Next Free Home Depot Kids Activity Kit on August 6!

The next free Kids Activity Kit from Home Depot is almost available! These in-store events take place on the first Saturday of each month from 9am to 12 noon, which means the next event is Saturday, August 6! No registration is required.

If you prefer, you can purchase this month's kit here while supplies last and guarantee you'll get one! This is completely optional though. You can also purchase an earlier kit, which supplies last. I've linked to the ones I could find down below.

August Freebie Event: Summer Camper

The kits include nails, screens, stickers, and wooden pieces. You will need to provide your own sandpaper, wood glue, hammer, and #2 Phillips screwdriver.

Home Depot August 2022 Free Summer Camper

In addition to keeping the craft forever, each kit comes with a free certificate of achievement, free Workshop Apron, and free commemorative pin. You can find more info on this month's free craft here.

These free craft kits are intended for kids aged 5-12, though the age range is simply a guide instead of a strict rule. I can also confirm grown adults aged over 30 sometimes have trouble helping their little brother because I'm terrible with tools.

There are only a limited number of kits available per store! Find your local Home Depot and then call ahead to make sure they still have free kits available.

Most stores give these away at the customer service counter. Other stores reportedly give these away near the checkout registers.

Don't miss the free Workshop Extension Activity!

Each free kit also has an “extension activity” created in tandem with Discovery Channel Education. These are kind of cool, as they let your child “upgrade” the free craft they built. For instance, the November 2021 Amphibious Military Vehicle extension teaches your child how to build life vest for their imaginary passengers.

Free Home Depot Kit 2022 Schedule

If you really want to plan ahead, here's the full Home Depot kids workshop schedule for 2022. While supplies last, free kits are available during their entire month.

During normal years, these are in-store events held on the first Saturday of each month from 9-12pm. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, they've halted the in-store events and shifted this cool freebie to a month-long take-home kit.

Please remember to call your local Home Depot store to make sure they have remaining kits available!

Get craft kits for home for under $5!

If you miss out on any kits, Home Depot is now selling previous months kits online for less than $5! After purchase, you can opt for free in-store pickup at your own convenience.

Home Depot Promotional Sales

While you're at the workshop, you might be interested in the latest online and in-store promotions at The Home Depot! Many of these deals are not tied to any event, with up to 75% discounts!

Home Depot also has a cool “Buy of the Day” section, where they offer one-day only sales at huge discounts. It's worth checking out, you never know what they have!

18 comments on “Next Free Home Depot Kids Activity Kit on August 6!”

  1. My son goes to these every time they have them. He has built so many interesting things. FYI: Home Depot has a Fire Fighter Helicoper for Oct 1st. Which is next Saturday.

  2. My oldest son reminded me of this earlier this week, saying that we hadn’t done one in a long time. So we are registered and ready to go!! (like I care what they build?)

  3. I just took my kids to this today – it was a lot of fun! We’re definitely going to sign up for more of them! Also, if you miss it, the kits are available for purchase in the store.

  4. Yeeah!! Ive been trying to figure out something to do tomorrow with my nephew who is spending the night tonight…this is perfect!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello Goob.
    I really really really love it how you pt up stuff about events. I have a very active 9yr old boy and this kind of stuff keep shim busy.
    To home depot and michaels on saturday! WOOHOO!!! Ü

  6. Just wanted you to know I live in pittsburgh and they mentioned your website on the news…it was a feature about getting free stuff!! The news channel is…Thanks for all the great finds!!

  7. Thanks for posting this! We take the kids (9 and 5) to these and to the Home Depot ones. They love it. My 9 yo decided to learn to sew – I let her sew the patches onto their aprons. To me, that’s an added bonus since it means the patches don’t end up scattered around. And they give both kids a sense of pride to walk in with more patches on their apron each time. (Home Depot gives them pins and they both put them on that apron before we even leave the store).

  8. I take my children to Lowe’s workshops. They usually have two a month or every other week. In the winter, it seemed like only once a month.

    Good times!


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