

I had to verify I wasn't a robot first via text message. I'm in for a real world of hurt once Wall-E figures out how to use a phone.

Free Benjamin Moore Paint Sample

Free Benjamin Moore Paint Sample on March 20

Swing my your local Ace on Saturday, March 20 and pick up a free Benjamin Moore paint sample of your color choice.

You'll need to first make a free Ace Rewards account, but that's both super fast AND triggers your future birthday freebies! You'll also get a free $5 off any $5+ purchase coupon sent to your inbox.

In years past, these have been 2oz or 5oz samples. It got me wondering what I can do with that amount of paint. My short list includes giving my cat tiger and/or racing stripes, outlining my body on the sidewalk to mess with my neighbors, and creating a bullseye on the wall to practice my dart skills.

Ace Hardware Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer $5 off any purchase over $5
Full Birthday Freebies List!
🎂 Don't miss all the free stuff on your birthday available each year!

Torchiere Floor Lamp BoostArea 24W Giveaway

HIF Giveaway: BoostArea Floor Lamp 💡

I'm happy to announce a brand new HIF giveaway. The kind folks at KOCH SYSTEME CS are giving away this free BoostArea 24W Floor Lamp!

Please enter with an email you'll check! The initial winner of our Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combo giveaway never responded to my congratulations emails, so I've had to move onto others.

As part of this giveaway, BoostArea sent me one of these floor lamps to try and I have to say I absolutely love it! I personally use it as a reading / mood light in the evening when I'm relaxing in my bedroom. The single power knob is located on the middle of the stem, so you don't have to bend down or reach up to use it. It also a dimmer, so it's really easy to find the exact brightness you're looking for.

The LED lights are kind of cool too! Since they're built into the lamp, the whole thing is ready to use right out of the box. I was a little worried about the bulbs bein non-replaceable, but they guarantee a 5,000 hour lifespan. Assembly couldn't have been easier either – it was literally just screwing a few parts together and you're all set.

BoostArea Lamp Raffle

Giveaway ends on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at noon EST. Winner will be contacted via email by Friday, March 19, 2021.