Free Starry Drink

Rebate: Free Starry Drink

Purchase a Starry or Starry Zero drink before 2/25/24 and get a full refund (up to $2.50) by filling out this rebate or texting FREESTARRY to 81234. You can choose reimbursement method of either PayPal or Venmo and you have until 3/1/24 to finish the rebate process.

Free Sephora Birthday Gift Options 2024

Free 2024 Sephora Birthday Makeup Gift Sets

The not-so-secret secret is Sephora's free birthday gift changes every year. After you sign up for free, you'll get an email in January announcing the new yearly birthday gift that is available during your entire birthday month. Sometimes it contains mascara, maybe there's a highlighter, or perhaps you'll get a top-rated luminizer for … luminizing.

Luckily for you I've already receive this years email and am happy to announce what Sephora Birthday Bundles we get to choose from this year!

It's important to note that there's no minimum purchase required to redeem these in-store! However, if you want to redeem them online, then you'll need to make a purchase of $25 or more.

How do I redeem my Sephora Birthday Gift?

It's quite easy! If doing so online, you can start on your Beauty Insider benefits page and add your desired set to your cart, along with making a $25 or more purchase.

To redeem at any Sephora stores or in Sephora at Kohl's, all you have to do it provide a Beauty Advisor with your registered Beauty Insider email address. Going into your local store to redeem this gift means you don't have to make a purchase, so this is the best option for a truly free birthday experience. While you're there, you can even ask for free samples or a mini-makeover, which includes a 15-minute makeup session that focuses on one makeup technique like eyeliner, foundation, smokey eyes, etc. This is like two birthday freebies in one!

Your choice from these three free Sephora birthday gifts in 2024

  1. Moroccanoil Ultimate Hydration Birthday Set – You'll get the following:
    • Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil: An argan-oil-infused formula that hydrates, boosts shine, and smooths frizz and flyaways. 0.5 oz / 15 mL
    • Hydrating Shampoo: An antioxidant-rich, ultra-hydrating shampoo that nurtures dry hair for stronger, smoother strands. 1.35 oz / 40 mL
    • Hydrating Conditioner: This detangling conditioner is infused with argan oil for maximum moisture and more manageable hair. 1.35 oz / 40 mL
    • Hand Cream: A fast-absorbing, nongreasy formula made with argan oil, cocoa, and shea butter for silky-soft skin. 0.1 oz / 3 mL
  2. Youth To The People Cleanse & Hydrate Skincare Birthday Set – This set comes with:
    • Superfood Gentle Antioxidant Refillable Cleanser: An award-winning, pH-balancing, antioxidant-packed cleanser that gently washes away makeup, dirt, and oil without drying skin. 1.0 oz / 30 mL
    • Superfood Air-Whip Lightweight Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid: This lightweight gel moisturizer delivers 48-hour hydration, helps improve skin barrier function, and leaves you glowing. 0.5 oz / 15 mL
    • Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Night Cream + Mask with Vitamin C: A hybrid night cream and mask formulated with vitamin C for visibly plumper, brighter, and more hydrated skin. 0.1 oz / 3 mL
  3. Kosas Lip & Brow Birthday Set – Or you can pick this set that comes with:
    • Wet Lip Oil Plumping Treatment Gloss in shade Unbuttoned (Soft Warm Blush): A hybrid lip treatment and gloss packed with hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate and visibly plump, without the sting, in a bestselling, soft, warm blush shade. 0.06 oz / 2 mL
    • Air Brow Clear + Clean Lifting Treatment Eyebrow Gel with Lamination Effect: A clear brow gel boosted by hair-care actives that lifts and sets brows in place while supporting fuller, healthier-looking brows. 0.06 oz / 1.77 g
  4. 250 Bonus Sephora Points – If none of the options above interest you, then you can opt to add 250 free points to your account.

Exclusive Sephora birthday gift for VIB and Rouge members in 2024

  • Charlotte Tilburry Flawless Look Birthday Set – This set contains:
    1. Matte Revolution Lipstick in shade Pillow Talk: A universally flattering lipstick with a matte finish that won’t dry out lips. 0.05 oz / 1.5 g
    2. Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray: A cult-fave setting spray for makeup that lasts all day (and night!) without melting, fading, or settling into fine lines. 0.5 oz / 15 mL
    3. Magic Cream Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid: A visibly plumping and hydrating moisturizer that targets wrinkles and fine lines for a youthful-looking glow. 0.03 oz / 1 mL

These freebies pair great with Sephora's regular beauty deal freebies! And remember, you can pick up your Sephora birthday present on any day within your birthday month.

Finally, don't forget we have one of the oldest and most updated lists of birthday freebies available on the Internet. Chances are any other websites with lists of birthday freebies are just older copies of my our list! 🙂

Freeosk Weekly Samples

Current Freeosk Weekly Samples

If you have a local Walmart, Sam's Club, or Albertsons, Randall's, Tom Thumb, Shoprite, or Fresh Grocer with a Freeosk kiosk, then you can easily get three freebies in-store! Even better, these freebies rotate every week.

To get your samples, simply download their app and make a free account. Then you scan your app at a freeosk in-store and out spits an instant freebie. They're like freebie vending machines!

From Friday, February 23 – Thursday, February 29 you can get the following freebies:

Walmart Freeosk

  • N/A

Sam's Club Freeosk

  • CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
  • Gain Flings

Albertsons, Randalls, & Tom Thumb Freeosk

  • N/A

Shoprite & Fresh Grocer Freeosk

  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Freeosk has over 1,400 locations across the country, so it might be worth checking if your local store has a unit hiding somewhere!

Free LEGO Club Magazine

Free LEGO® Life Magazine Subscription

This free LEGO® Life magazine offer was first posted twelve years ago and is once again accepting new readers to sign up today! Also I'm well into midlife and still love LEGOS.

Quick, name one toy cooler than LEGOS! ERRRNT, time's up, it was a trick question since there isn't a cooler toy!

LEGOS not only are timeless, but they are amazingly awesome when it comes to fostering creativity. I'm in my 40s and I still find myself constructing skyscrapers and spaceships probably a little more often than I should. I figure a free LEGO® magazine subscription will only help fuel my addiction, but I'm okay with that.

LEGO® Life Magazine is super fun for kids 5-9 years old. It's packed with comics, activities, posters and much more. All issues are delivered right to your door 4 times a year, with no renewal or payment ever required.

You can signup here and you'll start receiving issues with the next mailing! You can also download previous issues from their archive, giving you access to hundreds of cool stories & LEGO builds.

Free Kroger Sample Box

Free Kroger Sample Box

2024 update: Here's a new link – again, from Sampler – where you may qualify for a box of snacks. from Private Selection, Kroger, and simple truth.

  • Simple Truth Organic Applesauce & Raisins
  • Simple Truth Iced Oatmeal Baked Bar & Pistachios
  • Private Selection Coffee Kcup Sample Pack
  • Simple Truth Chocolate Chip Baked Bar & Almonds
  • Kroger Chipmates & Cheese Dip ‘N Pretzel Sticks
  • Kroger Alphabet Cookies & Cheese Sandwich Crackers

I believe the link below is also still working.

Sampler is offering potential users a free Kroger sample box. You'll have to log-in with your Kroger account, then link it to Sampler and see if you qualify.

I didn't sign up for this since I don't have a Kroger near me, so please let me know if this offer is showing as expired for you.

Free Kids Youth Hockey

Free Kids Youth Hockey on Feb 24, 2024

Registration is now open for the next National Kids Try Hockey Event!

On Saturday, February 24, kids ages 4 to 9 get to try hockey for free at over 450 USA Hockey locations in celebration of National Hockey Week! Participating locations will have limited equipment available to use, so you won't stress over building a homemade pair of ice skates using butcher knives and duct tape.

As a kid, I swore I hated sports and would never play them. My parents nevertheless signed me up for baseball against my extremely vocal protests and adamant promises that I'd simply sit down and never try. 30 years later, I'm a massive baseball fan and couldn't be more thankful they ignored me! Who knows, maybe your kid is the next Wayne Gretzky and will only discover their love for the game thanks to this freebie.

Free Defend the Flock 2023 Calendar

Free Defend the Flock 2024 Calendar

This awesome freebie is still available! Be sure to snag one if you're interested.

The US Department of Agriculture is giving away free Defend Your Flock 2024 calendars. Upon checkout, you'll immediately receive an email confirmation and can expect your freebie in 4-6 weeks.

I've gotten this free wall calendar the last three years, so it's nice to see it making a return for 2024.

How do I order my free chicken calendar?

If you're having trouble, then here's an image showing the 4 easy steps:

  1. Type calendar into the search bar.
  2. Enter 1 into the quantity field.
  3. Click the + Add to cart button.
  4. Click the Go to Cart button.

Then you just go through the normal checkout process by filling out your mailing address in the form and you're all set!

Free Target Insider Sample Box

Possible Free Target Insider Sample Box

Target and Sampler have teamed up to offer a possible free Target Insider sample boxes full of freebies and coupons! Simply log-in with your Sampler account and answer the demographic questions to see which freebies you qualify for.

I answered truthfully that I have no children and that qualified me for absolutely nothing, so take what you will from that!

Free Advil PM

Free Advil PM

You can once again request some free Advil PM directly from their website. Today's freebie is made from only the highest quality Prime Ministers Great Britain has to offer. I'm assuming. I might want to go read through the fine print.

Wednesday Amazon Deals

Power Treads Nitro Stunt Pack
Introducing the Power Treads Nitro Stunt Pack: the latest in the award-winning Power Treads line from WowWee. Power Treads are all-surface toy vehicles that flip, rip and roam all over your home – no wheels needed! Design and customize your Power Treads in a snap using different-colored treads. Then build your own custom course with Power Treads official tracks and objects from your home. Keep tracks close for more control or expand them out to take your Power Treads “off-road”. With bold new colors, the Power Treads Nitro Stunt Pack includes all-new Nitro Climbers that connect, bend, and extend to transform into different tricks and stunts. Conquer uphill races or downhill chases with your own Nitro creations like the Nitro Bridge, the Nitro Speed Bump, the Nitro Zig-Zag, or the Nitro Overpass.

Read more

Kindle First Free Books

Amazon Prime: Free Unreleased Kindle Books

Did you know Amazon Prime members get Kindle access to unreleased books each month? I had no idea! Each month they let you one free upcoming book to download before it's actually released to the public. This month you can pick from the following:

  1. A Friend in the Dark by Samantha M. Bailey
  2. Hypnotized by Love by Sariah Wilson
  3. The Rule of Threes: A Novella by Jeffery Deaver
  4. When the World Goes Quiet: A Novel by Gian Sardar
  5. The Canopy Keepers (The Scorched Earth Book 1) by Veronica G. Henry
  6. The Waltham Murders: One Woman’s Pursuit to Expose the Truth by Susan Clare Zalkind
  7. Hurt Mountain: A Novel by Angela Crook
  8. Don't Forget Me: A Thriller by Rea Frey
  9. Blank: A Novel by Zibby Owens

Dang, I was really hoping for the next Song of Ice and Fire book to be listed there. Guess I'll have to wait another decade or two.