Free Nutrish Pet Food

Free Rachael Ray Pet Food

Rachael Ray has a new signup form for free cat and dog food samples of her Nutrish line. You can request. After 3 questions, I was offered to choose from the following samples:

  • Dog Food – PEAK Wetlands Recipe with Chicken, Duck & Pheasant
  • Dog Food – Zero Grain Turkey & Potato Recipe
  • Cat Food – Longevity – Chicken with Chickpeas & Salmon Recipe
  • Cat Food – PEAK Woodland Catch Recipe with Chicken, Trout & Salmon

Although let's be real, if your dogs are anything like mine, the cat food becomes dog food the second you turn your back to answer the phone or change the channel or freaking blink while sneezing.

Make sure to submit all your info after entering your address! You should get a confirmation message that reads “Your sample is on its way, and should arrive in 6-8 weeks.”

Free Halo Cat Food

Coupon: Free Halo Cat Food

Wednesday, August 8, is International Cat Day and Halo is celebrating with a free can of Halo cat food instore tomorrow only. They'll email the coupon to you within minutes, so make sure to have access to the freebie email you sign up with.

I've actually purchased this brand a few times before. Based on their name, I assumed their food would turn my pets into sweet, little angels. Not the case. I'm still finding empty beer cans hidden in the closets and underneath furniture. I'm pretty sure they threw a raging kegger while I was gone last weekend! If this is what having kids is like, I think I'll take a hard pass.

Free Dog Leash & Shipping from Snapfish

Between now and 02/19, you can get a free dog leash (with no shipping charge) from Snapfish, which is a retail value of $25.99. In order to score the freebie, here's what to do:

  • Create a new Snapfish account
  • Click ‘your account' then ‘redeem' next to the dog leash offer
  • Search for ‘leash' then build your custom dog leash
  • Begin the checkout process and use code PRESDAY to knock off the shipping charge

Viola! Free photo dog leash! Here's a photo of my confirmation page, which shows up after you enter your shipping & payment info. The only downside to this offer is that you'll now have no excuse not to take your dog for a walk. I once tried training my older dog to take my younger pup on a walk, but that resulted in what can only be classified as a “catastrophic failure.”

Free World’s Best Cat Litter

As if being able to print $10 in coupons wasn't enough, you can also print out this rebate for free World's Best cat litter. The rebate is limited to one per mailing address, but if you have a work address… I'd never heard of this brand, but it looks like Petco and Petsmart sell it, among others.

Does cat litter melt snow or clean up oil spills? I always get it and salt confused, which typically leads to an embarrassing moment when I'm on a dinner date.

Free Holistic Pet Food

Coupon: $5 Eukanuba Dog Food

Is there a more simultaneous cute and disgusting moment than what's pictured above? Every time my dogs surprise me like that, I react with “awww …. ewwwww.” I've seen what they sniff when we go on walks. I know too much.

Oh yeah, right, back to the freebie I just found, in the form of a free $5 Eukanuba dog food coupon. I always do a double take when I see this brand name since it's so close to my own last name, Eubanks.

You'd think I'd learn to stop going, “wait, there's a dog food named after me?”

You'd be wrong.

I just mentioned to my dog that she's about to get free dog food, but I don't think she was all that excited. Come to think of it, she's always gotten free dog food since I've been paying all these years! Fingers crossed she has a stash of cash hidden under her crate or else I'm out quite a bit of money.