Free Paint Swatches Samples

Free Glidden Paint Swatches

My recent camping trip got me thinking about how awesome it'd be to live outside. You wouldn't have to worry about rent or utilities. Bathing in a creek is the perfect way to wake up in the morning. And you wouldn't have a mailbox to get freebies… wait… nooooooooooooo!!!

I take it back. I love my apartment. As a goodwill gesture, I will use these free Glidden paint color swatches to touch up my bedroom walls. Just don't take my freebies away.

You can select up to six colors, and PPG will mail you free 8×8 color cards to view in your own space and lighting before making your purchase. In fact, once you pick out your paint, I'll also send you directions to my place to paint my rooms for me. I'm thinking hot pink in the bedroom with lightning bolts down the hallway.

Free Defend the Flock 2023 Calendar

Free Defend the Flock 2024 Calendar

This awesome freebie is still available! Be sure to snag one if you're interested.

The US Department of Agriculture is giving away free Defend Your Flock 2024 calendars. Upon checkout, you'll immediately receive an email confirmation and can expect your freebie in 4-6 weeks.

I've gotten this free wall calendar the last three years, so it's nice to see it making a return for 2024.

How do I order my free chicken calendar?

If you're having trouble, then here's an image showing the 4 easy steps:

  1. Type calendar into the search bar.
  2. Enter 1 into the quantity field.
  3. Click the + Add to cart button.
  4. Click the Go to Cart button.

Then you just go through the normal checkout process by filling out your mailing address in the form and you're all set!

Free Church Mutual 2024 Wall Calendar

Free Church Mutual 2024 Wall Calendar

Here's a new request form good for a free Church Mutual 2024 wall calendar. You might need to copy and paste the link for it to work.

This is one of those “maybe it'll arrive, maybe it won't” kinda offers. I wouldn't bank on it showing up, but who knows!

Free EDCare 2024 Calendar

Free EDCare 2024 Calendar

Here's a returning offer that's being given away for the 9th straight year. In order to get your free EDCare 2024 calendar, you'll want to select “request a printed calendar” on this page. An address form should then appear and you should receive your printed calendar within the next 10-14 business days.

This freebie is aimed to help support those with an eating disorder. I didn't request this since I'm certain their supply is limited and I don't have an eating disorder, so I kindly request you only sign up for this if you or a loved one in your life can actually find use from it.

Every year our multidisciplinary treatment team puts together a therapeutic-based calendar dedicated to supporting those working toward eating disorder recovery.

This interactive tool can be used all year long by individuals who are just beginning their journey, those who are currently in treatment, and those who have achieved their recovery goals. This year our theme, GroundED in Recovery, is dedicated to helping individuals explore some of the most essential mental health tools, coping strategies, and grounding techniques used to achieve and maintain lasting eating disorder recovery.

You can also opt to download a digital copy if you want.

Free 2021 Wall Calendar

Free 2024 Calendars for Your Home, Office, or Desk

I've noticed that calendar freebies are like free t-shirts – every so often they don't arrive or show up in a weird size or a year too late. If a 2018 calendar arrived on my doorstep tomorrow, I wouldn't bat an eye.

However free calendars show up all the time, every single year! As more show up, the list below will automatically update. When they become expired, they'll remove from the list. This way, you can quickly see all the available free wall and desk calendars on one simple page!

How To Get a Free 2024 Calendars

It's very easy! Simply select one of the calendars below, then click the link to go to the company's website. There you will enter your mailing address in the request form and you'll have a free wall calendar sent to your mailbox within 4-8 weeks!

Some freebies are limited in quantity or only available to residents in certain states, so don't feel bad if you don't qualify for every offer. However, most readers get at least 3 or 4 free calendars every year, which should be enough to cover your home and office needs!

Free Calendars by Mail

Free Voice of the Martyrs Prayer 2024 Calendar

Free Voice of the Martyrs Prayer 2024 Calendar

The Voice of the Martyrs is giving away a free 2024 prayer calendar. They ask for a donation on the freebie confirmation screen, but you can ignore it and still get your free calendar.

For each day of the year, a specific prayer request is provided for one of the restricted nations or hostile areas where Christians are persecuted today.

I've requested this in years past and they will email you a lot soliciting donations, so be sure to use your freebie email address!

Free Quit Smoking Notepad

Free Quit Smoking Notepad

If you're getting a “temporarily unavailble” message, don't worry! That's what I kept getting yesterday, which makes me think they only have a limited number of these each day.

Since I was able to request this freebie today, I'd say try back tonight or tomorrow if you're interested.

My desk, monitors, and wall are practically covered in Post-It notes with all sorts of reminders and ideas. Give me a scrap of blank paper and I'll scribble on it in no time. That's why I was happy to find the CDC is giving away a free quit smoking notepad after you follow the steps below!

  1. In the Keyword or PubID search box, type notepad
  2. Under How many copies do you need, select 1
  3. Add to cart and checkout for your freebie

If you want additional methods to help quit smoking, be sure to check out our collection of free nicotine replacement therapy post with links for all 50 states offering gum, patches & lozenges.

The signup form didn't work for me yesterday, but I was able to request a freebie today. After submitting your address, you should get a confirmation number in yellow font at the top of the page.

Free 2024 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

Free 2024 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

If you're in the market for a free 2024 Heart of the Nation Catholic Art calendar, then be sure to head over here and request one!

After ordering, please allow 4-6 weeks for freebie delivery. I'd also make sure to use a freebie email address, as these religious freebies often heavily solicit donations throughout the year.

Free KraftMaid Kitchen Idea Book

Free KraftMaid Kitchen Guidebook for Remodeling

This free KraftMaid Kitchen Idea guidebook for remodeling pops up at the start of every month for a day or two, so I thought this time I'd sign up for one to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently it's a book full of ideas if you happen to be making over your kitchen, but I plan on using it for my upcoming collage titled Goob & The Magical Unicorn Land. What? I heard women liked guys who were into art.

When I first published this freebie in 2009, it was originally a massive, physical book that you had to request in a very small time frame. As of 2024 it's a free .pdf available to download all year round!

Seriously, this is a huge book of ideas to remodel your kitchen or house. So if you're in the market for that kind of thing, check it out. I'm still not looking to remodel my home, but it can never hurt to have a massive book lying around for an impromptu weapon / kindling for fire / partner for a see-saw.

Frankly, I would appreciate it more if Kraft sent me a maid. My sink apparently won't clean my dishes for me. I could have sworn that was a right guaranteed in the Bill of Rights or 10 Commandments or something. Thou's sink shall cleanse thy eating utensils nightly. Otherwise, thou shall be entitled to a free house-cleaner.

Yep, sounds right to me.

Free Delallo 2020 Calendar

Free Delallo 2024 Calendar

Here's a recurring freebie in the form of a free Delallo 2024 calendar. They typically send the calendar out by mid-January, which is great for me. I'm completely lost each year for at least 8-12 weeks until my first free calendar arrives.

These free calendars tend to expire quickly each year, so please let me know once the signup form goes down. For a full list of available free calendar offers, click that link.

Free Key Copy

Free Key Copy at minuteKEY

There's another free key copy at minuteKEY offer available to be used at Walmart or Lowes!

If you could use a little help not getting locked out of your home, then this freebie is for you. Just sign up, use the emailed code at a nearby kiosk location, and you'll get a free key.

Key copies are made in just a few minutes. Now to find a kiosk that spits out hollow rocks in under a minute as well.

Every time these are offered, they sell out fast, so don't delay!

Free Promise 2024 Calendar

If you need a 50th calendar for the upcoming year, then signup here to request a free Promise 2024 calendar. This appears to be a religious freebie.

The World Challenge annual calendar is meant to help you keep your heart engaged in God's word all year long. Verses for every day to challenge you to draw nearer to God.

I went through checkout and there was no shipping fee, so please let me know if they add one later down the road.