Free Conservation Sticker

Free Conservation Sticker

Florida Conservation Voters are giving away free I'm a Conservation Voter stickers. They'll ask for donations after submitting your mailing address, but you don't have to spend any money in order to get this freebie.

Free Pride Stickers

Free Pride Sticker Pack

Jukebox Print is giving away free Pride stickers on a limited basis each day. Each pack will include five free stickers!

2 Free Pride Stickers
2 Free Progressive Pride Stickers
1 Free Heart Pride Sticker

Once they run out of stickers today, the site will update and say to check back tomorrow at 10am PST.

Free End the Filibuster Sticker

Free End the Filibuster Sticker

MoveOn is crushing it with freebies lately. Today they're offering a free End the Filibuster sticker.

You're completely finished with this freebie after submitting your mailing address on the first page. They'll redirect you to a donation page, but you can exit out and still get a free sticker in the mail.

Fingers crossed this relic of a bygone era gets moved into our rearview mirror.

Free I Love Equality Sticker

Free I β™₯ Equality Sticker

While supplies last, the DCCC is giving away free I β™₯ equality stickers.

As with almost every political sticker, you can safely exit out once you reach the page asking for donations. Your sticker will still arrive without any payment whatsoever.

Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker

Free Human Rights Campaign Sticker

Signup on this form and you'll receive a free Human Rights Campaign sticker.

After submitting your address on the first page, you'll be redirected to a combo confirmation / donation screen. You don't have to fill out anything on this 2nd page. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your free sticker to arrive.

Free Climate Can't Wait Sticker

Free Climate Can’t Wait Sticker

The Sierra Club is back with another free sticker! Today, it's this Climate Can't Wait freebie. When you get to the page asking for a donation, you can exit out and you'll still get your sticker.

Do any other Hiffers always get these stickers super fast? I swear Sierra Club mails mine out the day I request it.

Free Save the Bees Sticker

Free Save the Bees Sticker

The Sierra Club is back with another freebie. Today they're offering free Save the Bees stickers. This is a much better campaign then my DIY Save the Bees effort. Apparently bees don't appreciate when I pour honey all over their hive.

After submitting your freebie request, you'll get a screen asking to make a donation. Once you hit this page, you can exit out and the sticker should still arrive in a few weeks.

Free Political Election Stickers

Free Political Stickers

Below you'll find a wide array of free stickers for political candidates and issues. I've actually been updating this list since 2008! You might notice some of the candidates below have already dropped out of the race, but they still have free stickers! Think of them as collector items?

My only quibble with these are they're all focused on recent elections. Where's our free Rutherford B. Hayes sticker?!

Entries with RECENTLY ADDED! were … you guessed it, recently added!

Free Liberal Stickers

Free I β™₯ Equality sticker
Free “End Citizens United” sticker
Free “Proud Democrat” sticker
Free “Repeal and Replace the GOP” sticker
Free “Stop Sexism” sticker
Free “Still My President” Obama sticker
Free “We Are All DREAMers” sticker
Free “Resist Trump” sticker RECENTLY ADDED!
Free “Stop Bigotry” sticker

Free President Obama Legacy sticker

Free Bernie Sanders FDR-inspired sticker
Free Bernie Sanders “Not Me. Us.” sticker

Free Conservative Stickers

None currently available

Free Third Party Stickers

Free Libertarian sticker
Free Conservation Voter Sticker RECENTLY ADDED!

Expired Political Stickers

Free Obama & Biden sticker
Free Kamala Harris “Joyful Warrior” 2020 sticker
Free Kamala Harris “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” 2020 sticker
Free Pro-Choice stickers
Free Blue Wave 2020 sticker
Free Bernie Sanders Official 2020 sticker
Free Elizabeth Warren “Public School Made Me” sticker
Free Elizabeth Warren for President 2020 sticker
Free Pete Buttigieg 2020 sticker
Free Pete Buttigieg “Abolish the Electoral College” sticker
Free “Need to Impeach” Sticker – As we covered earlier, there are 6 free designs to choose from.
Free Andrew Yang “I Have The Data” sticker
Free Andrew Yang for President Tour Bus sticker
Free Tom Steyer “What Am I Doing Here?” stickers
Free Cory Booker 2020 sticker
Free Emily's List “Elect Women” sticker
Free “Close the Camps” sticker
Free “I'm Voting Blue” sticker
Free Unknown Democrats sticker
Free “Vote Against Hate” sticker
Free “Save the Planet, Vote Democrat” sticker
Free Resistance is Local sticker
Free “Stop the Deportation Force” sticker
Free Vote Blue 2022 sticker
Free “Big League Trump Supporter” sticker
Free “Make America Great Again” sticker

Free Impeached Sticker

Free Impeached Sticker

MoveOn is sending out free Impeached stickers. Commemorate our President inviting a foreign nation to interfere in our election along with a boatload of Congressional obstruction with your very own freebie! πŸ˜„

They'll ask for a monetary donation after submitting your mailing address, but you can ignore it and close the browser. You should get a freebie confirmation email almost immediately after signing up.

Don't forget I've got a roundup of free 2020 election stickers too! A lot of candidates won't be running within two or three months, so get your freebies while you still can.