New PINCHme Samples Today!!

Select users should have new samples available today. Then new PINCHme samples for everybody go live Tuesday, August 9, at 12pm EST.

Another round of PINCHme sample boxes will be stocked and released Tuesday, August 9, at 12 pm EST. As usual, they'll only be available on a first come, first serve basis, but it's also based on your customer profile as to what you're offered.

To have the best shot at getting as many freebies as possible, I always suggest new users go ahead and make an account today, before the freebies become available. That way, you can immediately log-in when they go live at noon on Tuesday.

You can signup directly for sample's here!

Possible Freebies & Samples

Here's a full list of freebies up for grabs this month!

  • Clorox® Disinfecting Mist
  • Moroccanoil Body Lotion Fragrance Originale
  • Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray
  • Delectables Squeeze Up with Tuna & Salmon
  • StressCalm by Boiron
  • SleepCalm by Boiron
  • Acidil® Meltaway Tablets
  • Eva NYC Tone It Down Blonde Leave-In Cream
  • Eva NYC Tone it Down Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Camilia Teething Drops
  • Patak's® Simmer Sauces
  • The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Scrub
  • Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Pouches

PINCHme Overview

PINCHme offers free products, with free shipping and no credit card requires, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. All they ask for is your honest feedback on the products you receive. Every month, new freebies and samples are released on for members to claim. Many items have been offered in beauty, snacks, baby, pet, personal care, cleaning products, and household categories over the past few years. There's something for everyone!

Note available samples are based on your demographics and how you answer their survey questions, so if you have a pet, then make sure you tell PINCHme so you'll get the pet food and toys offered. Regardless, both new and existing PINCHme members should have at least a few available freebies within the hour, so make sure to go request them all at noon before they run out!

31 comments on “New PINCHme Samples Today!!”

  1. I am trying to order PNC box and when I got to the last page it asked if I every heard of Heinz and Minute Rice. Didn’t matter if I hit yes or no it won’t let me continue. It is gray shaded out. Only the back button appears to be working. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. I signed up years ago with PINCHme and got a few boxes. Then the whole survey thing started and I was so turned off. I didn’t get any boxes for over a year. But then I went and updated all of my info and preferences and I get samples ALL THE TIME. In the last six months, I’ve probably gotten 8-10 boxes. Don’t give up! 🙂

  3. I finally got my first sample… a packet of mayo. Back when I qualified for it, the weather was still pretty decent outside. But it finally showed up in the middle of July… and sat in my mailbox for who knows how long, in 90+ degree weather. Yeah, I’m not even gonna attempt it…

  4. I joined Pinch Me about 6 months ago. The first few months I would get lots of surveys that I would ” qualify ” for. 2 screens 1 with the basic stuff & then the real survey [10 -15 mins]. Now I get the basic survey then part of a real survey, “you are not qualified…”. Then put right on into a new survey 5-10 mins not qualified….this goes on for 2 more times. I get NO POINTS & SPENT 30 mins minimum for the companies.
    Pinch me wants you to sign up for ALL the survey sights as well!!!! More spam!!!! Good luck getting points or boxes here!!!!

  5. Hi does anyone know how we can be alerted to each new HIF posting as it’s posted? I get the daily email but that comes around 5pm ET or later and I’ve often missed things by then. It’s not practical to keep checking the website all day long so if there’s a way to get a notification each time something is posted that would be great. Thx.

      • Hello! I just realized that by signing up to be able to leave a comment here, I was able to check yes to notifications of new posts by email. So that way I’m getting an email each time there is a new post instead of waiting until the daily email to see them. So, duh sorry I didn’t realize this and thanks for all you do Goob!

  6. Rip Off, I gave up on them 2 yrs ago. Why waste time filling out the questionnaire and never, ever getting samples? Always get something from Sample Source.

  7. PinchMe was exciting in the beginning. I received samples almost every time and was even selected to try free products. However, the past 6 months have been a dude. Hardly selected for any samples even when they are non pet related (I don’t have pets).

  8. its frustrating as they make pennies off our info, the email account I used for pincheme only gets 300+ emails a day not once received a free item other than billions of email spam junk over the past year, sampables is my go to now days 😉

  9. I am going to unsubscribe from Pinchme. Everytime I log in at 12:01 and there is nothing new offered to me. Just a bunch of junk spam sign up for a free trial then we will charge you etc etc

  10. The PINCHme thing is spam I havnt received a single thing in 9months from them applyed when threw the process but not a single thing that is on that page is real.(PINCHme)

    • same here, I have been trying for pinchme over a year and not had any luck other then a ton of spam for that particular email account used soley for pinchme

    • Same thing happens to me, every time. It wastes my time. I would love to know what their intensions are. To get our email, cell? The only thing I have received from Pinch me is FRUSTRATION. I’m done!

  11. I’ve gotten at least 3 tubes of Suave lotion, 2 gevalia coffee samples, a facial mask, 2 shampoo samples, revlon nail files, 2 perfume samples, organic soap, and honey bunches of oats sample. I log into my account 5 minutes before 12 pm (when they are available to order) and then refresh at 12:01 pm.

  12. Goob, I’m imagining you walking down dark alleys in nyc, having hoarse, whispered conversations with strangers, who then hand off bags of toiletry samples to you. Deny everything. We won’t ask questions.


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