Free Wall Calendar 2023

Free Erie Arts & Culture 2023 Calendar

Here's an easy signup form for a free Erie Arts & Culture 2023 calendar. I have a feeling they only have a limited amount, so please only request 1 at a time. I also have a feeling this might not come since the confirmation page mentions a 2020 calendar instead of 2023, but what have we got to lose? It's not uncommon for small websites to overlook updating their confirmation page content. Heck, I had a link to HIF's Myspace page on ours until 2018.

Free 2023 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

Free 2023 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

If you're in the market for a free 2023 Heart of the Nation Catholic Art calendar, then be sure to head over here and request one!

After ordering, please allow 4-6 weeks for freebie delivery.

Free Church Mutual 2022 Wall Calendar

Free Church Mutual 2023 Wall Calendar

Here's a new request form good for a free Church Mutual 2023 wall calendar.

Some people know winter is right around the corner by the cooling weather or early darkness each day. For me, it's the sudden appearance of calendar freebies. 🀣

Update: You might need to copy and paste the link for it to work.

Free 2023 Unity Calendar

Free 2023 Unity Calendar

Select the “print edition” option to order a free 2023 Unity calendar. You can also download a digital version for your computer.

Here’s what you’ll find in in this freebie:

  • Monthly reminders of the divine aspects of life
  • Affirmations to help acknowledge the grace around you
  • Bible verses to support your spiritual journey in the year ahead
  • Beautiful photos of Unity Village, reminding you that grace is all around

I'm not religious, so I didn't order this free calendar. As such, please let me know if the submission forms stops working.

Free Mercy Corps 2023 Calendar

Free Mercy Corps 2023 Calendar

Here's another new free Mercy Corps 2023 calendar for anybody who needs help organizing their days and events. Using a free calendar is probably a better option than my method, which is relying on my memory to keep track of everythi… uh… wait, what was I saying again? I forgot already.

Free 2022 Snort Calendar

Free 2023 Snort Calendar

Take this short survey and receive a free 2023 Snort wall calendar from Cisco.

Please allow three to six weeks for shipping. All shipping will begin after December 1, 2022.

They've offered this freebie a few times in years past and they always seem to run out of supply well before the shipping deadline, so I'd order it today if you really want this!

Free Moorings 2023 Calendar

Free Moorings 2023 Calendar

This is one of those offers that I don't think will last very long. But while the form is still up, you can request a free Moorings 2023 calendar.

As more and more of these freebies are released, you can find them all centralized on our free 2023 calendars page.

Free 2023 EWTN Family Calendar

Free 2023 EWTN Family Calendar

With the end of the year in sight, you know what that means we're entering – free calendar season!

Today we have this free 2023 EWTN Family Calendar.

The 2023 Family Calendar serves as a reminder of the beauty, truth, and goodness of our faith every day of the year. It includes all Holy Days of Obligation, many feast days, and lists several EWTN programs that will air each month.

We are excited to offer our first-ever interactive Family Calendar. This beautiful calendar features photographs from the EWTN Vatican Bureau for each month, along with QR codes that will link to videos of EWTN stories that relate to the featured image.

What the heck is an “interactive Family Calendar?” If it's just the QR codes plastered on the packaging, then I guess that means I bought some interactive cat litter last night.

Free Cordless Window Shade

Free Norman Cordless Window Shade

Norman is offering an amazing high-value freebie by giving away a free cordless window shade to any household with a child 8 years old or younger!

They'll let you pick the width and height, which seems to imply they're sending an actual full-sized product instead of just a sample, right? Or am I missing something entirely here?*

Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) recommends that only cordless window coverings or window coverings with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children. Parents and parents-to-be have a million things on their minds when it comes to raising their children. But every parent needs to be aware of child safety, and this begins in the home.

They only have a select amount of freebies to give away each day, but they always restock their supply after midnight. A lot of other freebie sites posted this offer last week and it kept expiring quickly, so I held off on posting it for a little while so as many Hiffers as possible could get a freebie.

*spoiler alert – my brain has not been working properly since Juls' death, so I readily admit I might be missing something here.

Free Defend the Flock 2023 Calendar

Free Defend the Flock 2023 Calendar

The US Department of Agriculture is giving away free Defend Your Flock 2023 calendars.

Once you load the page, type calendar into the search box and it will pull up the free calendar. Then enter a quantity of 1, add it to your cart, and checkout. You'll immediately receive an email confirmation and can expect your freebie in 4-6 weeks.

You can also get the 2022 calendar freebie if you need one for the final few months of this year.

They have a pdf version online so you can see exactly what kind of wall calendar we're getting.

Free Rainin Art of Pipetting 2022 Calendar

Free Rainin Art of Pipetting 2023 Calendar

You can signup here to request a free Rainin Art of Pipetting 2023 calendar once they become available later this year. This freebie features original work by San Francisco artist Chelsea Ryoko Wong. Drawing from real-life events and her imagination, Wong creates vibrant scenes of commingling people celebrating diversity and curiosity.

This seems to be a trade offer for companies involved with pipetting, so I don't know how much longer this form will remain active.