Free 7-Day Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

Did you make a New Years resolution to get in shape? Have you already failed to make it to the gym once this year? Looking for a way to assuage your guilt without the long-term commitment of regular exercise? Then check out this free Anytime Fitness 7 day guest pass!

Simply sign up, head to the gym for free a few times next week, then start planning catchup to your New Year's Resolution. πŸ™‚

After filling out the form, you'll get an email that will serve as your free entrance pass for the following week.

1 thought on “Free 7-Day Anytime Fitness Guest Pass”

  1. Don’t do it! You’ll get harassed to join for years! (literally years) txts, emails, phone calls. I did this like 5 years ago and still get calls and txts for it….luckily I used a google number, and have never once answered or responded. I just laugh that they are still trying.


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