Free Quit Smoking Notepad

If you're getting a “temporarily unavailble” message, don't worry! That's what I kept getting yesterday, which makes me think they only have a limited number of these each day.

Since I was able to request this freebie today, I'd say try back tonight or tomorrow if you're interested.

My desk, monitors, and wall are practically covered in Post-It notes with all sorts of reminders and ideas. Give me a scrap of blank paper and I'll scribble on it in no time. That's why I was happy to find the CDC is giving away a free quit smoking notepad after you follow the steps below!

  1. In the Keyword or PubID search box, type notepad
  2. Under How many copies do you need, select 1
  3. Add to cart and checkout for your freebie

If you want additional methods to help quit smoking, be sure to check out our collection of free nicotine replacement therapy post with links for all 50 states offering gum, patches & lozenges.

The signup form didn't work for me yesterday, but I was able to request a freebie today. After submitting your address, you should get a confirmation number in yellow font at the top of the page.

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