Earn Money with Dosh App & Get $1-$5 Just by Joining!

Free Money from Dosh app

The Dosh app (or Do$h, based on their logo, but I refuse to call them that) is one of the new cash back apps that automatically gives cash back based 100% on your everyday purchases. It's like an automatic, mini-Ebates for your everyday food, gas, and clothing purchases.

After creating a free account and linking your credit card, Dosh monitors your purchases and automatically gives you cash back if you buy anything at a participating retailer. You don't have to remember to apply for the credit or click a link before you make a purchase. It's completely automated by robots waiting to replace us and designed to run in the background of your hectic, daily life.

I've been using it and a few other similar apps this year and they're great. While you won't make a killing, it's nice logging into my accounts every month and seeing I earned a few bucks simply for buying gas at Exxon or dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.

Since their founding in 2016, Dosh has already paid back $25 million to their users. Like I said earlier, you won't make a killing, but 2% here and 3% there start to add up over time.

Here's how to get your free money!

  • Join Dosh and download their app.
  • If asked, enter code RYANE2.
  • Link a credit card (you won't be charged a penny!) and Dosh will put $1, $5, or possibly $10 into your account – for free!

Pretty easy, huh? πŸ˜€

So, if earning a little free money on the side sounds up your alley, signup and start earning free cash!

4 comments on “Earn Money with Dosh App & Get $1-$5 Just by Joining!”

  1. I also emailed DOSH about this discrepancy and they have NOT replied.
    I just got emails from them suggesting places to use my card.

  2. I did not receive the $5.00 or $10.00 either. I got $1.00 only for linking a card. Also it took all of my discover card info and after it was verified said ” oh sorry, we don’t accept discover cards”, but now they have my card info. When I linked a visa and asked about the signup bonus they said the referred got the bonus, not me, the referee.

  3. I just joined and linked one of my cards. I got $1 for doing that.

    I’m don’t see the $5 or $10 sign up reward yet. Maybe tomorrow.

    Oh, you can’t cash it out until you get $25 in cash back.

    It won’t accept my PayPal account until I have $25 in my account too.
    I have a PayPal card too.

    Just a bunch of FYIs after checking it out.


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