Amazon Prime: Free Pet Food or Product!

If you're an Amazon Prime customer with a furry family member, go make a free Amazon Pet Profile for them! It takes less than a minute and, once completed, you could have a freebie offered on your profile page. Look at the banners under the advertised products to see what you'll get.

My offer was a free $10 off any pet food purchase. I've seen others get a free $5 off any pet supply offer. I tested whether it'd let me get a random dog food item for free – and it will!

However, I plan on buying using my freebie to buy a big bag of food and send it to a local animal shelter!

I imagine these free offers will die fast, so please let me know in the comments if you didn't get anything.

10 comments on “Amazon Prime: Free Pet Food or Product!”

  1. I signed up yesterday, and used my dog’s information.. I am a prime member – have been for a few years – I got 10$ as well, so I got some free wet food to try out. Woohoo! Thank You!

  2. I signed all four of mine up and don’t see anything, or maybe Im not looking in the right spot! I don’t see anything under the banners if I am looking correctly!

    • Debi, have you checked your account again today? Any chance the offer showed up after a few hours delay?

      Also, are you an Amazon Prime member?


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