Free Coupons

If you’re new to the world of printable Internet coupons, some of the resources below may be of some help.

  • Coupon Search Database – A searchable database of both printable coupons (with links, of course!) and insert dates for physical coupons. Perfect if you’re hunting for a specific brand (Crest, Kellogg’s, etc) or general item “milk, bread, etc.” I mean, milk is milk, I’ll buy whichever brand has a coupon! But there’s only 1 brand that makes Oreos, if you get what I’m saying.
  • Store Coupon Policies
  • Coupon Printing Help
  • Counterfeit Coupons – Found a coupon elsewhere that you think is too good to be true? See if it’s listed on the official counterfeit coupons page.

It’s worth noting that some of the sites below have trouble working with Firefox, so you’ll want to use Internet Explorer whenever you decide to go coupon hunting. In addition, some of the sites will want you to download a very small program the first time you try to print a coupon. This is completely normal and is 100% safe.

Printable Coupon Sites – Hands down the #1 leader in printable coupons. online codes – Many go to other coupon sites first, when Savings typically ends up having the best! printable coupons – They also have some exclusive printables!

Target Coupon Generator – It turns out that Target has a program that generates coupons. Rock to the on..

SmartSource – Another great grocery printable coupon sources. I think this is the second oldest around, if not the very first!

RedPlumProfessor Red Plum has all sorts of coupons, but I find that their best area is in toiletries and body products.

Paperless Coupon Sites

SavingStar – A newcomer that I think gives Cellfire a run for their money.

Cellfire – Sign up and have coupons sent directly to your cell phone which can then be scanned in the grocery store. Here’s a list of participating grocery stores. – Another cool program that lets you load coupons onto your customer savings cards. Just type in your zip code to find out which of your local stores participate.

P&G e-Saver – Again, this is another program that lets you load coupons on your customer savings card. Check out the FAQs to see what stores it’s compatible with.