Free JCPenney Kids Zone Event on Mar 13

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, March 13, stop by your local JCPenney between 11am-noon for the next free Kids Zone event. These free events are held by JCPenney on the second Saturday of each month. Just like my laundry cycle!

Your child will design and make a free Easter basket to take home, including markers, stickers, and magnets. They'll also get a free ID badge, lanyard, and collector's pin.

All necessary materials will be provided and you don't need to signup ahead of time. As a thank you for coming, parents also receive a 10% off coupon valid for that day only. The coupon can be used either in store or online.

3 comments on “Free JCPenney Kids Zone Event on Mar 13”

  1. It is with great joy I’d like to announce the coronation of our daughter, as today she was awarded the fabled JC Penney’s Kids Zone pewter medallion as Project Master! Never expected this great honor. I thought today she would be crowned with the JC Penney’s Kid Zone bronze medallion of participation, but no, Project MASTER!

  2. My wife and I are so happy to announce that because of the awareness set forth on this website our daughter will be attending her 6th JC Penny’s Kids Zone event. Upon completion of your child’s 6th activity they are awarded the JC Penny’s Kid Zone Medallion of Participation. We are having family fly in to town for the award ceremony. I’m sure we’ll all have tears of joy in our eyes as the medal is valiantly placed around her neck. Thank you Goob and for being a service to the entire freebie community. What started out as a way to receive complimentary Emergen C powdered vitamin supplements has now cumulated in our 8 year old daughter receiving the honored Bronze JC Penny’s Kids Zone Medallion of Participation. Thank you.

    • Wow, that is so awesome, thank you so much for sharing your experience!

      I’m going to include it in a few future versions of this post 🙂


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