Free Moorings 2023 Calendar

Free Moorings 2023 Calendar

This is one of those offers that I don't think will last very long. But while the form is still up, you can request a free Moorings 2023 calendar.

As more and more of these freebies are released, you can find them all centralized on our free 2023 calendars page.

Free Cordless Window Shade

Free Norman Cordless Window Shade

Norman is offering an amazing high-value freebie by giving away a free cordless window shade to any household with a child 8 years old or younger!

They'll let you pick the width and height, which seems to imply they're sending an actual full-sized product instead of just a sample, right? Or am I missing something entirely here?*

Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) recommends that only cordless window coverings or window coverings with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children. Parents and parents-to-be have a million things on their minds when it comes to raising their children. But every parent needs to be aware of child safety, and this begins in the home.

They only have a select amount of freebies to give away each day, but they always restock their supply after midnight. A lot of other freebie sites posted this offer last week and it kept expiring quickly, so I held off on posting it for a little while so as many Hiffers as possible could get a freebie.

*spoiler alert – my brain has not been working properly since Juls' death, so I readily admit I might be missing something here.

Free Defend the Flock 2023 Calendar

Free Defend the Flock 2023 Calendar

The US Department of Agriculture is giving away free Defend Your Flock 2023 calendars.

Once you load the page, type calendar into the search box and it will pull up the free calendar. Then enter a quantity of 1, add it to your cart, and checkout. You'll immediately receive an email confirmation and can expect your freebie in 4-6 weeks.

You can also get the 2022 calendar freebie if you need one for the final few months of this year.

They have a pdf version online so you can see exactly what kind of wall calendar we're getting.

Free Rainin Art of Pipetting 2022 Calendar

Free Rainin Art of Pipetting 2023 Calendar

You can signup here to request a free Rainin Art of Pipetting 2023 calendar once they become available later this year. This freebie features original work by San Francisco artist Chelsea Ryoko Wong. Drawing from real-life events and her imagination, Wong creates vibrant scenes of commingling people celebrating diversity and curiosity.

This seems to be a trade offer for companies involved with pipetting, so I don't know how much longer this form will remain active.

Free Positive Promotions 2023 Calendar

Free Positive Promotions 2023 Calendar

This free Positive Promotions Women's Wellness 2023 calendar that we can sign up for might not be guaranteed to come, so let's cross our fingers and see what happens. This is the 6th year in a row they've offered it, so they have a nice track record at least.

Positive Promotions is an on-demand print company for promotional material, so this type of freebie is right up their alley. Veteran Hiffers might remember Oriental Trading ran a similar calendar promo for close to 10 years!

The form requires a company name and job title. I always say I'm the Caretaker of Goob Inc. My body is a temple, but it's for a religion long since forgotten to history. Luckily UNESCO deemed me a world heritage site in 1921. I'm just the latest guy hired in charge of making sure soil erosion or excessive sugar consumption doesn't destroy my core.

Free UDig NY 2023 Calendar

Free UDig NY 2023 Calendar – NY Only

With the calendar change into July, we've officially moved into that back half of the year. And you know what that means – it's the start of 2023 calendar season! 😱

Starting today you can request a free UDig NY 2023 wall calendar! I have the 2022 version hanging in my kitchen and it's huge!

Even though this is from New York, the fine print says they'll mail calendars to addresses within the contiguous United States.

The last day to request calendars is Monday, October 3, 2022.

Free 2022 Rescued Calendar

Free 2022 Rescued Calendar

PETA is giving away a free 2022 ‘Rescued' calendar to those who want them. This is a super simple signup form and freebies should arrive within 4 weeks, which is coincidentally also how long it takes my cat to remember he enjoys my company.

Free Personalized Bottle Labels

Free Customized, Personal Bottle Labels

Alcohol companies frequently give away free customized, personal labels that fit on their product's bottle. You are typically able to upload a photo of your own, which they'll turn into a sticker and mail straight to your door.

I discovered a few of these while tidying up HIF's archives lately. One unexpected bonus of going through all that old work was reading the random jokes I've made throughout the years. If you throw out logic and reason, a few of them even made sense!

Many of these labels will fit on other brand's bottles too, so you don't need to only drink a specific alcohol in order to redeem these freebies. For instance, a wine bottle label will pretty much fit on any wine bottle.

These free labels are constantly going up and down throughout the year. I'll use this post going forward to keep all the free personalized bottle label offers together on one simple page to find them.

Current Free Labels

Previous Free Labels

At time of publication, these next offers are no longer available. However, it's been my experience these freebies reappear at random times throughout the year, so feel free to try your luck today!

  • Claar Cellars sticker labels
  • Elijah Craig labels
  • Four Roses Bourbon personalized label
  • Johnnie Walker personalized labels
  • Josh Reserve personalized wine bottle labels – void in AL, GA, NC for some reason.
  • Gentleman Jack Custom labels

Know of any I've missed? Please share in the comments!

Free Fashionphile 2022 Calendar

Free Fashionphile 2022 Calendar

We might already be a week into the new year, but that hasn't stopped new free calendar offers from rolling in! Today we have this free Fashionphile 2022 calendar which should ship later this month. I can't wait to look at a new fashion accessory I can't afford each month!

Requesting this will add your email to their mailing list, so make sure to use your freebie email address.

Free 2021 Wall Calendar

Free Calendars for Your Home, Office, or Desk

I've noticed that calendar freebies are like free t-shirts – every so often they don't arrive or show up in a weird size or a year too late. If a 2018 calendar arrived on my doorstep tomorrow, I wouldn't bat an eye.

However free calendars show up all the time, every single year! As more show up, the list below will automatically update. When they become expired, they'll remove from the list. This way, you can quickly see all the available free wall and desk calendars on one simple page!

How To Get a Free 2023 Calendars

It's very easy! Simply select one of the calendars below, then click the link to go to the company's website. There you will enter your mailing address in the request form and you'll have a free wall calendar sent to your mailbox within 4-8 weeks!

Some freebies are limited in quantity or only available to residents in certain states, so don't feel bad if you don't qualify for every offer. However, most readers get at least 3 or 4 free calendars every year, which should be enough to cover your home and office needs!

Free Calendars by Mail

Free Proteintech 2022 Calendar

Proteintech is giving away a free 2022 immunofluorescence wall calendar.

The fine print says “Available to researchers in the United States and Europe only.” I research freebies on Google by day and character actors in the background of Law & Order reruns on IMDB by night, so I think I qualify.