Coupon: Free AMF Bowling

I ticked the “sports” category ever so precariously, but I digress. If you have an AMF bowling lane nearby, you should certainly sign up for their free AMF eClub which comes with a coupon good for one free game of bowling for up to 10 people. Of course, if you’re going bowling with nine other people, it might be a smart idea for all of you to sign up for this.

Although how long would it take to play ten games with ten people each? A week? My family and friends can’t even get through the third frame before somebody inevitable ventures down the lane to “fix” a stuck pin. Then halfway through the fifth frame, somebody tries to cheat and change their score. Mayhem quickly ensues and meanwhile I excuse myself to the local bar.

Yep, sounds about right.

  • Good stuff Goob, as usual! You really have a way of writing about all of this ‘free stuff’ that stands out!

  • Mike

    Goob, my kid and his friends use these coupons all the time. Nice idea 10 bowlers 10 coupons, however they state (and enforce) one coupon per party per day

  • Barbara

    I signed up for the bowling coupons in the beginning of May and I haven’t received any as of yet. Just how long do ya have to wait? The summer leagues are going to be starting here real soon, and my kids get out of school for the summer this Wednesday. Yikes!!!!

  • Mommy of 4

    Thanks – just used this coupon for 4 people – all played one game – if you have locations near each other – just hop in the car and go to the next place for free! The minute you sign up the email you the free coupon – you can make up a name with a different birth month – so you get one every month! COOL

  • Jerry Andrews

    send coupons

  • Jennifer Nodine

    Just an FYI for Barbara, Mommy of 4 and anyone else looking for free bowling for kids over summer break. During the summer, there is a program called KidsBowlFree. Go to their website at and sign up, it’s free and you get coupons to do 2 free games a day on weekdays. You just pay for shoes, but my family bought bowling shoes on Ebay so it was FREE to go bowling every day during the summer. It’s a great way to beat the heat, and our local AMF participates. Parents and grandparents can sign up for a one-time payment of $24 (total, not each) and also bowl 2 games all summer for no additional cost. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program – it runs from 6/1 – 8/31 annually.

  • Jeanine Seckman

    Why do you advertise free coupons for bowling when there aren’t any printable coupons offered? Be honest and don’t make it so hard to find your coupons–if they are there at all.

  • George De French

    We have a family looking for some free bowling


    hello, my name is Gloria , I was looking for coupons for bowling so I can take my son bowling for the 1st. time . and I know he well enjoy it. THANKS ALOT

  • Mike

    Starting in April, AMF is launching a new program called Summer Unplugged. Kids can bowl free all summer every day. Family passes will be available. Kids combo meals will be discounted in some markets. Check the AMF web site for more info.

  • Erika Caras

    have the confirmation but still did not receive coupons – over 1 week as of yesterday – nothing last Monday – nothing this Monday 6/27/11

  • I am sure our non-profit group will really enjoy a day, tossing the
    ball down the lanes, mqkes great fellowship for us “teen agers” with
    gray hair {smile}