About HIF


Hey, It’s Free! (HIF) is an awesome website run by the coolest person in the world, Goob. It’s dedicated to finding the best freebies on the ‘net. Period.

You will never need a credit card or a single dime to get any of the freebies posted on HIF. You’re sure to have a good time as long as you have a mailing address and a sense of humor, not necessarily in that order. To date, I’ve gotten plenty of t-shirts, pens, coffee mugs, calendars, coupons, candy, and tons of other little knickknacks – all for free!

So Can I Have Some Freebies?

Of course! All you have to do is click on the blue link (see this photo for examples) for whichever freebies you want. You’ll then be taken to the company’s website, where you can enter in your mailing address and have the freebie sent to you. Please do not send me or post your mailing address here on HIF since we don’t give away the freebies!

Dancing Monkey

Goob – Since the very beginning, Goob has been the ringleader of this circus and thus all complaints, compliments, and drunken voicemails should be sent his way. His hobbies include reading, launching his own space program, and molding busts of Napoleon Bonaparte out of tin foil. While procrastinating on finding freebies, he can be found on Facebook and Twitter.