Tuesday Amazon Deals

iDOO Air Mattresses
Designed to elevate your sleep experience to new heights, these mattresses combine cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious materials to provide you with the best sleep solution. The built-in pump allows for fast and easy inflation and deflation within 3-4 minutes, ensuring your desired comfort level in no time. Crafted with skin-friendly, puncture-resistant PVC material, providing durability and prevents air leakage for a comfortable and stable sleep. The 40 internal air coils enhance durability and support, keeping the bed flat and firm, even when sitting on its edge or corner.

Stainless Steel Roll up Dish Drying Racks
Make pesky chores less stressful with the help of these dish drying rack in your choice of sizes to fit any sink. This kitchen gadget features uniform metal bars held together with silicone-lined edges. Place it over your sink for clean dishes to drip dry without getting your counters wet. When not in use, the rack can easily roll up for compact storage. Keep this drying rack close by for whenever you need it!

CasaZenith Tall Folding Step Stools
Easily extend your reach so you can get what you need from an upper cabinet or a high shelf in the pantry. This extra large step stool with anti-slip surface can be used to gain access to tall items and those that are out of reach. This step stool features a unique, folding design that allows you to collapse it flat and store it in a small space when it’s not in use. It measures a tall 13 inches with a 300lbs capacity.

TOMY Pop Up Games
These fun games will keep you guessing since the slot that will make the character pop changes every time you play. Kids love seeing them fly! Select T-Rex, E.T., Mario and Pirate for a barrel of fun for the players. These simple games can be played by up to four at a time and don’t require complicated cards or rules, making them a great choice for the whole family. These games are easy to set up and ready for fun!

Gabby's Dollhouse Magical Musical Cat Ears
These interactive cat ears look just like the ones Gabby wears in the show. Slide the Magical Musical Ears on and get ready for adventure! Featuring lights and over 10 sounds, phrases and songs, you’ll have endless amounts of fun! Simply press one of the pink sparkly ears to turn them on, then pinch the left ear to hear phrases from Gabby. Activate sound effects, pulsating lights and cat-tastic meows! You’ll feel just like Gabby!

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